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    NBA 2K13 Issue

    there is also a bug about the internet connection. if the game lost internet it hang(in my installation) try that too. ask him to start the game without internet.
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    NBA 2K13 Issue

    the game engine its self haves issues with sli it would be a suprise to have and with crossfire. disable crosffire and try again
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    weird problem with with booting

    have you change the battery on the motherboard?
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    What to do with old laptop

    make an torrent-mame-video player-fax-calling center server. thats what i have done with my old computer.
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    Replace BIOS with different manufacture's BIOS (And Madison LP vs Pro)

    you could but i would recommend it.You have no idea if the mobo bios is registed with the gpu bios and after the update the gpu would change but the mobo bios might not start as it can't "see" your correct gpu.
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    Help! Can anyone tell me what the problem is? GPU? HD?

    do what this guy said.
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    sapphire vapor-x 6770 unable to overclock

    i have found many reviews of this card ,and in most of them they says that they have achieved oc even far as core@950/mem@1385 so i thing the card can handle it. my guess is either bios or the card is faulty.
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    sapphire vapor-x 6770 unable to overclock

    my previous card was an sapphire 5770 and with the same volts (i think) it was stable with core@950 mem@1350. but i guess you might have a point.maybe the bios is very strict on the voltage management.I guess i might use an bios editor to change that.
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    sapphire vapor-x 6770 unable to overclock

    more info. bios version (113-e14802elp-ep4) on core@950 mem@1350 crash instantly.
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    sapphire vapor-x 6770 unable to overclock

    my sapphire vapor-x 6770 is completely unable to overclock. on the default clocks(core@860 mem@ 1200) run smooth and without a hiccup if i try to use it on the core@910 mem 1300 in 1 minute flat it will crash the whole system (or make many artifacts) it is on a clean windows 7 x64 install...
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    PCI Express 3.0 Has Zero Performance Incentive for Radeon HD 7970: Tests

    wait for a crossfire bench.
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    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    i have some strange white dots on the reflection and water any idea about what might cause them?
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    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    any idea about those white dots? since last night i get them a lot :( . mostly on reflections and water, any idea?
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    Ultra-low power file server

    this idea is the best i guess since it sports everything with little hassle.
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    Ultra-low power file server

    for 25$ thats more than you need. http://www.raspberrypi.org/
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    sapphire 5770 lost its OpenCL capabilities

    did that and mow it is showin on th gpuz thanx
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    sapphire 5770 lost its OpenCL capabilities

    don't know exaxtly. i have check that before. thats irrelevant.it misses a single option not the whole set of instructions
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    sapphire 5770 lost its OpenCL capabilities

    As a say above after a recent post i run gpu-z and i find that the Opencl is un-checked i downloaded a program that it supposed to bench my opencl capable gpu but it wont run.There is any way my card have been damaged somehow? it is a bios bug?(anyone else have it?)
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB DDR5 Fan Problems

    no it doesn't .but my gpu runs hotter than denise milani (ie 80~85-90c ) and the thing i hate the most until now is that the fan is really really stupid on auto. itruns mostly 41c @40% fan and that's idle on the full throtle goes 85c@50% fan. stupid fan. i also see that the opencl is off to my card.
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB DDR5 Fan Problems

    hello. i have the exact gpu but with older bios. should i update my bios also???
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    What causes viruses etc to reinfect itself?

    a line in its code.
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    Eurocom Adds Intel Xeon Processor X5690 to Panther 2.0

    thats what she said.
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    Got my new motherboard but not happy, what should i do?

    if it o/c then keep it. you bought it to play games and use your pc not to have it as an exhibit....
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    Looking for New Graphics Card, No Idea What to Get

    a cool trick it would be if you can use your on board gpu for phys-x though i can say if you can...