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    Wireless Reception

    For years Ive had perfect wireless connectivity between a fixed router (D-Link 634M) and my computer in the adjacent room (D-Link G520M). But for the last two weeks the reception has dropped to 1-2 bars, with speeds following. The wired computer next to the router gets 23Mb/sec via...
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    Have computer games benefited the real world?

    I have to present a 20 minute seminar to my design faculty regarding computer games. I have political, social, and design bases down pat, but I have one lingering question. Does anyone know if there are any substantial inventions (eg new technologies, ideas, etc) influenced by video games...
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    Cant find BSOD code

    Apparently the Stop code for the BSOD im getting doesnt exist... according to google and MS anyway. Any ideas on how else I can diagnose the problem? Its not a hardware problem, as im on XP atm stable for 6 hours without a BSOD. Vista has been randomly blue screening over the last two days...
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    Need new phone...and MP3 player.

    Yesterday I was walking on an overpass in the rain when my old second generation Ipod mini knocked into my leg while I was carrying it, sending it flying off the bridge far below where it eventually landed (and partially exploded) before settling into a puddle. So I guess I need a new MP3...
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    Something hanging in startup.

    Vista is taking more time than Id like it to between booting and connecting to the net (automatic connection to wireless network). I have the feeling its being caused by something (a process or whatever) thats hanging between the two and slowing things down. Are there any good software...
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    [Case Gallery] Ex_ReVeN's Stacker 830

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel E6400 ASUS P5B Deluxe G.Skill 800mhz 4-4-4-12 Inno3D 8800GT 512mb OC Edition 2 Seagate 7200.10 in RAID 0 Winfast 1800H TV Tuner Dlink 108mb/sec Wireless MIMO Adapter Antec Smartpower 2.0 500W 2x Coolermaster 120mm 2x Generic 120mm...
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    Repairing/Rejoining wires

    Ok I have a PS2 Keyboard that was playing up on me (intermittently working). I found that if i pushed the keyboard cable downwards that it would work. So I guessed there was a loose connection. I unscrewed it, and it turns out one of the wires was exposed from its sheathing and it seemed...
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    Windows gone?

    I ported the parts of an old computer into a different case, and now I can no longer get into Windows XP. I tried a different hard drive, with Windows ME on it, and it will boot to Windows ME. But I want XP on the machine so thats not much good. Putting the XP cd in the tray and I dont get...
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    Moving a dial up connection across computers

    Ok guys, the beatdown is that im swapping out the hardware from an old packard bell (piece of shite) with a newer IBM that i have lieing around. The PB belongs to my grandparents who have dial up internet and it originally had Windows ME. The IBM has XP on it and much better hardware. The...
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    What video card?

    Hey guys, Im determined to buy a new graphics card for christmas as Im going to sell my old one. Im kind of confused which way to go. Ive heard that the 8800GT performs better marginally, but at a greater price. So I was sort of thinking of getting a 512Mb 3870XT. Keeping in mind I want...
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    [Case Gallery] Ex_ReVeN's UPDATED Stacker

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel C2D E6400 Clocked to 3.0GHz ASUS P5B Deluxe 4 Gigs of G.Skill 800mhz DDR2, 4-4-4-12 PowerColor X1950 with Artic Cooling Xcelero 2 2 Seagate 7200.10's in RAID 0 ~500Gb Total Size DLINK DWL-G520M MIMO 108mb/sec wireless adapter Leadtek 1800H...
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    RAID 0 Error

    On bootup, when the list of bootable devices flashes on screen, one of my hard drives (part of a two disk RAID 0) has "error" next to it. What could be the problem? It cant be too serious, considering that my computer is still running perfectly. Does anyone have any ideas of possible...
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    Which 24"?

    Heres the deal. Two monitors, virtually identical specs. However, they LOOK different. The Acer is $560. The Benq is $970. Is beauty worth another $410? Im seriously considering paying more.
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    Calendar/Contact/Reminder list?

    Anyone know of any software so that I can keep the names, date of birth, contact details and set reminders for important dates?
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    Broken Power Switch

    One of my computers powerbuttons has broken. I dont think I can fix it, I was wiring up the positive and negative wires to the front power button of the compy when the positive terminal snapped off... I have nothing to wire it to. Is there any way I can rig up a decent DIY switch on the...
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    Boot in 640x480

    Recently my computer randomly booted in 640x480 with the lowest colour quality. I figured it was a driver going bad, so I uninstalled all my Catalyst/ATI software and upgraded to the latest Catalyst Drivers. That fixed the problem. But only temporarily. Since then I have had to reinstall...
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    Cant burn dvd's.

    I'll begin by saying wtf. I wanted to back up some stuff right, just basic images and other files. Anyway, so I loaded a CD-R into the tray burned most of the images on the disk etc. I sent the cd to a printer, who printed all my documents fine. As soon as I had finished burning the CD, I had...
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    Techpowerup chat

    Looking at TPU chat, its been empty past couple of times ive entered. Does anyone actually use the chat anymore? I think it would be alot more used if there was a link to it within the forums, because when I come to tpu my hotlink takes me straight to the forums rather than the main page...
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    I feel like getting a 22"

    Ok, so I feel like a bigger screen :p. I dont know much about monitors. But Im doing gfx work so I need a monitor (LCD is a must - no desk space for CRT) with colour accuracy, high refresh for games and it needs to be sub $500. Im liking the idea of a 22" since I use photoshop alot and...
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    Cheap Core 2 System

    Hey guys, my sisters boyfriend wants me to build him a machine. Now, Im just building the tower so I dont really need to worry about speakers, monitor etc. Hes computer illiterate (you should have seen him try to describe the system he wanted - "ummmm a IBM computer" - I lol'd at him so hard)...
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    I have a free desktop-recording program I downloaded called Camstudio. I recorded me doing some stuff on my computer, (which I'd like to edit and upload to youtube). After I finish recording, it saves the file to my desktop as an AVI format. If I watch the movie, the quality is fine (I...
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    Hard drive speed

    I have a RAID setup and I just ran HDD tach. The burst speed seems decent but the sequential read seems very slow...or am I paranoid? Feel free to post your own benchmarks images/speeds too :)
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    RAID, Backing Up, Questions etc

    Ok, Ive done a search for RAID related articles on the forums and Ive read through them. I'd like to RAID my hard drives very soon. This is what I have: 1x Seagate 7200.10 Perpendicular - 320Gb 1x Seagate 7200.10 Perpendicular - 250Gb Id like to set them up in a RAID 0 configuration...
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    Hard drive screwed?

    I have two hard drives, one with Vista and one with XP. For some strange reason, all of a sudden I cant boot from my XP hard drive. All I get is a blank screen after POST with a blinking cursor like in command prompt (though I cant input any commands). In BIOS, I cant select that drive as...
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    Computer Stuttering.

    Here we go again. Another totally random and annoying problem that has popped up. I seem to have bad luck in these sorts of things. So I boot my computer today. The moment it hits windows I open windows media player and put a song on. It plays, with just a hint of stuttering. Then, the...