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    Is there any way that I can capture a screenshot of a movie when I'm watching it on my computer as an avi file? Thanks.
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    Browser Window Size

    To all my fellow firefox afficianados, I need help. The problem I'm having seems to be quite simple yet it's really annoying. Every time I start up firefox, the browser window is only half my screen size. I have to manually maximize the window's size every single time I go on. How can I force...
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    How Can I Open...?

    How can you open a .nfo file and what program do you use? Thanks.
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    Need Help On Operating System Switch!

    :confused: I have a computer that is currently using windows millenium and I want to change it to using windows xp. I have the windows xp disc but I do not want a dual-os comp. How do I replace the windows millenium with windows xp. I sorry but I sort of suck at software. Any help would be...
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    Oblivion Modding

    I need help, please! I have many oblivion mods for pc that I want to install, but I can't find the data folder anywhere. :confused:
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    I have an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ overclocked to 2.7GHz. It seems to work stable but what can I do to make sure? Also, is there another option besides Prime95?
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    Need Advice

    I have just about had it with the loud stock cooler that comes with my X1900XT. I have decided on getting the ZALMAN VF-700 for its good cooling of the gpu and memory and because of its lower sound. Which version should I get? The copper or aluminum? Which cools better? Also, should I replace...
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    Need Help with Memory Timings

    I need to get my memory timings tighter at cas latency 3 because it won't work at 2.5. I also need the memory timings to be stable because I play a lot of games. I have 2 1GB sticks of G.Skill HZ PC4000 running at DDR464 and they are at 2.65v. Their standard timing is 3-4-4-8. Here are my...
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    Question about AquaMark3

    There seems to be a strange problem... whenever I run 3dmark06 or 05, they easily finish their benchmarks but with AquaMark3, I always reach the end where it suddenly jumps out of the application and says something about access violation. It had always worked before until I just changed some...
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    3DMark06 and AquaMark3 Scores For X1900 Series Owners

    Tell the truth here... for all ATI Radeon X1900 series cards owners, just post your scores here. Also try to post what speed your card is clocked at along with your CPU. For my own scores, just look at my sig.
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    Strange Score In 3dMark06... Help!

    Recently, I have been testing my gaming rig which has an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ overclocked to 2.508GHZ (It is a dual-core), 2GB of G.SKILL DDR456 memory and a single ATI Radeon X1900XT oveclocked to 668mhz/774mhz using a combination of "overclocker" and ATI Overdrive. I just tested my machine...