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    Where can I find the ATI4670 agp card drivers?

    Hello everyone. I created a retro-PC for the future to come, and now I cant find any drivers from AMD's website. its funny because I could find the needed driver easily for my old gforce 5500! Can anyone please help me find those old driver files that used to be hosted on AMD.com? for this vga...
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    Whats wrong with a PC that only boots once and restarting does nothing?

    Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great time. I tried to build a retro PC from my and my cousins old parts. I set up the motherboard with the power supply unit connected and 2 1G ram. His motherboard has integrated graphics so I attached the monitor and turned the PC on. To cut a long...
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    Whats wrong with my P4C800 delux motherboard?

    Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day. I recently bought a motherboard;P4C800 deluxe(rev 2.0 it seems pic is given below) to build a retro PC gaming for my nephew. It came with a Pentium 3.0 ghz, 2gigs of DDR400 CL3 RAM. I attached everything and one thing I noted right away was...
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    How should I clear CMOS in Asus z97 progamer?

    Hello everyone. I tried overclocking my 4790k, but it seems I messed up ( set all cores to 45, and set vcore to manual to 1.093 (which was the default in bios! and then set offset to 0.090) I also set my ram frequency to 1600 (two modules were 1333 however, (2 2gig modules)). saved and rebooted...
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    How can we specify the vcore and yet have adaptive voltage in asus z97 pro-gamer ?

    Hi everyone. I hope you are having a great day/night. I'm trying to overclock my 4790K mildly since I'm on a Coolermaster Evo212 and intend on using the system 24/7 so it shouldn't get hot or I'll be in trouble. I intend on making all cores reach 4.4/4.5ghz on turbo boost instead of the default...
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    Is something wrong with this Acer Nitro AN515-51 79DL Gaming laptop?

    Hello everyone, Hope you are having a great day. My little brother has recently bought a new gaming laptop, naming Acer Nitro AN515-51-79DL (Link to the Full Config on Acer product page (note, my brothers RAM is 16 instead of 8 but the rest of the config is the same) But after the first 3 days...
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    HDD High response time in windows 10

    Hello everyone, I am facing strangely high response time and HDD usage in windows 10 on one of my drives. I have 3 HDDs, 1 500Gb Blue Caviar (SATA 2.6), 1 1Tr Green Caviar( SATA 2.6) and 1 1Tr Blue Caviar(SATA 3) which hosts the operating system. The problem is whenever I open My Computer or...
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    The system reboots itself automatically when Prime95 is run

    Today I download the latest version of Prime95 and wanted to check if the system is stable. However after several minutes it suddenly got rebooted! Lucky me, I had all the CPU cores and other sensors temps logged. I noticed 10 seconds before the whole PC got rebooted, the CPU temps were as...
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    Which one to buy ASUS Z97-A/USB 3.1 vs ASUS Z97-PRO GAMER?

    Hello everyone, My current Asus H87ME seems to have become faulty and restart on its own randomly. This happened after I updated the BIOS which was needed for my new 4790K. To cut a long story short, I decided to purchase a new motherboard for two reasons : 1. This one is getting old (I bought...
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    Perfcap reason fluctuates between power util and vrel under load

    Hello everyone, I bought a Gigabyte GTX1080 G1 gaming today . I was running one of my experiments just now which noticed my gpu load suddenly goes to 0 from 100% and then comes back to 100% and again goes to 0. I noticed PerfCab reason fluctuates between 3 options, pwr, util and vrel. Is...
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    How to spot a second hand card with a new one?

    Hello everyone, How can I spot/distinguish a second hand or used graphics card from a new one? By the way I saw a graphics card(1080 G1 Gaming) today, which had a large stain of oil at the back of the card, as if someone had poured some oil on the card (to make it more shiny? or look new?)...
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    How can I make sure my PSU is faulty? is there a stress app for PSUs?

    Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing great. I need to make sure my PSU is faulty and need to gather clues about it to save myself future hassles. I have gotten sudden system shutdown, which when I digged into windows event viewer, I found Kernel-Power 41 (63) error , which I believe a...
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    Sudden system shutdown/restart, what could be causing it?

