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  1. kurosagi01

    Nvidia(2060,1660ti) vs AMD 5700 - Drivers reliability

    First thing the specs in my sig..but i'll add it here quickly: Ryzen 5 1400 stock speed 8GB 2666mhz ram AMD Radeon RX580 8GB EVGA 550w PSU 1080p monitor I thought id make this thread next month/November in preparation for Black Friday "deals" but I thought id ask for some opinions right now...
  2. kurosagi01

    Metal Wolf Chaos XD - Mecha Action Game

    Game was developed back in 2004 for Japan release only for the original Xbox by From Software, game to me was the Xbox equivalent to their Armored Core franchise for the PS2 at the time. Just recently got a re-release with upgraded graphics etc which is available for Xbone and PC(Steam). Bit...
  3. kurosagi01

    [WTB][EU] [UK] 8GB DDR3 1600 and midrange GPU

    Hi guys just trying to see if anyone on here has any 2x4GB(8gb) 1600mhz ram kit for sale and any of these GPU: Nvidia GTX1070 AMD Radeon rx580/480 8gb AMD Radeon rx590 8gb Nvidia gtx1060 6gb Nvidia 1660/ti
  4. kurosagi01

    Devil May Cry V

    Anyone else excited for DMCV?? This is my 4th game I have actually paid out retail price for on PC as I am really excited to play and slay some demons. Story so far as told by Capcom: Plot??
  5. kurosagi01

    GPU Windows code error 43 - How did you fix this?

    Hello all, last week I bought Lenovo Legion Y720 laptop which came with a GTX 1060 6gb, everything was running fine i've installed all latest windows update,BIOs and drivers for the laptop Undervolted the CPU by -0.50mv which was perfectly fine. Didn't get to properly give it a go until...
  6. kurosagi01

    Power Supply Upgrade to Full-Modular

    Good morning, I'm looking at replacing my trusty XFX 650w for slightly more power and fully modular. Main reason being is I had to rotate the XFX to compensate some of the default attached wires blocking access to the bottom fan install and now the PSU is blowing its hot air directly at the hot...
  7. kurosagi01

    Asus Zenbook(win10 1803) not shutting down correctly

    So i've had this laptop for about 2 years now, during the first initial few months it would shut down perfectly fine but after certain windows update the laptop just does not power off correctly at all. The fans will be running and the HDD Led indicator will be blinking still despite going...
  8. kurosagi01

    Obsidian game - The Outer Worlds Announced

    From original creators of Fallout and Developers from Fallout new vegas. The futuristic game The Outer Worlds.
  9. kurosagi01

    Notebook - Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB enough for Sims 4+expansions

    Hello..need some advice as a friend is looking at buying a laptop for her wife which is looking to play sims 4. I was just wondering if the GTX1050 2GB is enough to play the game with expansions at 1080p high settings with decent fps. The budget is £500-700 and best deal i can find is around...
  10. kurosagi01

    Your top 10 game of the year of 2017

    Not sure whether to post in here or in the lounge section..but hey ho. So what are your top 10 or 5 games you have played that was released in 2017? I know the year isn't over yet but there isn't really much note worthy title releases in December lol. Edit: Re-releases and remasters etc still...
  11. kurosagi01

    Razer Phone - Would you buy one?

    So Razer phone is soon available to pre-order/buy, would you pick one up? Specs on paper and price is similar to Galaxy S8, LG V30, One plus 5 and other "high-end" Android smartphone. Main difference is of course the 120hz display.
  12. kurosagi01

    Budget Gaming Build round 2 - £700

    Hello all..so i have made 2 threads previously which one is upgrade for me which i decided to go for a RX580 for personal reasons and the other which was Last year February for my GF. That didn't fall through due to budget and personal reasons. Here...
  13. kurosagi01

