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  1. nickbaldwin86

    Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB DDR-3200 MHz CL16 2x8 GB

    looks like they are all fo sho to me... RGB is like under glow to the car community, it should just go away
  2. nickbaldwin86

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Rakes in $600 million on Opening Weekend

    No worries... saves me time never playing it because I would never pay over $20 for this game. a single player game isn't worth $50 to me
  3. nickbaldwin86

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Rakes in $600 million on Opening Weekend

    it should be under $20 after Christmas and after everyone forgets about it, I might snag it well after that and play the single player for the story. I stopped playing all COD after MW2. oh and day 1 launch of this game was a complete joke, I wasn't there because I don't have the game, but I...
  4. nickbaldwin86

    Anidees RGB VGA Cooler Adds Airflow and Bling to Your Graphics Card

    would love to see review from a good reviewer.... could imagine "temps didn't change" "noise went up" and we are back in 2002 using 80mm fans *facepalm ... but they are RGB so must be 2019 *otherhandpalmsface I really like how they have 3 fans blowing on a blower fan GPU.... so it is doing...
  5. nickbaldwin86

    DOOM Eternal Delayed to March 2020

    March 8th... it is a good day to be born ;) Gives me more time to save for a 2080/Ti ... that is if the game is RTX enabled. Looking forward to Doom Eternal as I am with all Doom releases... it is worth the wait
  6. nickbaldwin86

    System Requirements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Released

    ah damn it is closed :( oh well i am surely not missing out.
  7. nickbaldwin86

    System Requirements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Released

    Ah see that is what I felt but not paying attention, I'll get it tonight and see what I think.
  8. nickbaldwin86

    New Information on Intel's Upcoming i9-9900KS Processor Outed - 127 W TDP

    Need benchmarks of it running CS:Go before I can make a final decision to pick one up.
  9. nickbaldwin86

    System Requirements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Released

    not paying attention to new games coming out and this is the first I am hearing of this... don't understand the name? so COD MW and MW2 are really old games, is this a remake? shouldn't this be MW4 or something ? these names confuse me... no plan to play to game but I feel like I should at least...
  10. nickbaldwin86

    EK Releases EK-Leak Tester - a Superior Leak Testing Solution

    a tube and blowing into it as hard as humanly possible. Been doing it for years and have build half dozen systems that way and has always work. Far cheaper solution. it is a cool gadget though If you build systems a LOT it would be a nice to have
  11. nickbaldwin86

    Acer's New Predator XN253Q X Makes Gameplay More Realistic Than Ever

    no one was talking to you :slap: does it really matter that it has a .4 ms when it is still 1080p? 1440p and I would give it a look
  12. nickbaldwin86

    Microsoft's Biannual Major Windows 10 Update Cycle to Slow Down

    this has been a great Friday that just got better. If you are in business IT you know the updates for Win10 is an on going pain in the rear and keeping up with every build is seemingly impossible without a huge crew. We don't need biannual button move rebuilds
  13. nickbaldwin86


    This ^ it is like no one reads.... No one took a minute to see that both companies will remain apart but be able to collaborate on projects as one company.
  14. nickbaldwin86

    Teamgroup Releases T-Force Cardea Liquid M.2 SSD and T-Force Captain RGB Controller

    The problem is, what happens when the water gets hot, what is cooling the water? is there maybe fins we are not seeing? ummmm what? I have a 5Ghz CPU and a 1080 at over 2Ghz... honestly the clocks were the same before and after on the GPU but I couldn't get near 5 on the CPU with air or at...
  15. nickbaldwin86


    The sentence you formed is the only thing here running like hot crap. Did you even read, where did it say the company was doing bad? maybe the first line where it states "they are the world leader" :kookoo: Companies don't just get bought because they are doing bad. again read and you would...
  16. nickbaldwin86


    The case is very well done. It really is a nice piece of work.
  17. nickbaldwin86

    Next-Gen Battle Royale Ring of Elysium Officially Launches on Steam

    been playing for months off and on after "big updates" and I can't seem to get hooked on it. If I want to Battle Royale I always go back to PUBG. the rest are meh and have not been a fan of others.
  18. nickbaldwin86


    The RGB isn't fitting and I almost stopped scrolling through the pictures when I saw the RGB RGB needs to die like large stickers on cars did after The Fast and The Furious.
  19. nickbaldwin86

    MAD CATZ Announces Limited Edition R.A.T. 8+ 1000 Optical Gaming Mouse

    1000 is the units and also the price tag?
  20. nickbaldwin86

    Logitech G MX518 (Legendary)

    literally ran this mouse for years until it finally was so worn I stopped using it, still worked but the feet and surfaces were just so worn out i set it aside. still have it still works
  21. nickbaldwin86

    10 Years Jail for Buying, Selling, Mining Crypto-currency in India: New Bill

    should be easy to enforce *eyeroller*
  22. nickbaldwin86

    Windows 10 May 2019 Update 1903 Gaming Performance Tested in 21 Titles, with RTX 2080 Ti and Radeon VII

    I hope that this is run again once the new drivers are released for 1903. One would assume that NV and AMD can build drivers that take advantage of the updates and add performance.
  23. nickbaldwin86

    AMD Collaborates with US DOE to Deliver the Frontier Supercomputer

    going to need a nuclear power plant to run all those AMD chips :p
  24. nickbaldwin86

    Jon Peddie Research: 20 Million Shift from PC Gaming to Console Gaming by 2022

    sounds like a broken record... "the console take over is near".... yea K.. never heard that one b4 . Have never owned a console in my life and don't plan on it any time soon.
  25. nickbaldwin86

    Microsoft Launches Chromium-based Edge Browser

    that wasn't directly to only you. mostly everyone above... not really sure why this is the direction this thread has taken anyways, someone made a troll comment and here we are