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    Avast going Ape Sh!t

    So according to Avast, I am being bombarded by trojans everytime I try to make a connection to redownload Burnaware Free Edition, yet I am getting it from solid sources (download.com!) and right as the download reaches 100% and is closing out I am getting the trojan message with the name Win32...
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    Is it possible to lap a HDT-1283 heatsink?

    So I took my heatsink off today to turn it around with the fan blowing towards the big top fan in my case and while putting the thermal paste on I got to wondering if it would be possible to lap an HDT type heatsink like my Xigmatek 1283. I was thinking it would probably wouldnt work because the...
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    Would a Q9550 hold back a GTX 295?

    I am thinking about trading in my 280 for a 295 through EVGA's step-up and was wondering, would a Q9550 be a bottleneck for a 295? Or would it be better to have an i7 setup to keep up with the 295's tower of power?
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    Trying to get 3DMark to work on laptop

    So I know first of all that Im not going to be breaking any records here, but I have a Toshiba Satellite A-205 that has an Intel GMA 945. Yes, pathetic, but I'm on Vista and when I run dxdiag it shows I have DX10 installed, yet when I try to run Vantage it says my graphics card doesn't support...
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    Dedicated PhysX won't enable

    So I decided what the heck and am trying to test dedicated PhysX on my 8400gs and have my GTX 280 do all of the graphics rendering but in the Nvidia Control Panel where the PhysX settings are it either completely enables or disables it, I cant choose to offload all the PhysX calculations to the...
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    Onboard audio on P5Q this bad or is it just me?

    Well I am going from an EVGA 680i mobo to an Asus P5Q hooked to my Logitech G51 5.1 speakers and quite frankly, it sounds like shit. Its popping and cracking and pretty muddy sounding when playing music through Winamp and I have enabled hardware acceleration in Vista 64 by installing OpenAL and...
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    Where to find turbine style red LED case fans

    So I got my new rig up and running and have decided I dont like the generic blue led fans that come in the Antec 1200. Anyone have any clue on where to find some of those turbine style fans with lots of blades that dont turn all that fast and still put out a lot of air with minimal noise...
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    Wacky core temps on Q9550

    Well I finally have put together my new rig with a Q9550 on a P5Q Deluxe. I installed Everest ultimate edition and core temp as well and have gotten some weird readings. My core temps are 21 35 25 40 which seems a little high at stock with a Xigmatek 1283. I thought it seemed a little weird to...
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    Does GTX 280 Do PhysX?

    Well, I sprung for a GTX 280 for my new build and decided in the heat of the moment to blow some extra cash on a cheapy Zotac 8400GS for PhysX. Well everything I read says that having an extra card for PhysX is useless if you have a 9800 or better. So, I guess can anyone confirm/deny that...
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    What will the step-up be for 55nm GTX 260 or 280?

    I am highly considering the new 55nm GTX 260 and may end up going with a 216 shader model, but I am wondering what the step up would be for the new 260 or an old 280. All the GTX 280s seem to be on sale on the 'egg right now so I am tempted by those as well, just wondering what would I be...
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    Thermaltake 750W PSU $139-$60 rebate=$79!

    Just picked this up on newegg with their cyber monday deals. Got and Asus P5Q Deluxe for $140 as well.. My new build is coming along nicely now! Christmas came early for me since I got lucky enough to have two of the major components in my upgrade go on sale for me!! :toast:
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    4870 or GTX 260? (or other?)

    Well, I finally got paid and am about to continue my quest of building a new Q9550 based P45 rig. I am probably only going to do a single card setup due to the P45 limiting PCIe to x8 speed in Crossfire. So i beg the question: VisionTek 900244 Radeon HD 4870...
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    [FS][US] *New* Q9550 E0 stepping, new in box

    I bought a Q9550 in hopes to build my new rig around it, but lack of funds is making that pretty impossible now, so I have decided to sell it. Never used, only inspected. Is E0 stepping, so it is cooler and clocks higher than the old C1 model. Also, this is most definitely an E0 stepping CPU...
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    I have a freezing problem narrowed down, now what?

    Well I have done multiple tests on my rig to try and stop random freezing and it definitely associated with my RAID array. I took down my raid and ran XP off of my old standalone drive, i also ran some Orthos tests and gamed with the single drive and also let it download for long periods and...
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    More freezing and more lock ups on idle

    I had this problem a while back and ended up just scrapping the entire thing and moving into a 1.5TB RAID0 array, so not lack of space now! Anyway, what is happening is when I let my pc idle for extended periods, anything longer than half an hour it seems like, i get random lockups and complete...
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    Good games my laptop can run

    Anyone have any good games that dont take alot of power that my lappy can run? I have a Toshiba A-205 with a blazing fast integrated Intel GMA 945 and T5300 processor at 1.73ghz, but I do at least have 2gb of RAM at 532mhz! :pimp: So unfortunately, Crysis is out. But other recommendations are...
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    How long should CHKDSK /R take?

    Well I have been having all sorts of problems recently with my XP install and I booted into the recovery console and started a CHKDSK /R scan to see if there are errors and inconsistencies. Well I ran my system partition first (only 75gb) and it took only a few minutes. However, when I run the...
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    nvraidservice: do I need it?

    I just recovered from a serious issue with my XP not booting with the recovery disk. Luckily everything seems intact, however, after restarting it is trying to load nvraidservice from the msconfig menu and giving me an error. I was wondering, do I even really need this and would it be ok to...
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    What caused black screen after XP loading screen?

    So, I came home from work today to find my transfer of the latest Linux build for my PS3 on FileZilla locked my computer up. Not the end of the world, but annoying. Anyway, upon restarting, windows would load and get to the XP loading screen, then disappear, leaving me with a black screen...
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    FileZilla freezing

    So I am transferring a large file via FilaZilla and left my rig alone while i was at work. I keep coming back and seeing it has locked up. My pc is completely stable while just idling, what could possibly causing it to only do this while FileZilla is running for extended periods? I was under the...
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    Why does memory divider matter?

    I have seen alot of talk where people say you need a 1:1 memory divider or 4:5 or whatever. However, if I set my ram to 1:1 in the bios, i get a speed of like 1350, which is of course wayyy up there for DDR2, and all I am running is an E6600 with a 378mhz FSB (x9 for 3.4 ghz). So i have my...
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    PCIe question on P5Q Deluxe

    So the P5Q has the ability to run its PCIe slots in x16 mode with one card and x8 mode with both slots filled. However, if I had for example a GTX 260 for my main GPU along with my old 8800GTS for a folding card or for PhysX, would that cause it to slow down the interface for the GTX 260 or does...
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    Wireless N router recommendations

    So I have a Linksys WRT300N that is nearly 2 years old and seems to be dying. It keeps dropping signal all the time and is balls ass slow now. I have reset it over and over and flashing to DD-WRT does nothing for it, so I am in the market for a new one. Anyone have any recommendations for a new...
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    Anyone Spybot users having trouble updating?

    So I decided to run a spybot s&d scan since it has been a little while and it wouldn't let me update. So i tried going on the safer-networking.org site to get the updates manually, but nothing doing. Anyone else having trouble too?
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    P5Q vs Maximus Formula?

    Honestly, looking at these two boards side by side, I cant tell what the difference is.. Can anyone enlighten me? P5Q http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131297 Maximus Formula http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131319 I guess the Maximus II...