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  1. ZoneDymo

    Intel and Wargaming Join Forces to Deliver Ray Tracing to World of Tanks

    They are a scam due to the price tag, not so much the initial dipping toes in water with ray tracing. And tbh, so far I have not seen a raytracing comparison that actually impresses me apart from maybe the Quake remake ;) But on the topic at hand, yeah it seems to just make the shadows that are...
  2. ZoneDymo

    Bitspower Launches New Summit M CPU Block with OLED Display for Intel and AMD Platforms

    Well if we are going to mention the manufacturing process then any component looks impressive, even those that cost 40 dollars. A temperature sensor and a display, I mean, those really cost nothing at all tbh.
  3. ZoneDymo

    Bitspower Launches New Summit M CPU Block with OLED Display for Intel and AMD Platforms

    Can anyone explain the costs of these blocks? its a tiny bit of metal with some fins in it, why does this cost 150 dollars. Its it just the niche market, they can ask whatever they want type of deal? Even half of what they ask I would find a bit chunk of change for what you are ultimately buying.
  4. ZoneDymo

    AMD Announces New Radeon Embedded E9000 Series GPU Models

    you and me both, but before that can happen we will have to see some REAL innovation/improvement in the videocard space. back to single slot would also mean back to much lower power consumption, can you imagine the next high end card running off a single 6-pin?
  5. ZoneDymo

    InWin Announces Unique, Ultra-Light PC Chassis with Colorful Covers

    As long as its cheap, I actually quite like it myself
  6. ZoneDymo

    Sharkoon Announces the RGB FLOW Chassis

    Has to be designed by a robot and approved by a robot, there is nothing appealing or new about this case, it has zero reason to exist.
  7. ZoneDymo

    MSI Trident X 9th (Intel Core i7-9700K + NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080)

    Dear lordy, 1 year warranty on an entire pc? yeah..... that seems reliable.....
  8. ZoneDymo

    PCI-Express Gen 6.0 Specification to Finalize by 2021

    So when will GPU's just be PCI x4? Seems the bandwith will be more then plenty for now and maybe it can free up some real-estate on a motherboard if its all x4
  9. ZoneDymo

    Possible XFX Radeon RX 5500 THICC II Pictured

    Really hard to take you seriously XFX when GN completely wipes the floor with your crappy designed cooler and you just keep on using it without any changes... Its disrespectful for your consumers and those that test your product.
  10. ZoneDymo

    AMD TRX40 Chipset Not Compatible with 1st and 2nd Gen Threadrippers

    honestly, this is pretty sad stuff from AMD, even IF there is a good reason for this it would be nice if they would at least make a 3rd gen Threadripper chip specifically for X399 so those adopters can at least upgrade to that.
  11. ZoneDymo

    Blizzard's Account Deletion Mechanism Conveniently Breaks Down

    then you might as well go live in a cave in teh woods and get some stones and wood so you can hunt for food.
  12. ZoneDymo

    TP-Link Introduces Two Highly Affordable AX Routers

    I love the title, What is their main selling point? well you see, they are highly affordable
  13. ZoneDymo

    PC Version of Red Dead Redemption 2 now Available for Pre-Order

    12 gb of ram recommended? jeez
  14. ZoneDymo

    Blizzard's Account Deletion Mechanism Conveniently Breaks Down

    drama intensifies!
  15. ZoneDymo

    DOOM Eternal Delayed to March 2020

    as long as it does not turn into Duke Nukem Forever....but with a name like Eternal...
  16. ZoneDymo

    XFX Launches the Radeon RX 5700 XT THICC III Ultra

    Great to see they seemingly learned very little from GN
  17. ZoneDymo

    AMD Introduces Radeon RX 5500 Series Graphics Cards

    While I would never pay that much for one considering how quickly they dont perform well at the high end anymore, 600 bucks for a high end pc product has been the norm for a while so I dont consider that too crazy. But again, not something I would pay myself. thats only because of how they...
  18. ZoneDymo

    Intel Cuts Prices of iGPU-devoid 9th Gen Core F and KF SKUs by up to 20 Percent

    wow 20 bucks on nearly 500 dollars? imma get like 100 of them badboiz you dont seriously think these prices are anywhere close to a loss right? or are you saying the prices should be lowered a lot further then they are doing here now?
  19. ZoneDymo

    MSI Announces the MEG X570 Unify Motherboard

    I think a plastic fan is a LOT cheaper then the (sadly) old-school full on copper arrays we used to have. And sure a fan is a moving part so it can break/die but by that time you probably will have bought a new motherboard already or just replace that with a proper aftermarket heatsink.
  20. ZoneDymo

    Intel Readies "The Element" - a Next-Generation of Modular PCs

    I hope they will keep the name and go at least on for 5 more versions later.
  21. ZoneDymo

    AMD Introduces Radeon RX 5500 Series Graphics Cards

    I would expect the entry level (RTX2060) gaming card to cost 200 - 250 dollars/euro. The mid level (RTX2070) card to be about 350 - 400 - 450. The high level (RTX2080) card to be about 600 dollar. The ultra high end (RTX2080Ti) card to be about 750 dollar. ya know.... like it used to be before...
  22. ZoneDymo

    AMD Introduces Radeon RX 5500 Series Graphics Cards

    RTX2060 costs about 200 dollar too much and instead of making those prices drop, the RX5700XT just matches it....
  23. ZoneDymo

    NVIDIA Could Launch Next-Generation Ampere GPUs in 1H 2020

    honestly, who cares? prices are way too high anyway, anyone with some self respect would not buy cards right now. guess the one thing that I would be interested in seeing, that imo needs to happen with these cards, is atleast a doubling in ray tracing performance because that is no where near...