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  1. natr0n

    ARCTIC Launches the Freezer 50 TR ARGB CPU Cooler for Ryzen Threadripper

    That is a monster cooler. Price is great as well.
  2. natr0n

    Pagefile "anomalies"?

    You always need a pagefile. Photoediting,games,everything uses pagefile.
  3. natr0n

    Possible XFX Radeon RX 5500 THICC II Pictured

    Nice design though.
  4. natr0n

    Quantum physics is in the bible. [MEDIA]

    Quantum physics is in the bible.
  5. natr0n

    How to set constant Turbo boost?

    In windows you have to set power plan to max. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options
  6. natr0n

    Bee Simulator coming soon!!!

    My Mom calls me Bumble :)
  7. natr0n

    A Tale of broken laptops, trades, and epic wins :D

    Ozzie really has that pc hustle down.
  8. natr0n

    Blizzard's Account Deletion Mechanism Conveniently Breaks Down

    Saw a pic of blizzard games in a fire pit dont know what that is about.
  9. natr0n

    nVIDIA Tesla K80 :: Questions

    I saw a video on this. The youtube channel where dude drinks beers and does tech stuff. I cant remember the name. here found him
  10. natr0n

    GTA V keeps crashing

    Nothing wrong with the game or launcher. Been using it for years on multiple stable systems. Some games don't like alt tab as well. I know some people have ocd alt tabbing all the time. Also if something isnt tuned well/unstable you will crash. Perhaps try running system stock for a minute...
  11. natr0n

    Do CPUs get partially disabled like a GPU?

    Thats how the cpu/gpu business works disable something on a chip for whatever reason and sell it.
  12. natr0n

    GTA V keeps crashing

    Overclock is unstable ram/cpu.
  13. natr0n

    TechPowerUp and Thermaltake Level Up to RGB Giveaway: The Winners

    Same country's always winning.
  14. natr0n

    Linus plays with a 64 core epyc CPU.

    That was nice. Also this was worthy of a screen cap.
  15. natr0n

    The cake design could mean 3 years old or it could mean ass cheeks. New perspective = mind...

    The cake design could mean 3 years old or it could mean ass cheeks. New perspective = mind blown I like simple cakes.
  16. natr0n

    Thermalright computex 2010 insane coolers

    Prototypes I believe. I was just thinking about those but forgot name. Those are awesome coolers.
  17. natr0n

    Xeon Owners Club

    Ever since my backup nic got fried and usb wifi is meh,so been using the xeon system 24/7. I cant go back to the 2600k. Horsepower is awesome.
  18. natr0n

    China Starts Production of Domestic DRAM Chips

    I wonder if other china companies will counterfeit changxin dimms. :laugh: If you ever tested out aliexpress stuff you know what they do over there. I got some ddr1 long ago qimonda sticks(infinion) spd says kingston. BGA DDR1 is real lol
  19. natr0n

    That's my Moms favorite. If you want to get extravagant you get the pistachio version. Baguette...

    That's my Moms favorite. If you want to get extravagant you get the pistachio version. Baguette, mayo, cheese. =D
  20. natr0n

    OBS Software Maker Streamlabs Acquired By Logitech For $89 Million

    I would download obs versions incase they vanish.
  21. natr0n

    https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=pumpkin+spice+bologna&FORM=HDRSC2 Look what products it...

    https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=pumpkin+spice+bologna&FORM=HDRSC2 Look what products it shows :laugh: My fav bologna is aldi's brand(lunch mate) for real.
  22. natr0n

    Steam Experts/Users

    Why does steam lag my system with a fresh install ? It literally makes everything slow. I tried out CSGO with bots and it freezes every maybe 20 seconds. So whole pc is dead frozen for like 2 seconds and repeats. I have no Av software, nothing is open other than MSI AF. This is on my server...
  23. natr0n

    I need help in job decision...

    Stay were you are. Maybe create some handy .net softwares in free time or something.
  24. natr0n

    anybody know what happened to SWEETFX/REShade ?

    Reshade site works. Sweetfx is down it seems. Make your own profiles its fun.