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  1. ZweiGaming

    Are All GHZ Created Equal on CPU's in Gaming

    What is the difference in gaming between say my Q8300 and an i7 on a laptop running at the same speed. Iv been wondering this because my Q8300 is 7 almost 8 years old but its still able to run games like Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin on max at 60 fps, which confuses me because its giving...
  2. ZweiGaming

    CPU upgrade help

    Im looking for a mid range cpu that can be over clocked that isnt to much more expensive than an i5 4690k Im currently running a q8300
  3. ZweiGaming

    upgrade or not worth it?

    I have a gtx 750 ti and I was wondering if it was worth spending the 200 or so dollars and upgrading to gtx 960
  4. ZweiGaming

    750 TI vs 260x

    Well my birthday is coming up and i was told to give ideas to them and naturally i wanted to upgrade my computer to at least something that i can work with. This naturally led me to what i assume as the most obvious midrange gpu's (according to tomshardware). my price is no more expensive than...
  5. ZweiGaming

    Future Budgetish Build

    Due to various unfortunate reasons my last PC build will be a final end all goal. For now i will have to start with a medium - budget Gaming Build for various mmo's including ESO and Tera and was wondering if i would get away with a 60 fps on High- Medium Graphics with this Build.
  6. ZweiGaming

    Multiple Friends Builds Advice Wanted

    Friends coming to me for Pc build advice Build 1 Budget $1300
  7. ZweiGaming

    Kingston HyperX Savage VS. Samsung 850 Evo

    I'm trying to decide what SSD to get and iv been recommended these two. Can any one give me insight on which one will be better for gaming. and price for the size.
  8. ZweiGaming

    Friends Pc Build Advice

    My friend is trying to get advice on his pc he wants to build. Please give opinions.
  9. ZweiGaming

    EVGA GTX 980 Hybrid or Wait for GTX 980 Ti

    I was going to settle upon Waiting for the GTX 980 TI, but the i seen The EVGA GTX 980 hybrid and was wondering which i should get. Which will have better cooling and which ill get more power for the money spent on it. Any Help would be much appreciated. My budget is $750
  10. ZweiGaming

    New Upcoming Games

    What are some good pc games to look forward to. As im going to start building my First gaming pc in a few months. I was Wondering if there are any games i should look forward to and games i must play.
  11. ZweiGaming

    Graphics Card Advice Nvidia vs. AMD

    Hi, I'm a first time builder and am a hardcore Gamer. Im 16 and am looking to build my first computer. I'v been doing alot of research and cant figure out what i should do. Iv got the base of what i want in my computer, but i cant figure out what graphics card brand i should go with. im looking...
  12. ZweiGaming

    Help First time build

    Hi i have no where else to go for advice and i have used this website for alot of updates in the past. Im going to be building a new hopefully high end gaming computer that runs games at 1080p at a preferable 60 fps on high or max setting. Iv run into a wall though, and that being i was going to...