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  1. korhal

    CPU upgrade 2500k to 3570K

    Would it be worth it to upgrade from the I5-2500k to the I5-3570k? I plan on doing a whole new build in about a year.
  2. korhal

    Used GTX 970

    I purchased a used EVGA GEFORCE GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 off eBay. What can I do to test it when I receive it to make sure it's running properly? Besides the obvious plug it in and make sure it runs.
  3. korhal

    Refurb SSD

    I'm looking at getting another SSD and I see some that are manufacturer refurbished on eBay. Is getting a refurb SSD a good idea?
  4. korhal

    Need help with a GPU

    I need something that is a little better than an ATI Radeon x1800, that is a decent price. PCI-e with 256mb of vid ram or better
  5. korhal

    Radeon hd 7850

    Anyone else waiting for this to come out? Well actually be available at retailers.
  6. korhal

    Building my first gaming rig

    Hi there, I am trying to build my first rig with a budget. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice. My budget is between $1000 and $1200. This rig will be for gaming. I have looked at the BIOSTAR TPOWER X79 or SUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z mobo and Intel Core i7-3820 or i7 2600k for the...