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  1. intel igent

    HTPC case suggestions

    hi all! i'm looking into getting a HTPC case for my new rig and would like some insight/ideas from the community :) requirement's are: 1) black case and 2) support ATX mobo/PSU :cool: i don't need fancy light's and touchscreen's but 120mm fan's are a plus! front panel I/O is not a big deal...
  2. intel igent

    planning a new rig, need suggestion's

    sup everybody? it's been a long time comin' for me! :laugh: finally decided it's time for a new rig :) my main goal is to have my PC hooked up to my HD LCD and the sound going through my home theatre receiver all via HDMI connection :pimp: i'm basically just gonna use it for light...
  3. intel igent

    sapphire 4850 in CAN

    http://www.pcvonline.com/productDetails.aspx?id=7244 :toast:
  4. intel igent

    presscott max Volts

    silly question, but my memory is failing me :laugh: what is max Vcore for p4 presscott skt478? from what i recall it was like 1.55 or 1.6? not shure :o :toast:
  5. intel igent

    blackberry phones

    anyone here familiar with blackberry phones and their software?
  6. intel igent

    new case gallery?

    idea/s for a new case gallery? been seeing a lot more W/C rigs in the case gallery and was thinkin' it might be a good idea to put all the W/C rigs in one spot so people can get ideas :o thoughts?
  7. intel igent

    error message on startup

    looking for a little help with an error message im getting on startup, after windows is fully loaded and im at desktop i get : "smartbridge alerts: MotiveSB.exe - entry point not found. the procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library...
  8. intel igent

    looking for a local volt modder

    How's it goin? I'm not to good with a soldering iron so I'm looking for someone in the toronto area to do a hard mod on my P4P800E mobo Let me know if there's anyone out there Thnx :toast:
  9. intel igent

    calling all AGP3850 owners

    calling all AGP 3850 owners! please come and contribute/post in this thread please: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=50040 im trying to get it all in one place thnx :toast:
  10. intel igent

    3850 AGP pik request

    good day :) trying to get a pencil mod going for these cards but a pik is needed of the backside of the card, ive not been able to locate one and i cannot provide a quality pik. i was wondering if someone would be so kind as to post a high/semi high res pik of the back of their sapphire card...
  11. intel igent

    need waterblock for 3850 AGP

    im having troubles finding a block (other than mcw60) that is guaranteed to fit my card, if anyone can shed some light it would be great maze4/5 does not fit. i have a maze4 and the maze5 mount spacing is the same :nutkick: ive measured spacing on the card and it comes in at roughly 54mm...
  12. intel igent

    [Case Gallery] old school

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: p4 3.0e C0 @ 3.6 p4p800e dlx HD3850 agp @ stock 2 x 1gb OCZ500EBPE audigy2 Zs powerstream520(fan/cable modded) 2 x ported top swiftech mcp-650's swiftech storm G4 Danger Den maze5 modded chevette H/C swiftech mcr-220 primoflex UV blue 1/2"...
  13. intel igent

    3850 AGP OC'ing, Vmods, experiences, suggestions, where to buy

    hi all! this thread is dedicated to all 3850agp users interested in tweaking their cards hopefully giving us a more pleasureabe experience :rockout: thnx TPU! drivers: newest driver's available from ATi http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/CatalystAGPHotfix.aspx << AGP hotfix...
  14. intel igent

    will p4p800e dlx post without

    Will the mobo post if there is no rpm signal from CPU fan header as I've only got a 2 wire fan plugged in right now as n/b fan. Thnx
  15. intel igent

    help with error message

    looking for some help to see what this is exactly: smartbridge alerts : motivesb.exe entry point not found the procedure entry point get process image file name w could not be located in the dynamic link library psapi.dll i get this mssg on start-up/re-boot any ideas? thnx...
  16. intel igent

    [FS][CA] OCZ OC ram

    [FS/FT/WTB][INTL] OCZ OC ram/ DDR booster/ WTB p5p800 or p5p800se skt478 EE/ES CPU i have a brand new 1g matched dual channel kit that i received from OCZ as an RMA of some tasty VX's that i used to own. this kit was installed once, verified and put back in the packaging. as always these come...
  17. intel igent

    what would you do

    trying to decide whether or not to w/c my northbride or just put an active hsf on it. MY options are swiftech mcx-159 or mcw-30 the price difference is 1$ thnx TPU
  18. intel igent

    cooling fans

    hows it ppl? i got what i thought was a good deal earlier today on some fans but now that im home i try to test them they no work (maybe fan controller not enough power-crappy TT-) was wondering if maybe somebody could help identify them heres the part # ebm [w2g110-am41-92] they seem pretty...
  19. intel igent

    rma x850xt pe

    ive got a bba x850xt pe that luckily came with a 3yr (thnx ati) warranty and think i might be starting to get some minor artifacting after gaming for like 1hr (1280x1024 highest settings) my question is does anyone know what i would get in return from ati for this card? reason im asking is...
  20. intel igent

    agp cards

    been out of the loop for a while and id like to upgrade JUST my video card not my whole system as my system works beautifully for me just want some better graffix. system specs are as shown at left.
  21. intel igent

    price/interest check

    seriously thinking of making the move to conroe/ddr2/pci-e. looking to sell my current hardware to offset the cost of the "upgrade" all hardware is in excellent condition and guaranteed to function A1 100%. would like to sell as a combo or in multiple pieces as to help with my...
  22. intel igent

    thoughts on pd 930/p5p800se combo

    im really wanting to build a system based on these two components. do you guys think i would notice much of a difference in performance compared to my current setup? anyone know of any oc results with this type of combination? i will also be upgrading the ram to 2gb. i personally...
  23. intel igent

    [FS] DD maze4 gpu block

    hello all :toast: ive got a slightly used but in mint condition DD maze4 gpu block. comes with stock mounting hardware and high flow 1/2" stainless barbs. prefer local deals. heatware under madmaxx $25
  24. intel igent

    which is better p5p800 or p5p800se?

    as the title implies, and y. thnx
  25. intel igent

    reccomendations for new rig

    considering upgrading to a new rig due to the fact that so much new hardware is out/coming out. my current rig can be found in system specs. id like to stick with intel+ATI. i use my computer primarily for burning music/movies, gaming, surfing and of course ocing/benching. my budget is...