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  1. Nuke Dukem

    How does one know when and why their post got removed? (features suggested)

    This is not one of those "boo-hoo-I-got-my-precious-post-removed" posts. Hear me out. Earlier today I made a post on a news thread. Hours later I was browsing the thread when I suddenly noticed that my post was missing. I found it strange as my post wasn't flagged as "low quality", had 10 (or...
  2. Nuke Dukem

    Which part of a graphics card is most likely to have failed when there is no video output?

    To elaborate on the title: when a port gives you no output, or when it is half-working, for example. Display and/or cable being ruled out as working. Context: Bought a second hand GTX 660 last year, which only outputs VGA signal through the DVI-I port via an adapter. HDMI fails (I got it...
  3. Nuke Dukem

    nForce4 Ultra and SSD - should I do it?

    Hi, guys. I've got this PC, it's a bunch of my old parts thrown together, my parents use it. The bottleneck of the system is an old IDE HDD, it really slows down the entire PC to a crawl sometimes. I'm currently thinking about buying a cheap 60 GB chinese brand SSD from AliExpress to speed...
  4. Nuke Dukem

    Old Socket A motherboard won't quite boot, out of ideas, need some help.

    Hello, guys, I'm in need of some fresh ideas :) The mobo (or rather, mofo) is my old Socket A Gigabyte GA-7DX rev 4.0 with my old Athlon XP 1700+ inside, I remember it was working fine some years ago when I put it in a box and stored it away. Last night I've been trying to get it to boot...