    Potential upgrade to AMD Ryzen

    So i've been contemplating on upgrading to AMD ryzen 5 for awhile now..is it worth upgrading my system*see system specs*? I mainly use it for watching anime,movies and occasionally play games but when i do play games i still like playing major titles and i also do android programming if...
  14. kurosagi01

    E3 2017

    Just thought i'll make a thread dedicated to E3 since i haven't seen one made yet..so whats been announced/showed so far? More Kingdom hearts 3 gameplay footage been shown yesterday aswell by Square-enix. EA conference - Forza motorsport 7 Star Wars battlefront 2 No season pass/paid DLC which is...
  15. kurosagi01

    Asus Zenbook - Intel core i3 6100u vs Intel core i5 6200u

    Hi all..so i'm looking at getting a ultrabook for mainly using it for watching youtube/1080p videos and reading walkthroughs/trophy guides when im playing on the PS4 but its also for light Android app development for work purpose if im on the move. So im looking at the Asus Zenbook UX310 as i...
  16. kurosagi01

    Battlefield 1 vs Titanfall 2 vs Call Of Duty IW/4 Multiplayer choice

    As thread title says..which will be your preferred choice for your multiplayer needs,i know Battlefield 1 is out but Titanfall 2 is getting released tomorrow/28th and new Call of duty will be released next week so will Battlefield 1 will still be your choice or are you going to experiment them all?
  17. kurosagi01

    1920x1080 144hz or 1440p 144hz upgrade?

    So few months ago i bought a Samsung curved monitor which is in my system specs,loved it and never attempted to clean the monitor apart from using microfibre cloth to give it a wipe. Cut to this month my mum thought be good idea to use vacuum cleaner to vacuum my desk and in process accidently...
  18. kurosagi01

    Mechanical Keyboard*Noob* Advice

    So i am interested in getting a mechanical keyboard as my 6th year anniversary present from the other half,however being new into the market i have no clue what i should specifically look for. The distance in key pressing isn't entirely huge issue as i can easily adjust,the only thing i am...
  19. kurosagi01

    New Budget Gaming PC - 1920x1080

    Hello all,so my other half has moved back home from uni and she's been using a tiny macbook air which i believe is damaging her eyes a lot more than ever using it everyday. So now shes back and experienced playing few games with over 60fps(console gamer),she wants to play specific games on PC...
  20. kurosagi01

    GTX970 - black screen after few hours on FF Realm Reborn

    Hello guys,so i recently started playing Final fantasy Realm Reborn with friends with skype running in background. After few hours the game sometimes crashes. Now this is second time it occured,my monitor goes black while in middle of game and computer still running and get no response at all...
  21. kurosagi01

    New gaming headphone/headset

    Hello people,I'm a glasses user with fairly biggish ears. I've been through 3 gaming headset now. My latest one is the steelseries raw prism,good enough sound and mic for what I need it for. But the comfort is discomforting after half hour or hour use. They start clamping the ending tip of my...
  22. kurosagi01

    Mortal Kombat X - PC players

    Hey guys,so im finally free and able to play games again after crazy April month of university work. Now i can go back to playing some games,one game i would like to play with people instead of random(net code needs fixing still) from here. Now im no expert in fighting games as im just a casual...
  23. kurosagi01

    Android - Google API and fragments

    Hello all,need some help with my program. So i was following this tutorial: http://www.androidhive.info/2015/02/android-location-api-using-google-play-services/ and i have 2 major error in my code which i can't seem to fix apart from changing the Fragment class to Fragment Activity,but when i do...
  24. kurosagi01

    Gaming headset/earphones

    Hey guys looking for decent earphones with good microphone that can be used for PC gaming and Ps4,i just don't like the comfort of big headphones. Only one i can see at the moment is the Razer hammerhead.
  25. kurosagi01

    Help - Android Programming with fragments

    Hello i am still new to android programming and i made new project using the Navigation drawer activity which utilise in fragments. The problem i have right now is whenever i declare an activity into one of the fragments java class file for example pressing a button the app just crashes. Studios...