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    GPU Turning off?

    So for some reason, when my screen turns off. Every couple minutes my GPU lights would turn off for like 20 seconds, and the lights turn back on. I'm just concerned.
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    High FPS but games stutter/choppy

    Hi, so I'm having problems with my RX 590. I have a high fps but some games are really unplayable until I turn on vsync or freesync and this is a problem as one game that I play doesn't really support this and it is completely unplayable because it feels like i have 20 fps instead of 60. Some...
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    Screen Tearing

    I have some screen tearing and It's really annoying and all the games look like stuttering a bit until I turn on VSYNC. Even on a FreeSync monitor. I tried 2 different drivers. I tried my TV and it's the same stutter. I'm just gonna limit the FPS in Radeon settings and enable FreeSync. However...
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    RX 590 Games Crashing

    Recently I had a problem with my new GPU that while gaming it would just stop displaying anything to the screen. I fixed that by getting rid of an adapter but now instead of that at random times 5 minutes to 5 hours the games just close. Yeah the game just crashes and it takes me to the desktop...
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    RX 590 Bottleneck?

    So I installed Hitman 2 and played on ultra settings the first mission and it was great(never dropped below 60), but the second mission was horrible I was getting less than 50 fps, changing all the settings to low didn't help and lowering the resolution didn't help either but just made the game...
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    PSU for I5 and RX590

    My current PSU, Thermaltake 630 watts seems to be failing on my GPU under heavy load. I need a new PSU but there are not many options in my country. I would spend up to 120$ but keep in mind stuff in my country might be 10-30$ more than prices on Amazon/Newegg. Also are these any good: FSP...
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    New GPU crashing my computer

    So, two days ago I got a new GPU, Sapphire RX590 Nitro+ OC, since I used a tool to uninstal drivers from the old GPU, it caused some problems so I freshly reinstalled windows.(it was full of junk anyways) Now I have tried reinstalling all the drivers, I have tried using some automatic driver...