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  1. toastem2004

    Have you got pie today?

    Hoping this week I can get 2-3 more systems working, but they are older and won't get me close to Top 20. for record, looking at getting an iMac (C2D 2.66GHz) an Athlon x4 845, and a i5-2400 crunching by friday.
  2. toastem2004

    NASA has Figured Out How to Extend the Lives of the Voyagers Even Longer

    For all our love of multi-gigahertz cpus and GB's of RAM, just goes to show newer is not always better. I remember being enamored with the Voyager and Pioneer probes in grade school. Amazing that such a thing built by man is still functional after all these years! Between them and the twin...
  3. toastem2004

    Summer Build - Opinions

    Looking to get some opinions on what I should do. As you can see from my system spec's, I'm running on some old stuff. My daily driver right now is a 2011 Mac Mini (dual-core I5 w/ Radeon 6630m) so at this point anything is mucho better! While I know we are so close to ZEN 2 being released...
  4. toastem2004

    Which OS you prefer

    I've been a fan of Korora, its based off of Fedora. While I haven't yet moved any of my personal systems to it, I did deploy it on 3 HP workstations when my Sprint store took over an old RadioShack location for about 1.5 months before we got our thin clients setup. It worked very well out of...
  5. toastem2004

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I've set up several android phones to crunch @ work. I must say, the A53 cores are tearing it up! I had 2 snapdragon 820's running, but they had a few issues. First, only running on the 2 performance cores, the PPD was way low, and despite being plugged into power all day, were discharging...
  6. toastem2004

    StarCraft Available For Free From Blizzard, Nearly 20 Years After Launch

    Had an old Packard-bell 486DX2-66 with 32MB of ram running Windows 95. It was still running as of a few years ago. My grandma was using it at her school strictly as a word processor; using Word 6.0
  7. toastem2004

    $7500~$8000 Server Building Challenge

    I agree with Dippyskoodlez on both points. Going with a 2P system will help both now and in future by allowing even more ram to be added. Also if USB 3.1 is an absolute must, an add-in card would easily remedy that. Edit: What were the system specs of the quote from the vendor? What are some...
  8. toastem2004

    $7500~$8000 Server Building Challenge

    I'm sure I will take some heat for this suggestion, but if your friend is in need of hardware now, have y'all consider going with current AMD Opteron's? You could get a 2P board & (2) 2.3GHz 16-core CPU's. (approx $2200 for these parts) The workloads your talking about are where...
  9. toastem2004

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    @illli Might be interested in those 256mb sticks of PC133, got to get back and fire up my K6-2 system this weekend. Got my replacement Ati Radeon 8500 in, so hopefully this one works. Last one had a non working fan and had suffered heat damage.
  10. toastem2004

    TechpowerUp's Spring 2017 WCG Challenge (3/22 thru 3/30)- crunch/fold with TPU and WIN!!!

    I spooled up my Athlon X4 760K overnight. Its only running 2 threads, but my temps aren't right. Hwmonitor is reading 102-105c?!? System has been running for several hours that way and is still responsive. My CPU cooling fan occasionally spins up to 2.5k-2.6k RPMs for a bit, but then runs back...
  11. toastem2004

    Is AMD Ryzen for you?

    I'm waiting on the 4c/8t models. Looking to replace my M-ITX system with it. While I would love to have a R7 1700, I find that I have no use for that kind of power. All the games I play are older (say 2013 or more) and I don't even stress out my I7 system much anymore. Most likely thou, I'll...
  12. toastem2004

    [US] Newegg: Asus RX 470 4GB DirectCU II for 124.99$ after MIR

    @Aenra : ROFL, very nice! Wonder how many people will know what it is. Back on topic, that is a very nice find! I sadly just got a used R9 285 for $100 shipped.
  13. toastem2004

    HDD Access Denied

    is it a seperate hard drive, or is a partition on a drive that you can see? Also, have you tried checkdisk on it yet?
  14. toastem2004


    I would agree with HD64G, just give him one of the 6950's and keep the other one. Xfire would add complications, and with the older hardware; wouldn't likely benefit from it. Its still enough to run most things at 1080p with reduced quality.
  15. toastem2004

    Share your 3D Mark Android/iPhone score

    I work as a Sprint store, so I have access to quite a few to test. Unfortunately, due to demo programs we have to run on them, I can't test any Apple or Samsung models.
  16. toastem2004

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Got my ebay packages today! Unfortunately, my funds for now have evaporated, so this project is a bit on hold; at least till next payday ;) now for pic's! Asus P5A - Came with 128MB PC133 and a surprise K6-2 300MHz My CPU "upgrade" - AMD K6-2+ 500MHz, should easily get it to 600MHz...
  17. toastem2004

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Scotty was never wrong, so I hope neither are you sir. and a thank you to Trekkie4 as well. I will try to power it up first with a 380 Earthwatts I got laying around. If it works I found a seasonic that delivers 120 watts on the 3.3 & 5 volts rails, should be plenty for what I have in mind...
  18. toastem2004

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    This thread has caused me to spend my commission check to rebuild a system from my past. I got my hands on an Asus P5A ATX board. Question for y'all is, do I have to have the -5V line? I was shopping for a 80plus or 80 bronze PS, but none have it. The P5A board does have 2 ISA slots, and my...
  19. toastem2004

    GELID Announces Antarctica CPU Cooler

    I actually like the color. I haven't used a clear windowed case in some 10 years, and I rarely open my cases anymore other than to dust them out every 6-9 months. my real question is: Will my cpu temp increase 2-3c every couple years then?
  20. toastem2004

    Will there ever be a need for a 128-bit CPU in your computer?

    Here are my thoughts, and please remember, they are just thoughts' not facts: In a personal computer, one that a user would use at home or work - no In a workstations such as those for MRI, CAD, Maya, ect - Maybe* In Servers and Cloud Computing systems - Yes, i do think so There would be no...
  21. toastem2004

    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, Star Trek 3-Way SLI Gaming PC build

    Make it so! also subbed :respect:
  22. toastem2004

    What percent of games that you buy do you actually finish?

    I just looked at my steam library. 114 games owned. Only 11 of them are installed, and of those, only 4 have more than 10 hours played on them. So many I never even started :( is there a way to send em back and get a refund?
  23. toastem2004

    DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 10 NOW - Upgrade and ISO direct from microsoft

    I was stalking this forum most of the day, I gathered with it being launch day the servers would be heavily burdened. I spent all day downloading ISO's for home and pro, then created 2 USB's (one with x86/x64 Home, the other Pro) I've got 5 clients eager to get the upgrades done; thankfully i...
  24. toastem2004

    Now that W10 is out, are you a W7 / W8 refusenik?

    I'm putting Windows 10 on my laptop tomorrow night. I'll be keeping 8.1 on my main desktop for now, even thou I have horrible issues with my Wi-Fi cutting out if I start really utilizing it. If it performs satisfactorily on my hp laptop I'll probably throw it on my desktop. I got my Win 8 Pro...
  25. toastem2004

    ChromeOS or Android - Desktop AIO

    I appreciate everyones input. All i can say right now is this client is very, very stubborn. To the point where I am thinking about droping him as a client; he for the most part, will not heed my advice or suggestions. He solicits it from his two web developers/app programmers first, then...