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    Laptop DVD drive to 5.25" bay adapter

    I've been looking for a bracket/adapter to buy to put a laptop CD/DVD into a 5.25" bay. Mainly because I have a laptop bluray drive and I would like to use it in a media center desktop. Can anyone point me to one? thanks.
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    [FS] SNiiPE's Discount PC parts - i7/1156/DDR3/Gaming Peripherals

    I have a big sale for you guys today! Sorry for having two threads open at once. This one will be my permanent thread (mods feel free to merge). Preface: Some of the boxes shown in these pics are a little beat up, But I assure you everything I am selling is in perfect working order and I...
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    [FS][US] SNiiPE's FS - OCZ agility 120gb and Corsair i5 8gb ram kit

    SNiiPE's FS - OCZ agility 120gb - Price drop Hey guys, I have some things that I have no use for to sell. All items are brand new in packaging with warranties and unregistered. OCZ agility SSD 120gb and bonus OCZ ram fan - $250 USD SHIPPED w/ Corsair ram fan! (a $25 fan!): sorry...
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    [FS] 4gb OCZ Platinum DDR3-1600 c7 AMD w/ Custom enzotech unicorn heatspreaders

    Hey guys, up for sale is my beloved OCZ amd edition ram (seen here) Never ran them over 1.65v and I can offer warranty support to the buyer they have custom nickel plated enzotech unicorn heatspreaders seen here: sorry for the low quality FS pic, I only have my cell phone at uni ;)...
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    [FS][US] WD Velociraptor 300gb

    Asking $150 shipped USPS CONUS, no CC paypal Have only used this one for a bit, should have no less than 4 years on the warranty and I will support the buyer for a return if necessary -Ian
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    [Case Gallery] Project Flow

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD Phenom II 955 BE @ 3.8ghz MSI 790fx GD70 AM3 4gb OCZ platinum DDR3 1600 c7 2 x XFX 4890 XXX edition @ 1ghz/1ghz EK Waterblocks Corsair HX850 Corsair S128 SSD Mods: Granite floor, all black powder coated, custom waterfall reservoir...
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    [FS] [US] Intel Core i7 965 - NIB sealed

    Up for sale is a brand new sealed Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition CPU. These case mods don't pay for themselves.... ;) Price is EDIT: $700 shipped UPS 3-day CONUS - No CC paypal I am a respected member of XtremeSystems and have done many sales there and I have not maintained a heatware...
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    [Case Gallery] PermaFrost

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel q9650 @ 4.2 DFI UT p45-T3RS 4gb CSX Diablo d9gts 2000mhz 4870x2 Voltmodded @ 900/1000 Auzentech X-Fi Forte 2 x 300gb Velociraptor Corsair 1000HX PSU Mods: THis one was pretty simple actually, I did a lot of small detail mods and...
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    [Project] :::Flow::: (SNiiPE's V2110)

    Well guys the time has come for my big reveal of what I have been working towards for the past few months! I know some/most of you are familiar with my build, PermaFrost, which was awarded a spot on the Million Dollar PC. Well that build I accomplished two goals, one to be recognized by the...