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    Interesting result for NVME

    Another day another quirk in the world of NVME. I put a Corsair MP 500 into the adapter and it ran fine when I plugged it into the USB C port on the MB. I then inserted a SX11 Pro 1TB into the same adapter. When I plugged the adapter into the USB C port I got a message "Port cannot provide...
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    Micron Warranty information

    Hi I have a weird situation with one of my drives. It is the Micron 1100 2TB SSD. THe drive is not recognized in Windows nor the BIOS. I took the drive out of the computer and noticed there was some green guck on the power connector. I am thinking that is the issue. My biggest concern though is...
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    The Joys and woes of Display Port

    I don't have Nvidia so I can't speak to if this happens with their cards or not. I have had Display Port monitors for a few years now. I currently run an Acer 49" 4K monitor as my main (I just love how DIsplay Port looks on screen). I was playing a game the other day (this is not the first time...
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    Advice for ARGB with MSI X399 SLI Plus

    SO I have the MSI SLI Plus. It has 2 RGB headers they are separated by 5V and 12v but they both have 4 pin connectors. My ARGB fans are all 3 pin. I spoke to an MSI tech and he told me that my fans would not work with the board but it would if I could get an adapter. Does anyone know of an...
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    Current deals on Newegg Canada

    There are some nice deals on Newegg right now https://www.newegg.ca/seagate-firecuda-2tb-st2000lx001/p/N82E16822179110?Item=N82E16822179110&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL082119CA&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL082119CA-_-EMC-082119-Latest-_-LaptopInternalHardDrives-_-22179110-S1A2B...
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    WIFI 6 adapter on WIFI 5

    The question I have is will adding a WIFI 6 adapter (Intel AX200) to a WIFI 5 network provide any tangible benefits? Or do you need to have a WIFI 6 router to see the benefits over the previous gen (9260).
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    TPU you are the best

    I used to be that guy. That guy that would read reviews on tech sites and not bother looking at comments. That guy that would (and I still do to a degree) get my own data for my opinions on a product. I was that guy that would watch Youtube videos and not even look at the comments. When I...
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    Gigabyte Boards strange behaviour

    I have noticed something funny with Gigabyte boards. I have been test driving an X399 Aorus board for a friend for a couple of weeks now and noticed that for some reason the CPU is set at 1.41 volts! There was no OC on the chip either (1920X), I had to use Ryzen master to adjust the voltage to...
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    Need thoughts on a potential purchase

    I have posted a few comments on this already but I want the opinion of the community. I currently have a 1900x with my TR4 build. Currently there are some really nice prices on Amazon.ca for a few TR4 processors. I am really at a crossroads. I bought a 3700X for $450 last week that I returned so...
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    Threadripper vs X570 which would you buy in 2019

    I went from AM4 to TR4 for the goodies that TR4 offered vs the AM4 platform. The X570 chipset has now been launched and there are a ton of Motherboards available for purchase. I am no way saying that AM4 is not good. I just want to give my thoughts on why for someone already on AM4 to upgrade to...
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    NVME Expansion cards

    Hi I was looking for an expansion card for some NVME drives. I already have the Asus Hyper M2 riser card and it works great. What I am looking for is a PCI_E 3.0 x8 interface card that I can use in a x8 slot. There do not seem to be any available to purchase. Even the x16 cards that are supposed...
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    Total War What is the best

    So Total War 3 Kingdoms has been out for a while and I am sure most hard core player have finished a campaign. My question is in your opinion which is the best Total War game released. I will give you my top 5. 1. Total War Warhammer 1&2: For me this is the most varied in terms of faction...
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    Could it be WIndows 1903 update

    So yesterday I got home and installed a new fan in my computer. I restart the computer and all of a sudden it shutdown and restarted a few times. I finally got into Windows, played a little bit of Total War and then went to watch some DC universe. I have Corsair LInk that I use to monitor...
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    Well priced NVME drives

    Right now (for the past 3 days) Amazon has the XPG S11 Pro 1 TB NVME drive for $199 after a $100 coupon. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07KZNTZYB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you need more storage and can afford it Silicon Power 2TB drives are regularly priced for...
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    Threadripper is it dead or will we be getting a socket change?

    As most everyone who comes onto this site regularly, AMD does not have official support for next Gen Threadripper on their updated Road map. There was talk yesterday at E3 that AMD are going to release next gen chips for Threadripper but with the die shrink and the new 3950X it makes the current...
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    Windows 10 broke my NVME RAID 0 array

    As anyone can see I have a TR4 build I had a WIndows update this weekend. I just noticed this week that my NVME RAID solution is not running properly. I have a couple of Steam games on the drive(s) and when I tried to load Grim Dawn the mouse wheel just kept spinning. I tried to move the game to...
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    Ryzen 3000 vs TR4

    As I am sure most of you know Computex 2019 just ended and we saw that all MB vendors are releasing new boards for Ryzen 3. TR4 is more expensive as a platform than AM4 was with X470. With the extra layers and new technologies (Wifi 6 cards, 10 GBE switches) I could see X570 boards having a...
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    Total War CO OP

    Hi I am a big fan of the Total War series and have played them all (except Empire) to completion. I am looking for a few players that have the Radious mods installed and can play the Mortal Empires campaign in coop mode. I usually am home around 2 PM Eastern and play Total War from 3 to 5...
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    Best Vega 56 price

    Right now Newegg.ca has refurb Gigabyte Vega 56 AIB card on sale for $284.99. At that price it is cheaper than the RX 580 or 590 but way faster.
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    Cooling 2 Vega 64s with 1 pump and 2 radiators Question

    Good morning, I have 2 Vega 64 cards with water blocks on them. One is the Byisiki water block cooled on a Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro+ and the other is an Alphacool EIswolf cooled XFX Vega 64. The Alphacool unit is hooked up to a 420MM radiator. The other card is in a Alphacool Eisbear loop also...
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    Does NVME RAID help in Gaming

    Hi fellow enthusiasts. I posted a thread on my thoughts and impressions of the X399 system and why the other day. I am now going to do a post on whether or not NVME RAID has a discernable difference with Gaming. I am only going to use 1 game as an example Total War Warhammer 2. The reason for...
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    Threadripper thoughts and impressions

    I wanted to get TR4 and see how good it really was. I was not happy with the PCI-E lanes available on X470 but was also not happy with the cost of TR4 motherboards and the PCIE layout. I had a specific needs case for PCI_E. I have 2 Vega 64s in crossfire and wanted to have them run on fully...
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    Stupid deal at Amazon.ca

    Anyone who has been looking for RAM knows that you have to spend at least 150 Canadian to get 16 GB. Amazon must have made an error because this RAM is selling for $189.99 for 128GB! https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07HHL611C/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Is the demand for Computer hardware hurting Quality?

    There has been an explosion in Motherboards, RAM, SSDs, NVME, Fans, Cases, Keyboards, Mice and smartphone variety from a consumer standpoint. I bought an Asus X470 motherboard and it worked great until I had to update the BIOS. It bricked the board. I got a replacement board and it worked...
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    Vega 64 problem and solution?

    I have 2 Vega 64s in crossfire. I got a Windows update and it froze my PC while updating. I had no choice but to do a hard reset. When I turned back on the PC I could not boot into Windows and I got the BAD POOL HEADER error message. I then removed one card and the system booted properly. I then...