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  1. n3rdf1ght3r

    Local area connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration

    So after moving about 70GB to my Windows Home Server 2011 computer, my desktop is no longer able to connect to the internet and is giving a "Local area connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration" error. I have tried: Resetting my router/modem/switch restarting my computer reinstalling NIC...
  2. n3rdf1ght3r

    [FS] SOLD Core i5 3570K/Asus P8Z68-V Pro Gen 3/8GB Ram combo

    like the title says i'm selling a Core i5 3570K with an Asus P8Z68-V Pro Gen 3 and 8GB HyperX 1600MHz 2gbx4 Ram combo. Selling it all as one piece as I dont want to deal with shipping to 3 people. Looking for $350CAD ($320USD) + shipping, but is not firm. Comes with all the accessories in the...
  3. n3rdf1ght3r

    [FS] [CAN]32GB 4th gen iPod touch

    I have no use for my iPod so it's yours for $100 + shipping, gift card has been sold. The iPod has some scratches on the back and the screen but it is in great working condition. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive, minus the post it note and the table. I can't include the...
  4. n3rdf1ght3r

    [WTB] SOL Republic Tracks Headphones

    Like the title i'm looking for SOL republic headphones, preferably black but colour doesn't really matter that much. Heatware Can pay with PayPal
  5. n3rdf1ght3r

    Extremely high CPU usage

    I recently noticed that my laptop is really sluggish. Opening up the resource manager, I would notice that processes such as system, avp (kaspersky), and chrome would shoot up to 137% CPU usage at the same time. I thought it might have been malware or a virus so I ran malwarebytes in safe mode...
  6. n3rdf1ght3r

    [FS/FT] $100 App Store Giftcard

    Selling a $100 App Store gift card for $80. I feel that the price is fair as it is a gift card and you are getting an extra $20. I have no use for this as I don't own a Mac and only have a iPod nano so I thought I would let some one have it for cheaper. The card has not been used and the back...
  7. n3rdf1ght3r

    [FF] 30 ARMA III Alpha Lite Keys again

    I have another 30 or so ARMA III Keys that I can giveaway, so if you're interested leave a comment below or send me a PM. Keys need to redeemed on steam. Here's a link to the game page: http://www.arma3.com/age-gate and here's a link to a review...
  8. n3rdf1ght3r

    20 Free Arma III Lite keys

    I have 20 Arma III Alpha lite keys for steam provided by [blank]'s universe Here is the link to the game http://www.arma3.com/ PM me or leave a comment saying that you want one 0/20 left
  9. n3rdf1ght3r

    [WTB] Intel Xeon x3380 processor and DDR2 Ram

    Does anyone have some old DDR2 ram they don't want. I need some for a file server and the ram in my old quad core died. I'm also looking for a Xeon x3380 for the file server because its very slow with its pentium D processor. EDIT: Only need a Xeon now, got 6gb from [Ion] =D
  10. n3rdf1ght3r

    6950 and 570 in one computer

    I had an extra 6950 laying around in my closest so I decided to stick it in my rig that had a 570 in it (It was the only one that had the connectors and power to fit it in). Would I be able to use both when i'm running games or would they both do their own thing and not make it any faster? Both...
  11. n3rdf1ght3r

    [Case Gallery] HALO Spartan

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Processor : Intel I7 960 OC @ 4GHz Motherboard : Gigabyte G.1 Guerilla Cooling : Corsair H80 Memory : 3 x 4gb G.Skill DDR3 1333MHz Video Card : ASUS Geforce GTX570 Direct CU II Hard Disk / SSD : Kingston SSDnow V100 128GB, Seagate barracuda 1TB...
  12. n3rdf1ght3r

    Stuck 2.5MM audio jack for subwoofer on ASUS N56VZ

    I have an N56VZ that comes with an external subwoofer. Some uninteligent person decided to grab the speaker and yank as hard as he could to listen to it -_- now half the jack is stuck and the port is filled with super glue... I regret letting him fix it, I don't know why I did that. Is there...
  13. n3rdf1ght3r

    [WTB] [CA] PowerMac G5 Case

    I am looking for a PowerMac G5 Case that is in good condition or a not working one that has a case that is in good condition. I do not need any of the components but would like to keep the cpu dividers, pci divider, fans, etc. I am hoping to spend about $100 CAD and I live in the Toronto Area...
  14. n3rdf1ght3r

    Windows saying HDMI is an analog signal

    I have two monitors connected to a ASUS GTX570 though HDMI and DVI-D. Recently I have noticed that some colours such as light blue are not showing up on the monitor connected through HDMI. This is a problem because I did not notice the highlighted boxes. I went into device manager for no...
  15. n3rdf1ght3r

    Video Signal Problem

    Hi everyone, I've recently had a problem with getting a video signal out from one of my computers. I originally had a 9800gx2 in that computer but I seemed to be getting artifacts on the post screen as well as getting error code 43 for the card when I was in windows. I swapped it out for a 7600...