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  1. Nitro-Max

    Socket 775 cooler on socket 1150 Haswell

    Hey guys been a while since ive been on here just ordered some new goodies which will be with me tomorrow. Corsair 850W HX 80+ Gold Modular PSU | Ebuyer.com Intel Core i5 4670K 3.40GHz Socket 1150 6MB Cache.... Kingston Hyper X 16GB 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 DIMM (Kit ... MSI Z87-G45...
  2. Nitro-Max

    [WTB][EU] mATX components

    Hi guys im building a mini pc to go on my breakfast bar in the kitchen, Its main purpose is for internet use so dont need top end graphics /memory etc, It will require A, dualcore cpu, Important for multitasking. (and energy efficient too if possible) mATX board. onboard graphics...
  3. Nitro-Max

    [WTB][EU] USB Flash Drives.

    Hey guys Im buying a new car stereo with USB and im wanting to buy some 16gb sticks or 32gb sticks to store all my music on so i dont have to take all my CD's out of the house anyone got any for sale?? pm me with details. Cheers:)
  4. Nitro-Max

    [WTB] G15 /or arrow key

    I broke my left arrow key on my G15 :eek: too much hardcore ownage in blackops. Im planning on replaceing the whole keyboard if needs be, But was wondering if anyone out there has a broken G15 and wouldnt mind selling me an intact left arrow key :) i am in the uk.
  5. Nitro-Max

    Vid Change??

    Hey guys just just wondering why my Q6600 go vid would change from 1.275v to 1.1625v its always been around 1.275v could it be down to the latest core-temp program?? or has my vid really changed some how??
  6. Nitro-Max

    [WTB] Cb Radio (not Pc)

    Just wondering if anyones into cb radio or amature radio this was one of my hobbies basically before the internet took over. I am in the uk but just wondering what radios are on offer overseas??? or if anyones even into radio??
  7. Nitro-Max

    Internet Explorer * Beta *

    Anyone tried this yet?? must say im IMPRESSED!!! faster than firefox!! http://www.microsoft.com/windows/Internet-explorer/beta/default.aspx
  8. Nitro-Max

    [FS] [uk] Sony Ericsson C905 CyberShot

    [FT] [UK] Sony Ericsson C905 CyberShot Here we have a nice fone :) Sony Ericsson c905 CyberShot. 8.1 megapixel camera super bright xeon flash only fone out with this type of capability gprs navigator bluetooth Wifi 3g etc etc was origionally on 3 network and not that old but now its...
  9. Nitro-Max

    How to Diagnose a dead board

    Ok thought id write this up as so many people build computers go to boot up for the 1st time and run into problems.. Ive been building computers for a long time now and consider this good solid advice. Always make shure before you boot for the first time that theres no loose screws that...
  10. Nitro-Max

    xbox elite pc case

    Anyone seen these?? will take a full size board would be a nice cheap media case to mod...
  11. Nitro-Max

    Race driver grid problem

    Ive been playing race driver grid in single player every map plays flawlesly until i get to the drift maps then i start getting driver stopped responding and recoverd messages it does always recover and i can play again but often causes the car to crash resulting in loosing drift points i dont...
  12. Nitro-Max

    how much??

    my friend has two evga 9800GX2's and is wondering what they are worth in the uk? he also has a q6600 go and some 1066mhz reaper ram asus p5n-d (2 days old) Zakman Resinator water cooler how much would it all be worth as a whole ? and seperate he mainly needs to know...
  13. Nitro-Max

    [FS][EU] [fs][uk]

    Q6600 Go quadcore processor (can run 3.6ghz quite happily on air cooling @1.365v great stable chip unlapped) arctic freezer pro cooler (lapped) 4 gig ocz reaper memory asus maximus rampage (bios) 880watt Hyper powersupply 86% efficiency solid state ati 3870x2 crossfire graphics card 1gig...
  14. Nitro-Max


    Does anyone underclock?? i dont need 3.6ghz of quad power just for watching a movie or surfing the internet just a waste of power and electricity tbh Screen shot running 1200mhz idle and 1600mhz under load :toast: voltage 1.098v probably could go lower lol but this seems stable its a...
  15. Nitro-Max

    [WTB][EU] Ddr Ram

    DDR ram 1 gig in 2x512mb matched pair would be great has to be pc2100 266mhz or pc2700 333mhz Not looking to pay a fortune as i dont know if the board and cpu works yet :laugh:
  16. Nitro-Max

    Windows xp 64bit slow boot

    Hey guys decided to stop using 32bit OS now as ive been wasting my 4gb ram on them for long enough but after putting updates in for xp x64 seems to boot up well slow ive cleaned defraged the lot microsoft bootvis doesnt work so do i have any other options or is this normal on a 64bit OS...
  17. Nitro-Max

    Back on xp and couldnt be happier

    Well after after a painfull time with vista blue screening now and again and programs stopping working and closing finally had enough and gone back to good old xp the blue screen related to memory management mostly but after mem testing 3 times and using vistas own mem test 2 times it was...
  18. Nitro-Max

    How Much??

    How much should i ask for my powercolor 3870 x2 its about 3 month old with box and leads in very good clean condition. P.S. Its the origional model not the shortend version.
  19. Nitro-Max

    4870 uk

    Dunno what prices and availabilitys like but just got an email from specialtech £ 212.48 , inc VAT http://specialtech.co.uk/spshop/customer/product.php?productid=6176&MMCF_1July
  20. Nitro-Max

    Crossfire & Crossbreeds

    I dunno if this is possible with the 4870 been a superior card but can the 3870x2 be tri-fired with a 4870 ?? as the 3870 was able to crossfire with the 3850?
  21. Nitro-Max

    Summer Temps

    Well the summers on its way in the Uk been hot for tha last 4 or 5 days now and its gonna get alot hotter so far ive seen a 4c temp rise at ide 38c to 42c overclocked. Just thought id mention it this might be best in general nonsence but just a good idea to keep a close eye on temps now...
  22. Nitro-Max

    OCUK another rip off

    Well ive been saying for somtime now ocuk standards have fallen they seem to be greedy now and have slipped alot in the rma department and coning people by missleading product pictures and descriptions which they get away with by putting small print in there terms and conditions Just take a...
  23. Nitro-Max

    Razor Lycosa Keyboard

    Im looking for a new keyboard with a RED backlight to match my system im undecided on the logitech g15 the saitek cyborg and the razor lycosa but i cannot find the razor lycosa with a red backlight do they exist? anyone else have any keyboard suggestions must have red backlight thnx.
  24. Nitro-Max

    Freeware Programs.

    As the title says post Freeware programs here. Maybe youve found and tried somthing thats free and its really impressed you wether its for spyware /viruses / ANything!! what ever it is share your info this could help others a great deal for free! thanks..:toast:
  25. Nitro-Max

    3Dmark2006 Score Calculator

    Just found this on xtreme forums dont ask me its purpose lol i dont know if its usefull or useless. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=102058