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    ASUS Announces the RP-AC68U Gaming Router

    It's a repeater/access point/switch, not a router. Fix the title.
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    Corsair Unveils the Carbide Series 88R Micro-ATX Chassis

    How about they make a premium MicroATX case with some design into it? They should realize there is a market for that, and not everyone chooses MATX because of budget constraints, some people do that because they don't need massive towers but they still want something with some thought put into...
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    Lian Li Announces Availability of PC-O8 Dual-Compartment Chassis

    I want a mATX version of this.
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    DeepCool Launches GamerStorm TriStellar ITX Chassis

    Man, that is awesome, except... CPU cooling is gonna be crap. I can't see how a decent CPU cooler (AIO, tower) would fit in there.
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    Intel Compute Stick Now Available

    Yeah... no. You would be right if the Linux version would have the same specs as the Windows one, but it doesn't. It has only 1 GB of RAM and only 8 GB of storage.
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    Intel Compute Stick Now Available

    What are you talking about? What connectivity are you exactly missing? People are using Raspberry PIs for media streaming, or first generation NUCs, and everything works just fine.
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    Intel Compute Stick Now Available

    I'm amazed by the ignorance I see in the comments above. This is not a replacement for a laptop, netbook, tablet, or games machine. It's a media streamer with extended capabilities, a kiosk/signaling computer, or a thin client for "dumb" displays. Also, Windows with Bing is a non-issue here...
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    PNY Releases 128GB Hook Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive

    At least it has a hook.
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    New Das Keyboard 4 Amps Up the Volume, Drowns Out the Competition

    What's the point in having backlight for a keyboard with blank keycaps?
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    StarTech Unveils USB 3.0 with High Current Ports

    Can't they put some design effort into USB hubs/chargers? I've been looking for one that looks at least half decent to keep on my desk for ages...
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    ASUS Introduces Maximus VI Formula Z87 Gaming Motherboard

    ... and that shows how little you know about gaming (or PS/2 for that matter) in general. :(
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    ASUS Introduces Maximus VI Formula Z87 Gaming Motherboard

    NO PS/2 PORT?!?!?! That is a major flaw for a gaming motherboard...
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    Intel To Launch Two New Dual-Core Haswell CPUs In September

    If it will have Iris Pro, that would be awesome in a NUC as well.
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    Now that the "entry level" ROG is called Hero, I hope the Gene boards will become more hardcore - as they should be - and have features like that.
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    EVGA X79 Dark Motherboard Launched

    Launching this less than a couple of months before IB-E means that will be no new chipset to go along with the new CPUs?
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    Eurocom X5 with GTX 780M and i7-4930X Dominates Benchmarks

    Wait what?!?!? 4930?
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    Intel Core i7 "Ivy Bridge-E" and Core i3 "Haswell" Series Detailed

    A big improvement over the mess the i3 lineup was with SB/IB but still I can't understand the purpose with an i3 with a IGPU less than HD5200 (nevermind the BGA packaging). They should all have either the best IGPU Intel has to offer today or without any graphics at all.
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    Intel Shows Off Prototype Thunderbolt Thumb Drive

    I rather have them make external Thunderbolt enclosures for GPUs to use with their Ultrabooks than useless flash drives.
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    Rosewill Micro RK9000 Keyboard Keeps it Simple

    It's not really that "durable"... you can easily pull out the keycaps and destroy the switches, not to mention it's insanely expensive for such an application. For a kiosk you need waterproof vandal switches and alike.
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    Rosewill Micro RK9000 Keyboard Keeps it Simple

    Not really, no.
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    Corsair Expands PC Gaming Peripherals Lineup

    Why so little love for the tenkeyless users? Nearly all tenkeyless keyboards are budget keyboards, but it's not like if we don't have space on our desktop or we don't want a full size keyboard, we don't want features like backlit keys and different switches.
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    In Win Shows Off Serenity Series PSUs

    too bad the non-modular cables look like crap.
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    Icy Dock Announces MB662U3-2S 2 Bay USB 3.0 External 3.5" SATA HDD RAID Enclosure

    Some price information would make this article/press release less useless.
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    Toshiba Ships 26 Million Automotive-Grade Hard Drives

    You need internet access for online maps (like google), internet radio and traffic updates. I yet have to hear of an OEM internet connected ICE unit that lets you "surf" the net while the vehicle is moving. Even the ones that let you tweet do it in such a fashion it doesn't distract you from...
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    NVIDIA to Name GK110-based Consumer Graphics Card "GeForce Titan"

    Because... there will be a dual GK110 board.