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    Build Separate GPU Enclosure - Will this work?

    Hi, I've been thinking about whether this would work and would like some input from others. I've got a tiny Mini-ITX PC I built with Kaveri 7850k in a streacom f1c evo WS (modded the top take a 120mm fan intake for extra cooling) running off a Pico PSU with 150W of power available and I'm...
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    AMD A10 7850K Recommendation

    Hi, I just wanted to write something about my new HTPC system for my living room which has the following specs: APU: AMD A10 7850K CPU Cooler: Noctua L9a Motherboard: Asrock FM2A88x-ITX+ RAM: 8GB 2400MHZ G.skill Aries Low Profile SSD: 256GB Samsung 830 Tuner Card: TBS 6281 Chasis...
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    How to connect these devices at the same time?

    Hi, I have an Asrock FM2A88X ITX motherboard and want to connect both a GPU and my TBS6281 PCIe X1 TV Tuner. Is there a way to connect this TV tuner via some other method to this motherboard? It has an mSATA slot but that is occupied with a WIFI / Bluetooth card. Thanks Dominic
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    R7 GPU BF4 screen tearing

    Hi, I've just built a new htpc with an AMD 7850k and Asrock a88x itx motherboard. BF4 came included but my problem is that the game seems to have really really bad screen tearing. I'm using the new mantle beta drivers, and I think the GPU in the 7850k is an r7. Does anyone else experience...
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    APU Temps - What is normal?

    Hi, I have just built the following HTPC: Case - Streacom F1C Evo PSU - 160W PicoPSU with 150W Brick CPU - AMD A10 7850K MB - Asrock FM2+ A88X ITX CPU Cooler - Noctua L9a RAM - 4GB (stuff from old PC) SSD - Samsung 830 256gb I havent tested it thoroughly yet as at 2 in the morning the wife...
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    Silverstone Raven RVZ01 listed

    Hi, just seen this case is now listed on the silverstone website here http://www.silverstonetek.com/raven/products/index.php?model=RVZ01&area=en I'm going to get this when I can find a seller in the UK, but if you don't like the styling you can wait for the Silverstone Milo ML07. It says it...
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    CPU fan won't run at full speed

    Hi, A little background to my problem. I have the asus z87m-plus motherboard and overclocked my i5 4670k to 4.4ghz @ 1.239v which I imagine is pretty average. I installed the asus AI suite 3 to play around with the clocks but have up and and uninstalled it, but not before lesson would the fan...
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    AMD R9 290x and 290 prices shown

    Hi, Just seen this post on VideoCardz.com stating the AMD r9 290x to be 649EUR and the 290 to be 519EUR. This seems a little high to me but thought I would post for you guys http://videocardz.com/46558/amd-radeon-r9-290x-r9-290-european-pricing-unveiled I've definitely got my eye on the...
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    Crossfire performance on my motherboard

    Hi, I am thinking of going for my first crossfire setup (CF novice here) when the new AMD HD 9000 (or whatever they will be called) series rears its head, but I have a concern about my motherboard. I have an Asus Z87M-PLUS board, but am not sure if the second PCI x16 slot will offer decent...
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    CPU hits 96 Degrees!

    Hi, I've just bought an i5 4670k with Asus z87m-Plus MB and hyper 212 evo cooler. I put it together and ran Prime95 last night to check thermals, for the first 15 mins it was maxing out at 75 degrees, but then after 18 mins it rocketed up to 96 degrees on all cores. I monitored it using...
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    Fan Controller for my SFF case

    Hi, I have just bought the Silverstone Sugo SG10B case along with an i5 4670k CPU and Asus Z87M-PLUS Motherboard. My problem is I am going to have 6 fans inside the case (1x180mm, 2x120mm, 2x92mm, 1x80mm) and I want to be able to control all of them manually. The top 180mm fan has its own...
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    Data Warehousing a good career?

    Hi guys, feel free to say if ive posted this in the wrong section. I dont really know who else to ask and so thought I would turn to the good people here. I am a maths graduate (2012) in the UK and just completed my first week in my first job since graduating as an SQL data warehouse...
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    gtx 670 reference fan noise

    Having read some great reviews about the gtx 670 I thought I would pack up my hd 6950 and switch to the green side for the first time since being a graphics geek. So I bought an MSI GTX 670 OC version with refernce cooler. Card arrived on Friday, installed it today and my first thought...
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    Ocz vertex 4 release today

    The vertex 4 is due for release in 20 minutes, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new cOntroller will do. Will TPU have a review? Is it ok to go ocz after all their reliability issues? www.ocztechnology.com/vertex4
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    Ssd bsod on startup then dies

    Hi all Thought I would take the plunge and get an intel 520 240gb drive to speed my system up. Came to install it today and here is what I did Firstly I have a dell studio xps 435mt where in the bios it only has 2 options for hdd, either ATA mode or RAID mode. I set the bios to raid even...
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    Intel 520 240gb £250 or OCZ Agility 3 £200

    Ok guys question is in the title and I just can't decide One is significantly cheaper than the other but has a bad rep, I just can't decide. Going to buy this weekend and would like your opinions. I have read and re-read reviews but still it's price vs performance and reliability Thanks
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    Seagate 1tb platter when??

    I have been waiting for release of the seagate 1tb platter, anyone know when to expect this drive to hit retail and at what price point for the 1tb version?
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    which sound proofing foam?

    Hello Im looking for advise on what is the best sound proofing foam for a budget concious person. I was looking for anyones experience with how effective certain products are such as acoustipak or akasa products...
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    Which Fan Controller?

    Hi all I am on the lookout for a decent fan controller, have spent a long time looking on SCAN.co.uk and Specialtech.co.uk but I just cant decide on one. Here are my requirements; 1. Reasonable price less than £30, preferably less than £25 2. Control 2x200mm CM Megaflow plus 1x120mm...
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    New HDD or RAID the old one?

    Hi all I currently have a 500gb WD Caviar blue (this one) Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB SATAII 7200RPM 16... Will I see a big improvement if I get something like the Samsung F3 500gb or F4 320gb for gaming? or how about getting another one and raid 0 them? Also does anyone know if...
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    Advice on what to do?

    Hi 2 Weeks ago I purchased the CM Enforcer case to swap the insides out from my Dell 435mt. Today I came around to doing it, unplugged and unscrewed EVERYTHING from my dell case and started installing the motherboard into the new one, only to realise the motherboard screws provided by CM...
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    Front I/O Wiring Help Needed

    Hi I am currently in the middle of swapping out the insides of my Dell Studio XPS 435MT into a new CM Enforcer case and need some help in the wiring. The board is mATX form factor and all connections seem to be standard but I have never connected a motherboard up before and dont know what...
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    AMD 11.3 Drivers officially released!

    Just seen that driver pack 11.3 is now available for download, is it a step backwards from 11.4 preview? has anyone tried it yet?
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    HD 6950 sounds like a jet engine on startup, why?

    Hi all I am Using Trixx version 3.0.6 (the latest one) to overclock my hd 6950 to 880/1375MHz@1.1V. I do not have stability problems at this speed when using a custom fan profile in Trixx and am happy with it. HOWEVER, when I boot my computer with trixx set to come on at startup, my card...
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    6950 using 6970 Bios?

    Hi, I was just looking at the bios switch on my 6950 and was wondering is it possible to have the second bios as the 6970 bios? If I did this would it unlock all the stream processors basically make it a 6970? I probably wont do it lol incase I wreck my card but was wondering with the...