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  1. dark2099

    Google Pixel 3 vs 3a

    Was facing the same choice as you, grabbed the Pixel 3 when it was the same price as the 3a. Did play with a 3a in store, but honestly, didn't like the feel of the 3a, battery on the 3 is fantastic compared to my Pixel XL. Comes with a USB C to 3.5mm adapter. Basic Pixel 3 doesn't have the...
  2. dark2099

    Asus z170 pro gaming (original install CD) pls ISO

    Have you tried contacting support to see if they can send you one? Also, what is it from the original CD that you specifically want?
  3. dark2099

    Boneheaded Tech Moments

    Was building/rebuilding a rig. Have it all together, go to turn it on, powers up, but doesn't do anything. Spent a couple minutes trying to figure it out, getting all frustrated, till I noticed the CPU sitting in the plastic protector on my desk, right in front of my keyboard.
  4. dark2099

    HDD to SSD clone

    Setting up new PC's for an old boss, simple things, just wanted them on SSDs cause they rock, and he didn't say no. Clean wipe became the easiest answer.
  5. dark2099

    HDD to SSD clone

    So I am trying to clone a 500GB HDD onto a 240GB SSD, only tried with Acronis 2018, but that whines that partition sizes are different can it can't be done. Is there away around this, should I try a different software, do I need to repartition the 500GB? Thanks!
  6. dark2099

    A Memorial to Kreij - Gone 4 years but not forgotten- check out the latest build(s)

    dark2099 in for the PC for myself, who doesn't love multiple rigs best part of spring, starting to cruise around with the windows down and tunes blasting!
  7. dark2099

    What should I do with this new hdd?

    Give it to me.
  8. dark2099

    Samsung EVO 850 Boot Problem

    Seems as though something might have gotten into the fan and/or killed the fan when changing the drives. No way the SSD itself would be cause for overheating.
  9. dark2099

    [WTB][US] Want to spend ~$200 on graphics

    Got a couple 760's that are in that range.