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  1. Mediocre

    TPU Motor Club

    TPU Motor Club: Lets talk cars, motorcycles, engines, racing... 2002 WR250F (found it new just a few months ago) and my 2001 KX250 Some Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mediocre80 (My older brother on the '97 XR250, the KTM is my in-law's) Anyone that can tell me how to do...
  2. Mediocre

    Safe E8500 Voltage - Long Term

    So the PC in my specs is being an incredible pain in the ass. Not sure what part it is, but all new parts are on their way. I'll figure this out one way or the other.... But anyway, I grabbed an E8500 (due in tuesday)... what would be a safe voltage for it... long term use? I don't leave...
  3. Mediocre

    Mediocre's Case Update Log

    This is my Water Cooling Overhaul Log. Constructive feedback welcome; stay on topic. Existing Setup See the system specs tab for now, going to take pics and update during complete teardown Problems Pump was making noisy/vibrating Coolant is/was a year old and needed changing 2 x 80mm...
  4. Mediocre

    Help me find a 'Compact' Digital Camera

    Hey All, I already have an 8MP SLR digital camera, it's great for sporting events and such, but I'm going on a cruise next week and need something a little more compact for the 'everyday' photos. I know VERY little about cameras. I could go to walmart/best buy/circuit city, and just...
  5. Mediocre

    Disable internet on file server?

    WARNING -> NETWORK NOOBAGE BELOW Anyone know how to disable internet on a file server? I want to be able to connect to it from within the network, I just don't want it to be able to get on the 'net or the net to get on it :laugh: I'm hoping it's something simple. I already have a remote...
  6. Mediocre

    Old Skool, Oc'ing Athlon Slot A

    Hey Guys, I'm building a server (Athlon 900 in an HP K7M board) with a ton of IDE storage. I found some silk-screens on the mainboard for HARDWARE overclocking (NO BIOS OPTIONS) I have so many questions...where to start... OK, the board has no headers in the areas designated by...
  7. Mediocre

    Need a 'Free' MP4 converter...

    Anyone got a link to a free mp4 converter? The ones I download on 'trial' give me 60% :laugh: who wants to watch only 60% of a goddamn movie? :toast:
  8. Mediocre

    HD3850 or 2900PRO

    OK, I'm building a sub ~$1000 GAMING PC (WITH monitor-1440x900/kybd/ms/OS/speakers) Confirmed games are crysis (dx10), bf2/2142, cod4. Mostly shooters I'm guessing (the kid is 17...) The HD3850 is $169 (sapphire) The 2900PRO is $159 and $169 (both the same sapphire at different...
  9. Mediocre

    Call of Duty 4 ~ 1.4 Patch Released

    source :toast:
  10. Mediocre

    General Nonsense no longer in 'recent threads' list

    BOOOOOOOOOO! I had a great story I just posted, and now no one will see it :( Blair Morgan bought my old video card :D BOOOOOO!
  11. Mediocre

    Chassis Cooling Discussion

    OK, I wanted to start a discussion about MY chassis cooling. See system specs for those of you who don't know me :shadedshu Anyway, I'm dealing with this case: With a LC system. The case is really limited with which radiators I could use. I was stuck with 2x80mm :banghead: (which is...
  12. Mediocre

    What Cooler for HD 2900PRO?

    Really the only one I can confirm as fitting is the Thermalright HR-03 Plus And even the neweggg listing says 8800gtx only, but the press release says HD2900XT... Do the Zalaman's fit on the HD2900's? I'd like to go with the VF-900, but don't want to buy it if it doesn't fit :banghead...
  13. Mediocre

    GPU-Z Released

    I guess 'released' isn't the right word....probably alpha or beta released would be a better title... First off, I didn't see an existing post for this app... Secondly, Thanks Wizz :toast: It's not working on my work PC, I've got an MX440...It won't even start up: It deleted...
  14. Mediocre

    Damn Northbridge...

