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  1. CounterZeus

    Intel HD 3000 slow clocks when gaming

    Hi, usually I only game on my desktop, but yesterday I tried to run dota 2 on my laptop (see my sig for exact specs). I know the intel HD 3000 is bad for gaming, but I noticed the gpu clocks don't go on max while in dota 2. They stay around 450-550MHz, while I have a max of 1000MHz. When...
  2. CounterZeus

    What good games did I miss?

    All my parts for my pc (see system specs) have arrived today. I'm putting my new gaming rig together tomorrow morning. As you might notice, it's a big upgrade from my previous desktop(system specs) and broken laptop(sig). So what games did I miss these past 2-3 years and should I absolutely...
  3. CounterZeus

    LP DK P45-T2RS or TURBO - freeze after post

    Hi there fellow tpu'ers. One of my friends is having a weird issue with his mobo (I'm c/p'ing from him). His specs are: DFI LanParty DK P45-T2RS || Intel Q9550 || 4GB GSkill PC8000 || Gainward HD4850 512MB GDDR3 || Thermaltake Toughpower 650W You guys have any ideas? Thanks in advance,
  4. CounterZeus

    windows 7 key reuse

    Hey guys, I'm selling my 1 year old laptop (laptop 2 in sig), which came with Vista OEM. I installed windows 7 on it with a key from MSDN. My best friend(the buyer) will format the laptop before he gives it to his sister, so I wanted to know how I can reuse my key for a new pc in the...