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    Critical Flaw in HyperThreading Discovered in "Skylake" and "Kaby Lake" CPUs

    I am not talking about AMD. I am talking about Intel. What AMD does is irrelevant. Claiming more transparency from Intel than AMD is bullshit too. Intel has not contacted with the Ocaml compiler developers who found that the problems they were having were rooted to Intel processors. That is...
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    Critical Flaw in HyperThreading Discovered in "Skylake" and "Kaby Lake" CPUs

    It is called Debian GNU/Linux, not Debian Linux. It is not a Linux made by Debian, but a GNU/Linux operating system put together by Debian. Source. A large part of the basic tools that fill out the operating system come from the GNU project; hence the names: GNU/Linux, GNU/kFreeBSD, and...
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    Dell's UltraSharp UP3214Q Ultra HD Monitor Gets Priced

    The ASUS panel is 31.5 inch while this Dell seems to be 32 inchs, so this is another panel, maybe it's not tiled like the ASUS.
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    NVIDIA Tesla K40 "Atlas" Compute Card Detailed

    The frame buffer alone is small, that's true. But you have to treat many more pixels and apply those textures to them. If you use any form of antialiasing then sure you'll need more memory, and of course with mods you increase the need for more memory.
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    Radeon R9 290X Clock Speeds Surface, Benchmarked

    So, AMD still sucks on OpenGL. Nice.
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    ADATA Launches New Generation DDR4 DRAM Modules

    You can always buy newer memory and overclock the memory controller.
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    ADATA Launches New Generation DDR4 DRAM Modules

    I've been talking about nice hardware for a future upgrade for years now. Maybe I can continue writing opinions for a few years (dollars) more. Haswell-E with DDR4 next year looks great, it would be within the same schedule as my current computer, 1 year after a new console generation gets out.
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    ASUS Introduces Designo Series MX299Q Ultrawide 21:9 Cinematic Monitor

    I don't see the usefulness of these monitors. 2560x1080. You are losing even more vertical pixels from 2560x1600.
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    Intel 14-nanometer Skylake Platform To Support DDR4, PCIe 4.0, SATA Express

    PCIE 3.0 doesn't bring much to the table when talking about graphics cards. But RAID cards or video capture cards can take advantage of it. Despite that, having more lanes would be much more useful. Putting 48 lanes on the desktop and 96 lanes on the enthusiast/server platforms should be the...
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    Crucial M500 480 GB

    Just discovered this drive. Amazin price. SSD market will start to have better prices.
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    Haswell-E - Intel's First 8 Core Desktop Processor Exposed

    This hardware could be my next upgrade. Or the server version with 10 cores in dual configuration. AVX2 is just too much improvement to resist :laugh: PCIe 3.0 certified, DDR4, tons of USB 3.0 and SATA ports, integrated VRM, 6.5 W TDP on the southbridge. Great. The motherboard manufacturers...
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    Ivy Bridge-EP Based Xeon E5 Processors Specifications Leaked

    The 10 core Xeon @3.4 Ghz looks optimal to me. Two of those would be great for doing more than 1 video encode at a time. x264 in it's current state can't scale higher than 20 threads.
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    ASUS Launches PQ321 Monitor with 3840 x 2160 IGZO Display

    Oh God, oh god, oh goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. 4k in 32 inches is just perfect for scaling. Or doing 1920x1080.
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    AMD "Jaguar" Micro-architecture Takes the Fight to Atom with AVX, SSE4, Quad-Core

    I suffered the shitty mono core Intel Atom N450 with the microstutters. The first iteraton of Bobcat was already faster than the Intel Atoms, and you had a pair of cores, now with a quadcore and improved performance per core these things should go quick enough, and even better with all of the...
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    Why are SimCitys cities so small? Because EA didn't make it for multicore CPU's

    As simulation works in real world, yes it does. And even then the space was lost because the terrain wasn't properly divided. :rolleyes: And because of reaction, having more threads in a simulation makes sense. I'm not assuming nothing, I just read how is SimCity 2013 and I know it has...
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    Why are SimCitys cities so small? Because EA didn't make it for multicore CPU's

    I know how does Glassbox works, and because of how does it works the multithreaded approach has more sense than ever. Good programmers are also scarce. Yeah, it stressed the computers it targeted, but not in a good way, wasting resources. In Tropico 3/4 if you do a diagonal you loose a lot...
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    NVIDIA to Name GK110-based Consumer Graphics Card "GeForce Titan"

    Ahh... that design reminds me the good old 8800GTS days.
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    Why are SimCitys cities so small? Because EA didn't make it for multicore CPU's

    But in the manner they've implemented the game they made it like it is just new graphics. Doing all the simulation of all flows (people,traffic,money,water,energy) without a threaded software is unoptimal. Simcity was badly optimized for computers of the time, with a quick growing memory pool...
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    Why are SimCitys cities so small? Because EA didn't make it for multicore CPU's

    And that's why I'll continue to use SimCity 4. The new SimCity is just new graphics. It depends on the data model. Having more threads doesn't add more performance if the different threads must wait on the same resources. But if you put independent resources then yes, it will work faster.
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    Why are SimCitys cities so small? Because EA didn't make it for multicore CPU's

    Brain damage. That hurts hard. ¿No threaded simulation engine? ¿WTF? LOL. A simulation is a perfect job to use a threaded, concurrent approach. I'll continue with SimCity 4. A game from 10 years ago.
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    No New GPUs from AMD for the Bulk of 2013

    I prefer it this way. If this means that they'll launch a much bigger HD8000 series perfect. And if this translates to better driver support including Linux, good.
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    6 GB Standard Memory Amount for GeForce Titan

    $900 USD, lol.
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    Editorial It's Sony, Not AMD in GeForce Titan's Crosshair

    PC already has standards (OpenGL, Direct3D), but the quality of drivers is not up to par. Making tweaks for games shouldn't be necessary if their software was properly defined and their internals well done, but you know, they also want people to partner with AMD or NVIDIA, not both, so doing...
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    NVIDIA to Name GK110-based Consumer Graphics Card "GeForce Titan"

    Whoa, 6 GB of GDDR5 is great. A TDP of 235W isn't. At least make it SLI friendly with only 1 slot of connectors instead of two. In that way you can use a waterblock and have 1 more PCIe connector of your motherboard available.
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    Sharp Unveils 32-inch IGZO 4K Professional Monitor

    Oh man, this is super cheap! Really, it's cheap. The Eizo 4K display costs north of $20000. $5000 is just a bargain. If it has great color properties, it'll rock.