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    Is there any way that I can capture a screenshot of a movie when I'm watching it on my computer as an avi file? Thanks.
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    Browser Window Size

    To all my fellow firefox afficianados, I need help. The problem I'm having seems to be quite simple yet it's really annoying. Every time I start up firefox, the browser window is only half my screen size. I have to manually maximize the window's size every single time I go on. How can I force...
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    How Can I Open...?

    Thanks, that was just the solution I needed
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    How Can I Open...?

    How can you open a .nfo file and what program do you use? Thanks.
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    Need Help On Operating System Switch!

    In addition, how do you wipe out everything on a hard drive like when you are reformatting? :confused:
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    Need Help On Operating System Switch!

    :confused: I have a computer that is currently using windows millenium and I want to change it to using windows xp. I have the windows xp disc but I do not want a dual-os comp. How do I replace the windows millenium with windows xp. I sorry but I sort of suck at software. Any help would be...
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    Oblivion Modding

    Thanks a bunch! I love the Make It Pretty Pack! :)
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    AMD FX-62 vs. INTEL E6700

    :(, darn it, I love AMD and I just don't want to accept that Intel's conroe is faster!
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    Oblivion Modding

    I need help, please! I have many oblivion mods for pc that I want to install, but I can't find the data folder anywhere. :confused:
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    Is my O/C good ??

    My 4200+ runs at 41C idle and 63C max load when running double Prime95. DoomGuar, get rid of the stock cooling and buy something ZALMAN or AC.
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    Is my O/C good ??

    Nope :shadedshu That overclock is so-so... People with the 3700+ sometimes go up to almost 3Ghz on air cooling.
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    What do you do to run Prime95 on both cores?
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    I have an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ overclocked to 2.7GHz. It seems to work stable but what can I do to make sure? Also, is there another option besides Prime95?
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    Post your 3dmark06 SCORES !!!! =p

    "the uber rig"... You are a lying DUMBASS!
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    Nintendo Revolution gets a name - Wii

    The Nintendo Wii... That just sounds like shit! :mad:
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    Need Advice

    If I get the Accelero X2, do I need to still buy memory heatsinks?
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    Need Advice

    :( I can't get the VF900 because I spent money on oblivion.
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    Need Advice

    I have just about had it with the loud stock cooler that comes with my X1900XT. I have decided on getting the ZALMAN VF-700 for its good cooling of the gpu and memory and because of its lower sound. Which version should I get? The copper or aluminum? Which cools better? Also, should I replace...
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    Which SLI Board

    Gotta go with Newegg, Zipzoomfly has slow shipping.
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    Do you care about windows?

    Windows are definitelly cool but I could do without one.
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    Post Your 3dmark05 Scores

    My bad... I meant to say that I got 19189 on 3DMark03 without a soundcard.. on 3DMark05, I got what it says on my sig.
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    OC'd Conroe does 1M SuperPi in 16s

    Damn!!! :eek: That overclocked conroe core is fast! Imagine it running on liquid nitrogen or dry ice! I agree that AMD is in some deep shit if they don't release something better than the AM2. I had hated Intel but if the price is right I might just get a conroe.
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    Post Your 3dmark05 Scores

    I got 19,189... it's too bad that my soundcard got busted two months ago when I didn't have 3DMark05.
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    Six New NVIDIA Quadro FX Graphics Solutions

    :eek: The Quadro FX5500 sounds crazy... it has one gigabyte of memory. It would be awesome if there was a version of it that plays games instead of being used in workstations.