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    Temp Monitoring

    What is the simplist way to display all my temps on my G15 lcd. I'm looking for low resource usage and would prefer to only use one program. Speedfan doesn't find my 9600gt Everest is rather large and needs to be purchased HWMonitor seems about right but I haven't had time to find out if...
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    Waiting too Long To Be Finished

    Hi All; I have a case that want's to be finished really bad so I'm hoping this will help me stay on it till it's done.:) The side windowed side will be the front, the psu will be moved to new upper right corner turned 90 degrees burner and hdd's will be turned 90 degrees and mount under...
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    9600GT oc clock speeds w/wo v-mods

    9600GT oc clock speeds w/wo mods 9600GT Data This is a list of clock speed data and benchmarks on the 9600GT series graphics card. Please feel free to add your data... All efforts are appreciated. Please Ensure this information is accurate. All bench scores reported should be at...
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    Voltage Mod Adjustment Circuit

    I thought it might be interesting to assemble a circuit that would allow for voltage increase and decrease on a graphics card (gpu and gmem) while the card is operational. I can't say that this is even possible, there are many factors to consider. Sounds like an interesting challenge...