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  1. CyberDruid

    Cleaning Pink

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sei9Jq9vmIA Video I made today while doing some maintenance on my daughter's PC. It's been about 2 years and 2 months since I built it and it's holding up well. I've never changed the fluid and I've had no issues with any of the components. Enjoy:)
  2. CyberDruid

    Finally Some Fukushima Coverage

    12/2/11 TEPCO released their first interim report on the disaster and some other interesting bits of info about Measurement and Protection. Here's some videos covering the very latest on the situation. As this covers both the science behind dealing with the disaster and this is "Energy...
  3. CyberDruid

    [FS][US] LC Computer E8400 HD3870X2 Blitz SE V-rap

    Heatware under CyberDruid Description: Custom Liquid Cooled Computer ready to go $500 plus shipping PayPal preferred. Case: Lian Li V1100 with Laser Etched Side Panel modified for Liquid Cooling with custom SMD LED Super Bright LED panel that makes the reservoir POP and shines crazy light...
  4. CyberDruid

    [FS] Frozen-Q T-Virus Red 400mm NEW, MNPCtech Grills NEW

    Sold Heatware under CyberDruid All items listed here are new, unopened, perfect. Intl shipping by quote. I am a Vendor Rep for my mod service at OverClock and I have a trader rating there of 240 positive 0 Negative. Buy with confidence. Prompt shipper. Frozen-Q 400mm (15.75"...
  5. CyberDruid

    SMD LED Lighting

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G6AUuvjsKY If you are still using LED modules or CCL tubes and inverters you may want to research SMD LED strips. These new generation LEDs are far brighter than cast LED "bulbs" and are brighter than CCL tubes without the hassle of stashing an inverter and...
  6. CyberDruid

    Sloooooow Velociraptor...Why?

    Got a used V-rap. Seemed to work fine. Then crashed. Now I get 2-4 MB/s in HDDtune and ATTO. Any ideas? Is the drive borked or should I spend some time trouble shooting?
  7. CyberDruid

    [WTB][US] Inexpensive Monitor near VA?

    Anybody have a spare monitor they can sell for a low price? Ideally in the VA area (I know I am dreaming). Mine just died. Thanks in advance.
  8. CyberDruid

    Mac Fan/Console Elitist Needs PC for BF3

    :roll: One of my oldest and dearest friends used to be like us, normal, and spend most of his time gaming on his PC....then something terrible happened. I can't explain it. He stopped using his PC completely:twitch: He bought Apple products one after another the day they were released:wtf: And...
  9. CyberDruid

    A reservoir I made

    All lit up and somewhere to go...it's out the door http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-YZGE5bTLM
  10. CyberDruid

    Project: Shop Dog

    Hey guys. I've been without my own rig for quite a while now. I use the HTPC or the kid's rig when I need to go online...and that is pretty stale. Plus I have a need to bench once in a while...just for my own pleasure...to knock the rust off my OC skills. So obviously I've been thinking about...
  11. CyberDruid

    What would be a fun cheap LGA 775 chip to over clock?

    I'm thinking about reviving the Blitz and want to abuse a cheap but fun to clock chip. Probably won't do anything more extreme than chilled liquid but I thought you guys might have some suggestions. All the rig will do is heat the shop. Thanks in advance.
  12. CyberDruid

    Deer Chaser Reservoir

    And here's a video of the completed unit fresh off the bench. An "unpeeling" for the first time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3xXvfJqTvk My first reservoir with moving parts. I went with the Shishi Odoshi (Deer Chaser) idea. A few weeks back I built one from copper for Wife as an outdoor...
  13. CyberDruid

    Got CFM?

    A friend just gave me his fan collection...wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhjsf9uGTYM
  14. CyberDruid

    Custom Acrylic and Aluminum Shroud

    I started by cutting a 15 degree angle on a piece of 1" acrylic then slicing off two pieces for the end caps. Then I cut two strips from 1/2" with a 15 degree angle on each side and trimmed those to length to fit a custom louver grill I had made by a Hot Rod shop in MO. I chose 15 degrees to...
  15. CyberDruid

    Step by Step Tutorial: Side Panel Window for Haf

    Steel is more work than aluminum but some of the same tips and tricks apply. Have a look at how to run a window mod like a boss on a steel panel.:rockout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTGWSsQPfQk
  16. CyberDruid

    I made a bong cooler today

    It's Shagadelic Baby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgGRIIN01Vs
  17. CyberDruid

    Lian Li PC P80 in Black and White w/ some Tasty Mods

  18. CyberDruid

    Lian Li PC-P80 Unboxing Video(s)

  19. CyberDruid

    My Year of Mods...in 4 minutes, 20 Seconds

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB16RpMxNRA :)
  20. CyberDruid

    Lian Li A05N Modded for LC, Powdercoat, Window

    Phelan is a repeat customer. He commisioned a special cooler a while back. The lil LL A05N is a sweet no frills mini tower with all the quality you expect from a top tier MFR. PJ plans to LC the lil case and asked for the top panel to be modded to accomodate a 240 Rad and for a window to show...
  21. CyberDruid

    Corsair 800D Stripped to Bare Metal and Powder Coated Gray

    Tired of looking for your 800D in the parking lot? Not a fan of "in your face" paint schemes? How about "Cream of Elephant Soup" Gray:wtf: lol I just unboxed the massive case my client sent and immediately recognized that I had been here before. Yes I sandblasted and powdercoated an 800D...
  22. CyberDruid

    Another little pink waterputer

    This is a cool SFF all aluminum case made in the US that doesn't suck provided by a client to powdercoat in the same Pink Sparkle I did for my daughter. Yep it's time to feature another cute little PC. Savage is making his niece a Pink 'puter much like the one I made for my girl child. I am...
  23. CyberDruid

    Massive Liquid Cooled Gaming Rig

    The box... The tote. Oh my.... goodness. Triple radiator, dual pump madness. EK slabs. Black Sparkle out the wazoo. But I may not even use these. Matte Black cornucopia with a puzzling number of stop fittings...:thinking: Triple 140mm, Dual 140mm and just for...
  24. CyberDruid

    What to do with a stock Intel Heatsink

  25. CyberDruid

    [FS] Cyber's Musty Mod Supplies Sale

    Hey guys I am cleaning my shop and listing some odds and ends that might appeal to case modders. Heat under CyberDruid yada yada. Prices are without shipping. 13 oz and less go USPS 1st class cheap ($3 $2 postage $1 padded envelope). Medium Flat Rate USPS Priority isn't too bad either...