    Hello all, I have been experienced 4 sudden shutdown/restart in the past month! I have recently bought a new CPU (4790K) and updated my motherboard(Asus H87ME) to support that CPU. and I dont remember any other changes that I have done except these two. Initially I thought Maybe its because...
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    Whats best for me Air Cooling or Water cooling (for 4790k!)

    Hello everyone. this is a follow-up question about my CPU. (link which I asked couple of days ago). Short story : I dont know if I really need Air-Cooling or Water-Cooling? Long story: I got my 4790K yesterday and with stock fan, I ran some of my tests. It easily hit 90 C (194 F) and I...
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    Can I buy and use a 4790K with my Asus H87M-E motherboard?

    Hello everyone, I have heard that intel no more lets some specific processors to work with all chipsets of the same generation, and specifically, the k series need z97 chipset! I dont know how much truth there is to it, but when I checked the Asus motherboard support section (CPU support ) , it...
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    need suggestion on buying a motherboard supporting SLI (1150)?

    Hello everyone. I'm currently in a situation where I can not upgrade to the 1151 or newer architectures. I want to buy a motherboard now, that for the next 2 years at least fulfills my needs. My prime need is being able to do SLI , two way or 3 three way. the intention is not for gaming but...
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    Getting too much VRel on my GTX980

    Hello everyone, Yesterday, I accidentally noticed my PerfCab section of gpu-z is showing Thrm. So what I basically did was I head to my Gigabyte OC_Guro panel, and set the Fan control to manual, the temperature decreased from 80c to 72 73c in couple of minutes, but! then immediately I noticed...
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    Are the new GTX970 Ok ? or they still have the 3.5G ram problem?

    Hello All, Recently I was looking at ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 (STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5), and was wondering if its problem is fixed! Is its fixed or this whole model is still in 2015/2016 ! problematic? Edit : Aactually I dont want to play with this card, I need its bandwidth and its memory...
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    Can I use two nvidia Card (GT730 4G and GTX750) in Asus H87M-E mother board?

    Hello everyone. I want to know if I can install two Graphics card in my system. Actually this is not meant for gaming, I'm going to use these cards for parallel processing using GPU. (running Caffe, a deep learning framework which runs the computation using GPUs) I cant afford buying a GTX980...
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    How to check if physx is installed and working properly ?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an Asus GTX750-PHOC 2G GDDR5 graphics card. When I installed the original driver package from the accompanying CD-ROM, I noticed the Physx is not checked! by looking at the accompanying GPU-Z bundle , of which you can see the screen shot below: I also tried a...
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    Seeking guidance on building a new system for computer lab

    Hello everyone, I was asked to present a list of computer components for building two computer labs which are used extensively for high volume and heavy computations.( research based) components such as mouse, keyboard, case, dvd writer, all these component and peripherals are not needed...
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    Why do hard disk drives partitions have different speed in read/writes?

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a new hard disk drive a 1 Terabyte to be exact. I ran a few tests using HdTunePro and noticed that the speed difference between partitions is some what noticeable . I partitioned my HDD like this Dirve C : 160G Drive D: 325G Drive E: 325G Drive F: 122G...
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    which motherboard to buy?

    Hello everyone, I need to assemble a new PC which will be used in a computer science lab and must be capable of smoothly running 4 virtual machines with at least 4 gigabytes of ram each. Now I need to get a decent Motherboard, I have searched and came up with couple of mother boards I have no...
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    HP - LaserJet P1102 or Samsung ML-2160

    Hello everyone. Recently i tried to buy a printer and the budget is limitted . which one of these do you suggest me buy for a home usage? you can also suggest any other models (from different vendors as well) within the price range of these two models. Thank you in advance
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    how can i say my cpu is 2500k or a 2500?

    Hello everyone. this might sound silly but , i myself have'nt had a 2500k or a 2500 befor till now . now i want to know if there is any sign of their difference that could help me identify my cpu. i would be very thankful .