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    Antec Teases Enthusiast Community with Skeleton Chassis

    This thing looks awesome, I wonder how hard it will be to mount a 120x240 radiator to it.
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    Intel Q9300 Overclocking

    I have one right now on a DFI P35 @ 3.3 GHZ but I have not had much time to play with it yet, I am pretty sure I can get more out of it.
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    Hey Malware, IBM broke the petaflop barrier today, thought this would be news worthy...

    Hey Malware, IBM broke the petaflop barrier today, thought this would be news worthy... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/09/technology/09petaflops.html
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    World Community Grid: Like Folding, but with rice

    Hey Guys, I saw this and thought some other TPU people would be interested. http://money.cnn.com/2008/05/15/magazines/fortune/fortune500/Gunther_superrice.fortune/index.htm?cnn=yes The article talks about a project called World Community Grid. They use distributed computing similar to...
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    IBM Goes Watercooled with NextGen Energy-Efficient Supercomputer

    I just got a job with IBM in February and this is the system I have been working on.
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    Watercooling set up?

    I basically have the Danger Den Lovers kit and it has been working great for me. Does a great job keeping an over clocked core 2 and 2900pro cool. I have been using PC Ice for about a year now and I have not noticed any corrosion or anything like that. I have drained my loop and refilled it...
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    Is true quad core a marketing scam?

    hahaha PVT that was hilarious
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    8800gt $207.99

    I just ordered. I had a 3870 on backorder @ fry's for $240 or so, this card came out to $222 after tax. Now I have to get some ramsinks to use with my maze 4.
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    8800gt or HD 3870???

    fanboy much?
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    sapphire 3870 back in stock at the egg

    Sold out already :-( I ordered one from Fry's but it has been back ordered, I was hoping to get one of the new egg ones and cancel that backorder.
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    Nissan Develops Car That Dynamically Changes Exterior Paint Color

    EXACTLY what I thought haha
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    ATI Catalyst 7.10 Display Driver Released

    Should I uninstall 7.9 before installing these?
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    Antec Nine Hundred

    If you try at all to manage your cables, temps should be no problem. Even if you do a crappy job, you most likely will still have no problems. This thing moves a ton of air.
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    Antec Nine Hundred

    I have this case and I LOVE IT. I build computers often and this is one of my favorite cases I have ever used. I do not have to worry about temps at all. I a PC for friend and with the 900, a thermalright ultra-90 and a Q6600 overclocked to 3.4GHz his idle and load temps where barely above my...
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    So I think I got the voltage adjustments to work with ATI tool. I played with the memory voltages a tiny bit and I can definitely push it further than I could before. I am pretty sure it is working because the riva tuner monitor confirms each step in voltage that I make. Does anyone know what...
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    Lol, thanks Tatty. I think I will give that a shot. According to ATI tool and riva tuner, the GPU voltage is 1.15. I think it is 1.2 on the XT's so I may get a bump from the flash.
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    Haha I should jack my CPU up to 4.2 and see what I can get. I wish I could get more out of the memory. 43% GPU overclock and barely any on the mem. Has anyone figured out how a way to raise the voltage (without a hard mod)?
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    What Cooler for HD 2900PRO?

    The GPU is a little bit recessed when compared to the shim that surrounds it. The maze 4 water block works because it is not flat, the center protrude further down so it will make contact with the core. Any cooler you get will have to have something similar to that. You can see what I am...
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    Well IDK why it won't work for you guys but it works great with my 1GB card. I have the Sapphire 1GB version and ATI tool 2.7 beta 2 is what I have used to get my overclock. Maybe we are using different drivers? I am using XP, are you guys using Vista or something?
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    Why not skip the 8-pin and just use ATI tool? Do you just prefer to do it through CCC or something? I am using 2 6 pins and its working great.
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    At 860 the cores hits a max of 45 C in 3dmark06, idle is ~38. The Maze 4 must be doing a pretty good job. I should have tried my card out on air first, but I was too lazy to put it in, take it out, put it in ect. I have an Antec 900 and theres a 120mm fan blowing right onto the card. I have...
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    OpenGL Fur Benchmark

    With my new 2900 Pro, Gpu:860 Mem:945
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    Using ATI tool the best overclock I can get that is 3Dmark stable is 860/945
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    Will flashing the Pro to an XT raise the GPU voltage? Also what are the stock mem speeds for the xt, 1000? If so I may not be able to flash since it seems like my mem tops out at 945 on stock voltage. Can you edit the bios clocks before flashing?
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    Mine did the same thing, I did what DaMulta suggested and added the -nosysteminfo after the shortcut target and that fixed it for me.