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    have bad company 2 problems? enter here

    hi guys im starting a new thead about bad company 2 serious problem that freez the pc with loop sound i my self didnt have this problem 2 months ago then the problem became more wide freezing the pc every 5 minutes ive tried my 5850 at stock clocks all pc at stock also freez tried 6850...
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    sapphere 6770 gpuz 5.3

    sapphere 6770 doesn't show any thing in gpuz
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    Need help with XFI card

    hi guys ,i have an old pci creative xfi fatal1ty recently i added a second graphic card and i cant use it between then since the upper card fan will be blocked i have creative G500 progamer 5.1 speakers (analogue) my friend have xfi titanium (pcie) would it be a downgrade because i really...
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    hd7xxx what to expect from 28nm?

    hi all of you in the past week i see the forum in idle mode ,so i made up this and feel free to dream about 28nm gpus 7months earlier:):toast: since the 69xx are not a worthy replacement of 58xx im gonna stick with my 5850 and see 2x jump in perfomance then decide
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    does ddr2 ram degrade @2v?

    hi guys i have king max ddr2 1066 rams (3 of them) ive been running them @ 1066 @ 2 volt for a while this month i noticed sometimes the pc just freeze out randomly some times twice a day some times idle some times when playing bfbc2 first i suspected the graphic card then i tried to lower...
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    Help with power issue

    i have an FSP power supply which is running my pc great for a while, recently i found that pc doesn't turn on ,i opened cover i saw fan running and led seems like blinking fast!!!!!:wtf: i reset it the same ,pushed the power button for 5 sec and turn on again the same problem it turns on...
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    some gpuz errors

    with ati mobility 5650 it shows ddr2 800mhz +128bit +25gb/sec ??? it shows it has 16 rops and it really have 8
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    missing textures 58xx in BFBC2

    missing textures in BFBC2 i have missing textures in battlefield when i enable aa on my 5850 does any one have this too?? and when they fix it?? im using 10.12 driver
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    new sapphire 6850 or used sapphire 5850 vapor-x

    hi guys happy new year for all of u,my pocket is hurting me and i want to upgrade my 3 years old 8800 gt 512 that served me very good ,i found sapphere 6850 here for 210 and a used 5850 vapour x 1gb ?? which one u suggest since i will overclock the 5850 to match the 5870 or more perfomace and i...