    So this SBC (single board computer) wouldn't POST...figured I'd look under the hood... Any idea why it might be dead? :laugh:
  15. Mediocre

    Size Check - 2900PRO 1GB DDR4

    UM, ok, so I ordered: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 2900PRO 1GB 512-bit GDDR4 The pics show a 9" hsf... But i'm looking around and most places are saying it has the 12" hsf: Cuz now i'm :twitch::twitch: ain't NO WAY that thing is fitting in my case :cry: Any insight?
  16. Mediocre

    45C for FX-62 Idle Temp?

    Is 45C too high for an FX-62 @ idle? It has a 92mm Scythe and should be drawing in fresh air through the cpu vent in his case. The only catch right now is that he has no exhaust fan connected (no side fan either, just the CPU vent) and a 120mm intake. He says he applied his paste by...
  17. Mediocre

    P5K-VM & Vanilla Vdroop Pencil Mod

    I haven't seen much of this around these forums, thanks to http://forum.insanelymac.com, and www.insanelymac.com. First off, this is NOT the same mod as the P5K deluxe! The layout is slightly different. I also read the deluxe doesn't even need a vdroop mod b/c it has a voltage damper...
  18. Mediocre

    Highest Safe Voltage for Dominators?

    What do ya'll suppose is the highest voltage for a pair of D9 Dominator 1066 stix? (Pretty sure they are D9's, bought them 10/06 when they were all D9's) Rated at 2.2, and I cap out around 1180 at 2.2v wanted to see if I could push past 1200 with a voltage bump. This all stems from...
  19. Mediocre

    PCI-E Frequency Limiting Overclock?

    OK this is the strangest thing i've seen by far... @ 410 fsb and 104 PCI-E, my system won't even POST. At the same fsb and 105 PCI-E, I'm in windows and stable. Its the ONLY thing I changed :wtf: Anything lower than 105 and it won't POST. I'll try going up to 110 on the pci-e (in...
  20. Mediocre

    The P35 Chipset Club

    BAH! I'm bored at work, thought I would start a P35 chipset club... List: 1 - Board MFG and Model 2 - CPU 3 - Max FSB OC w/ details (anything that you had to change - Vcore, Vdim, Vfsb, Vnb,etc) Feel free to chime in with additions to the list ICH9 FTW Quad Core Members...
  21. Mediocre

    WTB/WTT P5N32-SLI NB Heatpipe

    Looking to buy a replacement NORTHBRIDGE and VREG Asus heatpipe for my P5N32-SLI Wifi/AP board :banghead: Was thinking anyone who might have a liquid cooled NB might have one lying around...was thinking ~$20 + ship or trade: Could trade - 80gb WD Sata300 about 4 months old - straight...
  22. Mediocre

    Should I RMA a bad overclocking mobo?

    Should I RMA my P5K because it only reaches 404 fsb (hard wall)...not to mention the nearly .1 vdroop? (supposed to hit ~500fsb) I'm not asking if it is ethical/right/wrong/etc. I know the answers to those. Its newegg btw, and I have 2 days left in which to return it (i'd have to go...
  23. Mediocre

    My new P5K won't disable speedstep!?

    After soldering a new radiocrack capacitor to my gfx, i am finally in windows and overclocking :rockout: So far, I can boot and run at max 450fsb, but the multi has to be 7x or it won't POST. So I set 400 fsb and 9x multi and I can boot @ 3.6 w00t :toast: but CPU-Z shows my multi bouncing...
  24. Mediocre

    Ahhh!! Cap Fell Off Gfx

    Ok, well, it didn't just 'fall' off, apparently it got caught around a sata cable and ripped off the video card. I know its a cap, I think its 100uF, but am not sure. I can post a pic, but not sure what that will do. Its the very bottom right cap on a 7800GT. The cap is marked: BH 100...
  25. Mediocre

    Why won't it boot!?

    Good god, I get home from work, turn the pc on, and when I come back to it 20min later it looks as if it's not booting...fans are on, pump is on, but no windows/bios Fine, asus has the neato hit the reset and go back to CMOS defaults..... Nope Ok, just reset the CMOS....nope OK Remove...