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  1. POGE

    Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z struggles to boot

    So I'm using a Single Stage phase cooling unit and giving my 2600k (overclocked to 5.6ghz) quite a bit of voltage (5.30 with 100% LLC) and when I power up the system most of the time it tries to start, fans spin up, and then after about 10 seconds it shuts down and restarts itself, and it does...
  2. POGE

    2600k extreme overclocking

    So after not messing around with computer hardware for 5 years or so some people that I work for wanted me to build them the fastest possible computer for running single threaded number crunching apps that they have written and its a work in progress but this is what I've come up with so far...
  3. POGE

    C++ help

    Well I havent posted here in years, but here it goes. Having a really hard time with university atm... somehow ive gotten myself very far behind in my basic C++ class and I only have a few days to turn in all the programs + quizzes + exercises that I need to turn in. At the moment I'm about to...
  4. POGE

    [WTB][US]Magic the Gathering cards

    I've recently been getting pretty into MtG, and its the kind of thing I'm sure a lot of you nerds have been exposed to. :P Anyone want to sell any entire collections they dont play anymore?
  5. POGE

    Google releases Google Sites

    Google today introduced Google Sites, an application that makes creating a team web site as easy as editing a document. With Google Sites, people can quickly gather a variety of information in one place - including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text - and easily share it for...
  6. POGE

    Nintendo Announces Downloadable Games and Content for Wii

    The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco attracts the top creative minds in the video game industry. With that audience on hand, Nintendo announces news that reinforces its commitment to provide entertaining and enriching experiences for veteran and new gamers alike. WiiWare , Nintendo's...
  7. POGE

    Google Buys Part of Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

    A consortium of six international companies announced they have executed agreements to build a high-bandwidth subsea fiber optic cable linking the United States and Japan. The construction of the new Trans-Pacific infrastructure will cost an estimated US$300 million. The new cable system -...
  8. POGE

    Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3 Now Available

    Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the availability of Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3 software, furthering the Adobe technology platform for rich Internet applications (RIAs). Developers and designers use Adobe RIA technologies to rapidly create and deploy rich, branded content...
  9. POGE

    Google Considering putting Advertisements in Videos

    Google plans on soon selling advertisment space on its web videos. They may put short video advertisments or "commercials" on YouTube and Google Video, for each video you watch. So far it is in the beta stage and they have signed up 20 customers to test the new advertisments. It will similar to...
  10. POGE

    Lawsuit filed against Microsoft's "Vista Capable" certification

    Lawsuit filed against Microsoft's Vista Capable certification A federal lawsuit has been filed against Microsoft, claiming that thier "Vista Capable" stickers are misleading. Many of the computers sporting them will only run Vista on the lowest, most basic settings. The lawsuit has been...
  11. POGE

    Nokia and University of Cambridge launch the Morph

    New York, US and Espoo, Finland - Morph, a joint nanotechnology concept, developed by Nokia Research Center (NRC) and the University of Cambridge (UK) - was launched today alongside the "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition, on view from February 24 to May 12, 2008, at The Museum of Modern...
  12. POGE

    RV670-XTX Pictures Leaked

    Someone at Coolaler forums has leaked pictures and details about the upcoming RV670-XTX card. The leaked card has 256MB of memory on a 256-bit interface. It has a 55nm GPU that runs at 600 MHz. The eight Hynix memory chips are rated to run at 900 MHz. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  13. POGE

    [WTB] Laptops and laptop parts

    I'm looking for two kinds of laptops - Multiple old or even broken (think pentium 3 or less) A newish laptop (can also be broken) with a decent (6600 to 7xxx) video card. I also am interested in pentium 3 MMC2 (mobile) processors, and socket 754 turions My location is Mahomet Illinois USA
  14. POGE


    You guys should really check out this open source RTS game me and wazz stumbled across a few months back, its super addicting. :) www.ta-spring.com
  15. POGE

    50 meter insect invades Germany

    According to Google Maps, a 50 meter insect has began unleashing terror upon Germany. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  16. POGE

    Rumors of Asus buying XFX

    There are some rumors going around that ASUS, has bought XFX,a small Nvidia company owned by Pine. ASUS has merged with Gigabyte, and may now be acquiring XFX in order to compete with Foxconn as much as they can. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  17. POGE

    Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC selling at $280

    According to Newegg, the gaming performance that comes with the Killer NIC will also come with a $280 price tag. The Killer NIC has a 400MHz processor and 64MB of DDR333 memory dedicated to networking. The hefty $280 price is much more than was expected before it was launched. Rumors were in the...
  18. POGE

    ATI's Vista Benchmark

    ATI has released a system benchmarking applet that tells you whether or not ATI thinks your computer is Vista ready. When I tried this on my laptop, it told me I needed to buy an X1900 XTX to run Vista. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  19. POGE

    Battlefield 2 1.4 patch now available

    1.4 Patch - New content New level: Road to Jalalabad (Conquest 16-32-64, Singleplayer, Co-op) New Server Option: No Vehicles mode 1.4 Patch - Fix List Front End: Front end - Fix server browser issues with updating info Front End - Multiplayer & Co-op - Players on server list...
  20. POGE

    -1C on my x1900xtx :)

    This is what I have so far with my chiller.
  21. POGE

    Conroe Crossfire motherboard for $85

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813157096 I myself have had great experience with asrock. :)
  22. POGE

    nForce 570 Ultra to nForce 570 SLi Mod

  23. POGE

    CPU-Z 1.36 final has been released

    Changes: - New processor information display. - Intel 5000X/P/Z/V SPD support. - Intel Pentium D 925 & 945 CPUs support. - AMD K8 family HyperTransport link speed. Download here View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  24. POGE

    My 2nd Window A/C Chiller Mod

    Here is the beast, picked it up off a curb on the shady side of town. Stock Unit: Front Opened: More pictures tomorrow. :)
  25. POGE

    Pentium 4: November 2000 - February 2007

    Netburst marchitecture is finally coming to an end. Celeron D 350, 345, 310 September 2006 Pentium D 940, 930, 840, 830 October 2006 Pentium D 805Pentium 4 524 December 2006 Pentium XE 965, 955 January 2007 Pentium 4 670, 660, 650, 640, 630Celeron D 340, 330, 325, 320, 315 February 2007...