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    NVIDIA Springs Ahead with New GeForce Game Bundles

    I'd be fine with $30 off or a far better selection in which you can choose what the $150 goes into (I like some free to play games, but I don't want to have valueless "money" laying around for programs I will never use). This selection seems lackluster at best.
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    Mushkin Scorpion Deluxe PCIe Solid-State Drive Now Available

    Quarter of the speed at the same capacity and I'd find it as a great gaming drive (intensive file reading in certain games tends to bog down slower drives). Mind you, also waiting for the price to come down. Oh god, I need a nice large drive for my games... not enough space at all!
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    ASUS Announces Transformer Book T100 and Transformer Book Trio

    I said, "hope." A man can dream :p
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    ASUS Announces Transformer Book T100 and Transformer Book Trio

    The T300 is exactly what the Trio should've been. Toss Android, put the better chip in the tablet, and let it run properly. I only wish that the keyboards on all three had batteries to enhance the life (would be nice). I'm not one that would think 2.4 pounds is heavy (it doesn't faze me in...
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    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    I don't really like it. I think I'll just start going directly to the forums/news section instead of the mainpage. It's so bright, boxey, and not very attractive at all. Personally, I think it's a step back. It also just seems a little washed out really. That could just be my monitors...
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    MSI Launches World's First 27" Gaming All-in-One PC

    Quite a few won't ever really tell the difference, but we are not the normal populous on these forums. Most of us go for performance and stress out the little details. I would take it and use it if I was given it (don't know many that wouldn't), but I would look elsewhere for something better...
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    MSI Launches World's First 27" Gaming All-in-One PC

    A bit above the 5770 and just below the 6790... so not much. I just find 1080p at 27" while being a close range touch based screen just doesn't fit for me. It's too large a screen for such a small resolution. I mean, it's going to almost always be within arms reach whether I'm using the...
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    AVADirect First In US To Offer Clevo P570WM X79 17.3" Full HD Gaming Notebook

    This just reminds me of most Eurocom desktop replacements/laptops (I'm big. It would fit fine on mine) that have been released for ages already. They also already have X79's available. Now, I just need a tablet that would allow me to work out while gaming (litteral Xbox size battery...
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    Intel "Haswell" GT3 Graphics Twice as Fast as "Ivy Bridge"

    Just giving a heads up that it's a GT 650m, not a GT 650. The tower on left is running the Haswell core while the laptop front and right is running the competition (GT 650m). I just keep seeing GTX 650 and GT 650 thrown around, it's a bit less powerful than it's desktop brother. PCPer did...
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    Lenovo Unleashes New Windows 8 Touch Devices

    Why can't more companies just release the approx. cost more often like this one. Would make it oh-so nice.
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    BitFenix and TechPowerUp Announce New Giveaway

    Awesome! Thanks to TechPowerUp and BitFenix!
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    MSI Announces Wind Top AE2031 All-in-One PC

    Windows 8 non-touch? Only? If that's true, that would be one of the worst idiocies I've seen of late.
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    Rockstar Games "Considers" GTA V Wii U and PC Versions

    I'll probably do the same.. but that's just because you and I both are cheap bastards with limited money. That's life.
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    TechPowerUp and Noctua Present Facebook Giveaway

    Applied twice. Don't know fi my first entry went through as my browser chose to crash right at that moment when I clicked enter. Didn't scold me when I entered again so figured it didn't go through. Good luck everyone!
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    ChannelPro Tosses Elric Phares Out of Motherboards.org

    Damn. We're fucked. :laugh:
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    Eizo Intros FlexScan S1703-T 17-inch Professional Monitor

    The only problem is that you can still find those monitors used and at times new with VERY low price tags. I picked up a 1280x1024 for $20 at my local thrift store. They always have 1-3 for sale at any given time (CRT's as well, but I'm talking flatscreens). If they were to offer it at nearly...
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    What are your plans for Windows 8 ?

    I'm using it on my laptop (slow 5400rpm HDD hooked up to a TV as a HTPC) and it's working fine. Boots quicker compared to prior, but I won't be touching it for my desktop. Not worth the bother on my gaming desktop at all.
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    NVIDIA Gives Away Keys to Crysis 3 Alpha Trial

    I believe I was #379,000 or some such number higher in likes for that post on facebook. Key works fine. Probably not limited in any small quantity.
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    MSI Hetris H61 Ultra Barebones Desktop Pictured

    The interior photos are a bit limited though. Wish they had more of an angled shot. Oh well. Still looks great.
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    MSI Hetris H61 Ultra Barebones Desktop Pictured

    I want to see the inside badly. Looks interesting.
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    Samsung Stops Making LCD Screens for Apple

    Right hook? More like a nut-shot.
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    Wield The Force With Unique Star Wars Designed Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

    I'd buy it... if I was the worlds richest man and had a qouta of so much money to spend on overpriced goods. Then I'd buy it... ...and maybe one of these celebrity mansions going around. Just saying. Would I live in it? No. Would I want to? No.
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    Steam Greenlights Over 20 More Games

    And still, I look at the games I really would enjoy and know I'll never see them get placed through Greenlight as they're very niche. LONG LIVE CLASSIC STRATEGY BOARD-TOP GAMES TURNED INTO VIDEO-GAMES BUT WITH GOOD FEATURES!!! (Could really use a Senryaku game released on the PC)
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    Logitech Introduces the Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

    I like that it's a low power, back lit small keyboard with multiple device support. Would fit perfectly with my HTPC (along with a mouse and possibly a remote... if they weren't so pricey).
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    Cooler Master Releases the CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee

    Hell, the cheapest solution is just using another cord to hold the mouse with enough slack to enable full movement (keyboard cords work wonders).