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    Xerox Corporation Tries To Acquire HP Inc.

    Indeed, they are talking about HP, not HPE. All the cool stuff is over at HPE (ex-Compaq guy here).
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    XPG to Unveil World's First 4D Gaming Mouse and New Mera Edition Gaming Gear at IFA Berlin 2019

    How does this mouse go back and forth in time? (the 4th dimension?)?
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    AMD Silently Pushes Out Radeon Software Adrenalin 19.8.1 WHQL Drivers

    Just remember to reboot after running the tool (even if just using to read the BIOS). The driver does not unload itself after closing the ATIFLASH program.
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    FSP Announces New High End Cases For All Major Form Factors

    Is it a render or just a bad Photoshop of a generic case?
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    Arctic Introduces Gen 3 Monitor Arms, All New W1C Wall Mount

    That logo is awfully close to the ArchLinux logo...
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    Cooler Master Announces New MasterCase and MasterBox Case Lineup

    I like the looks of the Q500L, but with the power, reset and USB ports on the side I cannot have this case next to another. I have several cases on the floor; too bad...
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    KFA2 Goes All White with GeForce RTX 2080 Ti HOF

    Both EXPLOMOS items are out of stock and Amazon doesn't know IF they will ever offer it again.
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    Linux Won't Boot on New MacBook Air: Apple's T2 Security Chip Prevents It

    Yes, you need to follow a procedure to go into your Mac setting and disable firmware security protection, as follows: How to disable Secure Boot
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    Linux Won't Boot on New MacBook Air: Apple's T2 Security Chip Prevents It

    The solution is to turn-off Secure Boot, which disables T2.
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    The New HP Spectre x360 Gets Whiskey Lake, But the Real Surprise is Its Webcam Privacy Switch

    Good to know... I've only seen this gold/brown version stocked at BestBuy. Willl need to look at hp.com and see what they can offer.
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    The New HP Spectre x360 Gets Whiskey Lake, But the Real Surprise is Its Webcam Privacy Switch

    Very nice, except I cannot make myself purchase this gold-tone enclosure... why not just plain aluminum?
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    SilverStone ECM25 Arguably the Most No-nonsense PCIe-to-M.2 Adapter

    Different animal... that's a full-height product. SilverStone is clearly designed for a ITX / SFF type deployment.
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    INNOVENTIONS Launches Memory Testers for DDR4

    This is not expensive... you can pay the same for a single NIC. Consider if you have a few dozen servers (or hundreds) at 20K or more per server. Well, the tester test the integrity of the module; so you know the stick is good. I agree that other factors such as interop may prevent the...
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    United States FTC Cracks Down on Predatory Warranty Conditions

    MSI here in the US puts those stickers on their AIO machines and laptops... Hopefully they will stop now.
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    Samsung Launches the Notebook Odyssey Z for an Unparalleled Gaming Experience

    How long will they stay in the US? They bailed out several years ago, and now they are back... Not confident here.
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    AMD Provides Support for BIOS Update on 2nd Gen Ryzen - Boot Kit Available

    Thanks, interesting approach. Has Intel ever done the same on their platforms?
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    AMD Provides Support for BIOS Update on 2nd Gen Ryzen - Boot Kit Available

    Humm... I still don't understand what's included in the boot kit. Anyone know?
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    MSI Outs Socket AM4 Motherboard BIOS Updates for "Raven Ridge" APU Support

    Yes, they only give you the BIOS image now and you flash from within the current BIOS. Works great for any OS! :)
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    EVGA Z370 Micro Motherboard Starts Selling

    :kookoo: I guess the engineering team didn't tell the marketing team to avoid photos of the back of the board! No foul taking pictures of prototypes but come on!
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    IBASE Announces PICMG 1.3 CPU Card With Intel 6th/7th Gen Xeon, Core CPUs

    Not at all... it's a PICMG standard board. So that means that it follows the PICMG standard and should be able to use compatible passive backplanes.
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    AMD Broadens Compatibility List of DDR4 Memory for Ryzen

    Now we need MSI to release the BIOS with for their motherboards.... still on beta as of today.
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    Taking apart a used pc

    Don't use a rag (or for that matter a typical painbrush) on the inside; you can damage via static discharge, or rough handling. The best option is to use compressed air (from a can) to blow off all the dust. I would also not recommend a vacuum, for the same reasons: the danger of static discharge.
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    Aitech Announces High Performance Video and Graphics in AMD-powered PMC Board

    Yes, PMC boards are used in military, but they are also used in other applications as mezzanine boards on ATCA-based system for Telecommunications and other sectors. Not disagreeing that there's a military-spec version but not a given they are used in warfare.
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    Lexar Announces New Plug and Stay JumpDrive S45

    Yeah, but no different than SanDisk and Patriot USB drives already in the market. Since you are supposed to leave them in place (and they are tough to remove) you should be ok.