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  1. eraser666

    Pixel Fillrate problem about Turing/Pascal Architecture

    In my opinion, it is inaccurate to use ROP only to calculate the theoretical filling rate of pixels. First, how about this formula? I think, turing/pascal's pixel fillrate=minimum(ROP, GPC*16, TPC*4)*frequency/1000 For example: they have the same pixel fillrate in test. 2070:3GPC/18TPC/64ROP...
  2. eraser666

    Pixel Fillrate and Turing/Pascal

    Limited by GPC? the max Pixel Fillrate of TU106 is ROPs*frequency/4*3, the same as GP106(max Pixel Fillrate=ROPs*frequency/3*2). You can use TU116(1660Ti,3GPC 48ROP) or TU106-200A(2060,3GPC 48ROP) comparing with TU104-400(2070,3GPC 64ROP) to verify this fact. Remember! Use a same GPU and MEM...