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  1. robal

    Logitech K810 alternative (doesn't exist ?!)

    Hi, I can't believe there's only one keyboard like Logitech K810 in the world. Can you help me find an alternative ? Long story short: I need a keyboard for couch-PC-gaming. Ideally, it would be: - wireless - backlit - shorter than full lenght (ten-key-less), so it fits on a tray...
  2. robal

    [WTB/UK] Ear-hook headset for Android

    Dear TPU'ers, My wife asked me to find a headset for her Android 2.3 phone (standard 4pin 3.5mm). She's no audiophile, and has got only few requirements: - wired - stereo - has microphone (headset) - usable for sports (earhook type preferred) - has volume control/next track/call...
  3. robal

    Civ 5: Gods and Kings available for pre-purchase on Steam

    As in title... I'm tempted, but then again it feels wrong to pay £18 for an expansion for broken game. I'm not even sure if it comes with fixes to those zillions of nasty bugs in Civ 5. Cheers,
  4. robal

    Roccat Pyra switches to left handed

    Hi, I've got this mouse: Roccat Pyra Wireless. The issue is that it sometimes spontaneously switches to left handed mode. This thread is more of a "google-hook" for people searching for the same problem. Using driver V1.41, firmware 1.24 Cheers,
  5. robal

    [WTB][EU] [UK] 95W Phenom II X4 or X6

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a very specific CPU for my home server. It has to be AM2+/AM3 Phenom II X4 or X6, and it has to be 95W TDP or less. Possible models that have 95W or less variants: Phenom II X4 805 810 820 830 840 850 Phenom II X4 900e 905e 910 910e 925 945 955 960T Phenom...
  6. robal

    HD4870 (or similar) SMD fuse rating

    Does anyone know (roughly) what's the rating of SMD fuses on graphics cards ? On my HD4870 I can see two fuses near PCI-E interface, and four near PCI-e power connectors (2x6 pin). All six look the same. The maths: There's max 75W @ slot, and 2 x 75W @ 6-pin connector Therefore, a...
  7. robal

    Acer (UK) customer case praise

    There's plenty of flaming in teh interwebz about poor customer support here and there. To break the fashion, I've decided to share my positive experience. I tend to buy some Acer stuff every now and then. I've always considered them to be "on the cheap end" amongst other vendors there...
  8. robal

    Going past 1.0Ghz on HD4890

    Hi, I know... I know... HD4890 is barely hot news now :) However... I've been running this setup for a while now on watercooling with core/mem at 1.0Ghz/1.2Ghz (maximum that my VBIOS will allow via Overdrive) Now the question is: Did anyone succeeded in running 4890 at higher core...
  9. robal

    What's the point with OCZ Solid 3 ?

    Hi, I'm wondering wth is with OCZ Solid 3... It's considerably worse than Agility 3, which is considerably worse than Vertex 3... ...and currently, for 120GB version you pay (lowest price I could find): Vertex 3: £197 Agility 3: £163 Solid 3: £185 Wtf ? It was supposed to be...
  10. robal

    Skype is down !

    Skype is down ! [solved/fixed] Skype is down completely... Worldwide... <insert Microsoft merger joke here> Cheers,
  11. robal

    [WTB][EU] sub-£900 DSLR

    Hi, I'm sure there are many TPUers owning DSLRs. Any advice what's best value for money these days ? I'm looking for a versatile DSLR (mainly for outdoor / open space photography). I've read the specs, reviews and what-not, but nothing is as valuable as user's experience and...
  12. robal

    Reboot on HDD activity (need help)

    Hi TPU users, This time, I need help from you :) My PC (see spec.) is 100% stable during games, CPU + GPU + RAM stress tests, etc. I can run them for 12 hours without a hiccup. Still, a simple HDD stress test (or just copying couple of large files) will always cause a reset (no BSOD, just...
  13. robal

    Watercooling newbie: please give some advice.

    Hi, I'm thinking about building a watercooling loop for my PC. [done Googling... just wanted your advice also] I'd like to cool both hi-end CPU and hi-end GPU (currently 125W Phenom and HD4890). I'm not into serious overclocking, but it has to be really quiet at stock (rad fan(s) at max...
  14. robal

    Portal update on Steam

    http://store.steampowered.com/news/3533/ Lol. Check this out
  15. robal

    Recommend a free HDD benchmark utility

    Hi, I've used software like HDTUNE or HDTACH. The problem is that all "free" tools measure only read speed and you have to buy it to get writing speed test... Is there a good, proven, freeware alternative ? Please recommend something. Thanks!
  16. robal

    Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 F8f BSOD on Win7 x64 (solved!)

    Hi, I've noticed that BETA F8f BIOS for GA-MA790FX-DS5 mobo causes random BSODs for me (Windows 7 x64). This was particularly hard to find, because I was happy and stable with it using XP32 before. Grab a slightly older BETA F8c version, which is STABLE in Win7, here...
  17. robal

    BSOD on Windows7_RC_64, hd4890, cat 9.8

    Hi, Just a small observation here. Maybe it will help someone... After upgrading to catalyst 9.8, I started getting BSOD's during gaming ("IRQ_LESS_THAN_EQUAL"). After reverting the driver to 9.7 it's OK again. I hope it won't happen with 9.9 My setup: Windows 7 RC 64bit XFX hd4890 Cheers,
  18. robal

    Please recommend a wireless headset for gaming

    Hi Everyone, Since everyone here is always so eager to recommend good hardware (I do it myself quite often), I've got to ask... I'm looking for a wireless headset. The requirements: - gaming-grade (large earpads) - microphone (it's headset, not headphones...) - analog connection to the...
  19. robal

    Phenom II 955 problem with Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5

    Phenom II 955 problem with Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 [SOLVED !] Hi, Be careful when considering Gigabyte motherboard, or buying a new Phenom II 955 for your existing one. Gigabyte lists GA-MA790FX-DS5 as Phenom II 955 'compliant' from BIOS revion F6. I don't know who's doing this Q/A at...
  20. robal

    Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo - where is it ?

    Hi, I'm trying to get this GPU cooler. I'm wondering if any of you had luck to find it in store somewhere... I can see them available in Canada... Any word on UK stock availability ? Or at least within EU ? Cheers,
  21. robal

    SOLUTION to "BIOS not AHCI compliant" Vista x64 BSOD

    Hi, It's quite common problem that Vista x64 will not boot or even launch setup GUI when PC has 4GB of memory, while it runs fine with 2GB. Symptom: Vista x64 gives BSOD "STOP ERROR" "BIOS not ACPI compliant" Solution for Gigabyte GAMA790FXDS5: Loading "optimised defaults" in BIOS...
  22. robal

    CPU:DRAM on AMD790FX

    Hi, CPU:DRAM on Amd platform. Can somebody clarify this for me ? All my AM2 systems (Asus M2R32-MVP; Gigabyte GA-MA79FX-DS5) don't have this setting in bios. All I can do is play with FSB or CPU multiplier. The memory clock gets set by bios somewhere near stock speed. No matter how I...