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  1. jaredpace

    Tom's Hardware GTX680 Review!!

    link dead - http://imgur.com/a/RCDqK#0 alt links http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2233831 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?277763-%E2%80%9CKepler%E2%80%9D-Nvidia-GeForce-GTX-780&p=5071447&viewfull=1#post5071447
  2. jaredpace

    4890 - editing vddc, mvddc, fan, core & mem

    Hello, I am looking for some help with my 4890 & RBE. I've taken a stock bios from the TPU website and edited the parameters above. My fan profile worked great, it revved exactly how i had it set and idles quietly and keeps the card cool enough in furmark & gaming. Also editing memory...
  3. jaredpace

    4890 voltage registers 1.30v to 1.45v

    Hello, does anyone know how to increase default voltage on 4890? highest rbe goes is 1.30v: asus smartdoctor goes to 1.45v: I'm trying to boot with ~1.36v, but the option to edit voltage registers is grayed out. help!
  4. jaredpace

    Early 470 & 480 benches

    Spoiler Alert: Early 470 & 480 benches Collection of Fermi Benchmarks: courtesy phk, asuka, obr, kakkoii, kravis, donanim haber, heise.de, computerbase, expreview, & pctuning.cz PCB lengths: HD5870 280mm 28.0cm, 11.02 inches (including backplate & enclosure, 267mm without) GTX480 267mm...
  5. jaredpace

    How to bypass power connector warning message at boot-up?

    Any way to get past the "Warning you have not connected your video cards Pci-E power cables..." message when booting up? I did a bad flash on a 4890, and tried a blind recover. Now the card boots, but it stays at that warning message and won't let me go any further. (I have both 6 pin power...
  6. jaredpace

    Monster 4GB 5970 Video card

    ASUS ROG Ares: New Pcb, full 4+2 phase for each gpu, Dual low-leakage 1600sp cypress chips, tri slot cooler, 4GB GDDR5, 850/1200 x 2 stock clocks. 28% faster stock vs. stock against a factory 5970 in 3D mark Vantage Extreme. (X14100) 8 heatpipes, solid copper sinks, quieter...
  7. jaredpace

    auto update

    gpuz 3.8 checks for updates when it starts, and finds that there is an update. It then asks me, "would you like to update to the new version?" I select yes, but nothing happens. I guess it is supposed to auto install, or at least open a browser to the tpu download page for gpuz... but nothing...
  8. jaredpace

    Looking for help increasing voltage on 4850 with RBE

    I hear that 4850's will do 1.20v maximum with software. Normally they come at 1.158 max 3D voltage. Does anyone know if you can still get 1.20v via RBE on the 4850? If it's possible, could you show me which register values to change, please. I would like to squeeze an extra 25-50mhz out...
  9. jaredpace

    GPU-Z Sensor Tab Scrolling

    Hey W1zzard. :p GPU-z is teh best software to date. :toast: Any way to get gpu-z sensor tab to display all data at the same time without scrolling? Something like these - THANK YOU
  10. jaredpace

    Anyone have an ASUS 5850?

    Does anyone have an ASUS 5850? If you do, would you please upload the bios from gpu-z? Thank you. :toast:
  11. jaredpace

    Overclocking software for hd 5870/hd5850

    Msi Afterburner.. http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm equivalent to EVGA's "precision" except works on Radeon 5800's ;) Overvolt and overclock! :toast:
  12. jaredpace

    Hd5850 @ Newegg $259

  13. jaredpace

    first 5850 review

  14. jaredpace

    Tomshardware 5870 Crossfire review is up