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    HP Envy x360 with 1440p screen?

    So I bought a refurb HP Envy x360 with the AMD FX 9800P and recently discovered I could set the screen resolution to 2560x1440 despite HP advertising this machine as only being capable of 1920x1080. Has anyone else bought one of these and found they could change the resolution to 1440P? I was...
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    AMD beating nVidia in market share

    Old article, but still relevant to the situation today. http://semiaccurate.com/2011/05/03/nvidia-loses-more-gpu-marketshare/ Will Kepler save them? AMD--->:nutkick:<---nVidia
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    Anyone having issues with the 11.4 preview drivers?

    I installed the 11.4 preview drivers yesterday and the text in all my apps went blurry. I rolled the driver back and it was fine. Live Mail was the worst. I could not read anything. The body of the messages was OK, but the titles of the emails and the folders was all blurry. The text in Firefox...
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    Can someone please explain this to me?

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    No OpenCL support with HD6870?

    I just downloaded GPU Caps Viewer 1.96 and it says No OpenCL support and won't run the Open CL demos. Isn't HD6870 supposed to support OpenCL?
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    Why are some used video card prices completely out of touch with reality?

    You see them on ebay all the time. People selling 3870x2, 4870x2,GTX295,9800GX2, 8800GTX and Ultra, all for outrageous prices. Why do I want to pay $200 or more for one of these cards when there are faster cards BRAND NEW for the same money? Who would actually pay this much for one of these...
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    How do I stop being subscribed to threads?

    I've deleted my subscribed threads 4 times today and I keep getting resubscribed every time I make a post. How do I turn this off permanently? I do not want to keep receiving these notifications.
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    Does this seem like a bit of overkill to you?

    1.5gb in a 9600GSO? WTF? Would you ever actually use that much memory with the settings that you would have to use to get an acceptable framerate in most games? (This is a BRAND NEW card that is still being sold in China, BTW ("brand new" as in new in box, not "brand new" as in just released...
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    No more auto-tune?

    Anyone know why I don't have an auto-tune button in ATi Overdrive with a HD6870?