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  1. toastem2004

    Summer Build - Opinions

    Looking to get some opinions on what I should do. As you can see from my system spec's, I'm running on some old stuff. My daily driver right now is a 2011 Mac Mini (dual-core I5 w/ Radeon 6630m) so at this point anything is mucho better! While I know we are so close to ZEN 2 being released...
  2. toastem2004

    ChromeOS or Android - Desktop AIO

    I have undertaken a project that has 360 no scoped me pretty hard. A customer is launching a management education class. In order to control this project he wants machines customized and delivered to his clients. Initially this was going to be Windows based AIO's with DeepFreeze on them...
  3. toastem2004

    2-in-1 Laptops, any hands on experience?

    I've recently become self-employed, inheriting a mobile PC and Networking repair small-business when the now former owner wanted to get out. I have been finding myself in need of a small machine to assist me with some of my clients needs. I have looking into getting this 13 inch 2-in-1 from...
  4. toastem2004

    HP AMD Laptop - Can't Run Stock Clocks?

    Got an HP Eny 6-1110us laptop (laptop1 in sig). I attempted to play some games on it, nothing heavy really, and its performance was substantially sub-par. After some investigation i realized it was not running the CPU at stock speed, or the GPU. The GPU portion is to run @ 443mhz, all it...
  5. toastem2004

    Performance Inquiry - A8 APU Laptop

    I just ordered an HP laptop to replace my aging Powerbook G4. I will up the RAM to 8GB which will also allow dual-channel operation, replace the HDD with an Intel 120GB 520 SSD, and dump win 8 for win 7 home premium. Now i dont expect this to play BF3 or Crysis, but i would like to game a...
  6. toastem2004

    Vintage Rig

    I am having a delima on what the best "vintage" rig i can put together. Its gonna run XP, mainly for my 98/ME games i can no longer play (Microsoft Combat Flight Sim, Sid Meier's Gettysburg, Theme Park Tycoon, Star Trek Armada, Starfleet/Klingon Academy). I have two competing board/proc & video...
  7. toastem2004

    AMD Fusion is alive!

    As i stated in another thread, had the privilege of an engineer from AMD come by the shop filling is for our Sales Rep. Needless to say, I poked for some details that only the engineers will know. I was able to get out of him that they currently have working silicon of "Llano" aka "Fusion" @...
  8. toastem2004

    Older Gamming Rig - GF 4600Ti vs GF 5700

    i have several games listed below that i can no longer play on my main box (vista 64). I have an older athlon xp 2200+ i want to resurrect to play these games. my dilemma is the video card, i have a GF 4600 Ti and a GF 5700 (non ultra or LE). the system will be hooked into my 17" LCD, so for...
  9. toastem2004

    [WTB] MSI or Sapphire 4830?

    i've decided to get a 4830 as my budget just wont stretch for a 4850, and after getting rid of my 3870 OC, i dont want to get the 4670's. My thing is, i'm just not sure which would be better, and am asking for input before i order monday (12/8) Sapphire & MSI I'm leaning toward the MSI as...