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    What software are these guys using?

    Hi guys. This isn't really a hardware post...just want to pick your brains. I want to create a similar video to these guys on YouTube. Does anybody know what software they are using to create and record the quiz presentation? Thanks in advance and
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    Website redirect / .html file location change

    Lets say the URL is www.test.com/change.html but I later remove the change.html file but I have lots of backlinks pointing to that location still. Is there a way to redirect users to the home page instead (www.test.com) so the user doesn't get a "page not found" error. Thanks in advance.
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    Dell UltraSharp 2001FP LCD issues..help

    A few months back I obtained a Dell UltraSharp 2001FP LCD Moniter for free.. A company was throwing it away. Unfortunately I forgot to take the power adapter and later realised it needed a special "dell" power suppy. Some preparatory 4-Pin din adapter. I ended up buying a generic 4-Pin DIN...
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    Core 2 vs Piledriver FX?

    Opening this thread to correct some of the misguided information in this community. In light of another thread where a few individuals believed than the Core 2 Duo E8400 could yield better performance in single threaded applications or games than the Piledriver FX 6300. Some people even...
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    Any Facebook page / group expert????

    Any facebook experts here? I have this annoying problem with one of my groups. When I post content on my group it appears on a small corner on the left hand side at the bottom called "post to page". It's very annoying as my audience don't get a good chance to see it. On my other page whenever I...
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    New Laptop Decision....i3 Dual, Pentium Quad, A8 Quad

    Hey, Researching a new laptop for my sister. This is a general computer for browsing the internet and using Microsoft Office etc. NO GAMING. The needs a rig that will last at least 5 years. Her budget is only £350. She can only buy from http://www.very.co.uk I've narrowed it down to these...
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    Excel formula

    I need some quick help with an excel formula. I have about 500 transactions with different currencies. GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, EUR etc. Here is a list of some the transactions: 51.96 USD 13.38 GBP 14.48 EUR 28.98 USD 26.98 USD 8.95 AUD 11.98 GBP 12.98 GBP 22.48 USD...
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    Digital Download with Recurring Payments

    I've got a few websites and blogs in which I sell a digital product. I've been using E-Junkies to Email the file to the customer after collecting payment via PayPal. This was a good arrangement for one off payments, but now I want to create a membership site and need Recurring Payments. My...
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    5850 in crossfire, secondary card doesn't upclock

    I have two 5850s in crossfire. (ASUS EAH5850 DIRECTCU) I've been monitoring my two 5850s in GPU-Z at near 100% GPU usage. I've noticed that whilst my main 5850 clocks upto 765Mhz + 1125Mhz, but my secondary 5850 stays downlocked at 157 MHz + 300Mhz. Both cards need 6pin + 8pin power...
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    4850 HDMI out, and front panel audio!

    I've got the two 4850s, in crossfire mode. I have my monitor connected to the main 4850 via DVI. I also have my AV receiver connected to the main 4850 via HDMI (for audio only) But my PC keeps on thinking that I'm attempting to run two monitors simultaneously. ATI's drivers picks up...
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    1 HDMI out, monitor and sound..how?

    Hello I'm running a 4850 which only has 1 HDMI output. I've just bought a new receiver which supports HDMI and I'm about to buy a new 24" Monitor which also supports HDMI. With only 1 HDMI out on the 4850 how do I go about connecting up both the monitor and audio to my receiver. Why isn't...
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    Selling Driver Discs on Ebay

    Does anyone know the legality of selling ATI or Nvidia driver on a physical disc on eBay. I know you're not allowed to sell retail software, but generally speaking driver software is free to download online. I looked at eBay's rules, and it only mentions digital downloads, physical CDs are...
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    Software to put logo caption on over 100 video clips efficiently.

    This isnt a hardware question, but I thought this section would get more views. The mods can move it if need be. I have about 100 videos on my hard disk drive and I want to add a logo to my website in the corner of the screen. I don't want to have to sit here doing the task individually...
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    My router is the D-Link-DIR615 running the DD-WRT firmware. My wireless card is the TP-Link TL-WN822N. Both my router and Wireless card support Wireless-N. Wireless N is working perfectly, connecting at around 240-300Mbit/s. I have noticed that my router has an option which says MIXED-NG...
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    Antec EarthWatts 650W VS XFX 650W XXX Edition VS OCZ Stealth Xstream II 600W

    Hello, guys, I'm in a bit of a bind, I just sold my current Cooler Master PSU and I'm looking for a replacement PSU. My budget is £70 with delivery, I can not stretch any further guys. I'm in the United Kingdom so it has to be in GBP. At the moment my specification is for it be whisper quiet...
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    2-pin to 3-pin VGA splitter cable..HELP

    I have a Asus 4850, I've removed the stock heatsink and replaced it with an Accelero L2 cooler. Unfortunately its gettings its power straight from the PSU opposed from the video card and hence I'm unable to get the video cards built in fan controller to work on a bios level. The Accelero L2...
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    4850 + 4890 CF and 4850 OC'd + 4850 Stock CF...will it down clock?

    Hello guys, a quick question. If I have a two 4850s in CF running at different memory bus and GPU clock speeds will the faster card downclock to the speed of the slower one or will they run at their respected speeds? Also, if one was to CF a 4890 with a 4850, will the 4890 downclock to...
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    Moving recently expired domain name to a different hosting provider?

    I have a domain name registered at 123-Reg but I have been unhappy with the customer service as of late. My domain name expired on the 26th of August so this is my opportunity to change hosting providers, however when I search my "old" domain name on other provider's websites i.e Go Daddy or...
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    Replacing PSU fan

    I have been using a 460W CoolerMaster power supply unit for the last year or so, it holds up just fine, its rated as "silent" and it almost is when idle. However upon launching intensive applications the PSU's fan gets really loud to the point where its obviously louder than my 3x120MM 19 dB...
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    Athlon II X4 vs Phenom II X2

    This thread is to conclude which is the better overall processor taking into consideration of numerous tasks ranging from encoding, rendering, single threaded and multi threaded gaming. The two processors in question are the Phenom II X2 and the Athlon II X4 series. The applications that...