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    Amazing deal for ANYONE IN CANADA! (Might not be around long)

    I doubt they would honor it, but it's worth a shot? And is it possible for US to buy it?
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    Razer's Tiamat Gaming Headset Delayed, to Ship in Late January

    Wow I was just looking up this headset and was wondering when release is. I googled it and was glad to find TPU as the 8th listed website.
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    [US] Fry's Silverstone RV02-BW $76.36 :-O

    WOW that's a great price. I'm definitely getting one.
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    (Solved) Portal 2: I need a teeny weeny hint...

    This was the exact level I was having trouble with. I always had the portal at the wrong place but had the idea right. I didn't find out until I asked a friend...
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    Unlocking the power of the WRT54GL(and a few other routers) with LINUX!

    I have tried that also. I actually just let it rest for 10 minutes or so then tried again. I read somewhere that it has to be "root" with lowercase so I tried that even though I have tried before. Weirdly enough, it actually worked this time.
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    Unlocking the power of the WRT54GL(and a few other routers) with LINUX!

    For whatever reason, I cannot log into Telnet. I have it enabled but whenever I put in my password it doesn't work.
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    Official AMD Radeon 6000 Series Discussion Thread

    I was scared as well, hope they were using 10.10.
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    Official AMD Radeon 6000 Series Discussion Thread

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    AMD Radeon HD 6870 Reference Design Looks Refined, Ready to Market

    I'm confused, so what will Cayman models be named?
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    Fan Recreates Final Fantasy Battle Inside StarCraft II

    That long wait payed off! =D
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    Ready to build

    HDZ955FBGMBOX is C3 revision HDZ955FBGIBOX is C2 revision You can EASILY overclock the 955 as I have to 3.6 without having to try hard. No increase of voltage required. You can increase the multiplier or the front bus, I chose front bus to get my RAM faster.
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    Fry's deal til 5/6

    Great deal, I got the 955 and MSI 890GXM-G65 for $179.99 just 2 or 3 weeks ago. USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gb/s
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    Anyone need sc2 beta?

    You guys could always pre-order the game and get a beta key for free from either Gamestop or Amazon.
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    I need recommendations for a new gaming mouse and keyboard...

    With the exception of the Razer Mamba.
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    Get free game consoles - minimal effort req.

    I have joined Lockerz and and not really sure if it's really legit. I mean, if you haven't really gotten a prize from them yourself, I wouldn't really advertise such a site. But it really does seem legit.
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    anyone else notice that firefox 3.5 is junk

    What a coincidence, firefox just stopped responding and had to restart right after I read this thread, haha.
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    MSI Releases R4890 Cyclone Series Graphics Cards

    What does the R stand for?
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    Windows 7 RTM

    Hmm it seems like 7600.16385 is the new build that was built on the 13th. Edit: It's not leaked...yet.
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    Windows 7 RTM

    I downloaded it too and even hash checked it. I think I'll just keep it and stay with RC since you can't activate it...
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    Silverstone Raven 2 Case Spotted at Computex

    That's what makes the Raven special...Even the original has it on the top.
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    project: Category 5 Cyclone - C5C

    Looks nice so far! Btw, you have a typo for the url for newmodcity on the sponsored by text on the top of the pictures.
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    Vista Sidebar

    Yeah, I did that to the program, but whenever I close the Hardware monitor box, it stops working. EDIT: Nvm, I got it working, Thanks!
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    Vista Sidebar

    Hmm, the GPU monitor thing stops working once I close the hardware monitor thing in RivaTuner. Any solutions?
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    Hard Drive Issue?

    @MilkyWay I wasn't running anything on load, so it couldn't be the GPU. I would rather not have to flash anything but if it's necessary, then it's fine. @hayder.master I do hope it is something wrong with something not as pricy such as RAM... @Mussels I just reformated C: Drive and didn't...
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    Hard Drive Issue?

    From time to time (ranges from hours to minutes), my computer freezes up for about a minute. It's really annoying and everytime I'm afraid it'll end up being a BSOD. Then after the freeze, my computer beeps a couple times, not sure if it's the mobo or HD, and the programs are not responding for...