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  1. lsevald

    Windows 10, red shortcut arrows?

    Anyone know why some of my shortcut arrows are red?
  2. lsevald

    Naked 9900k

    I know, pics or it didn't happen. But I removed the IHS on my 9900k today on my rusty old vice, scraped off the solder of the die, and sanded it a little bit to make it smoother (still pretty ugly). I have an old EK Spremacy (non Evo) water block with a Precise Mount for Naked Haswell CPU's I...
  3. lsevald

    Win10 1809 vs 1903 way slower Aida64 RAM bench

    Where did my RAM performance go? (-20%) The 1809 build is an old install that has survived for maybe 2 years, and I blocked the security patches related to Spectre/Meltdown as they were released. The 1903 build is fresh from a 1903 ISO from MS. BIOS is pretty much default everything, except XMP...
  4. lsevald

    Best way to quickly disable a NVMe drive while testing overclocking

    I have gotten into the habit of disconnecting all my important drives when I test overclocking. Particularly when messing with RAM overclocking, as I have lost partitions in the past due to unstable RAM. Just relying on boot order to get the system to boot into a memtest86+ USB thumb drive...
  5. lsevald

    Uplay store warning

    Just wanted to warn the forum users of a pending issue with the Uplay store. Before Easter break, many customers, myself included, experienced problems trying to buy games on Uplay. The Anno 1800 game, was just released, and many had hoped to be able to play the game during Easter break. But due...