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  1. chris189

    Continuation Of : Disable Windows 7 Cached Memory : How To?

    https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/disable-windows-7-cached-memory-mapped-file.129069/ So I was looking around for info on how to disable the cache system all together. So no memory is cache, always remains 0 in task manager. This would actually help everyone out who has low to 8GB...
  2. chris189

    MSI HD5670 - Update RBE Hash with ASUS HD5670 - How To?

    Hi I'm trying to push past 850Mhz on the HD5670 MSI Low Profile. I flashed Redwood to 850Mhz Core, 1050Mhz Memory as stock speed and it's great. I did modify the card a bit with heatsinks all over it on all voltage regulators. I used Fujipoly 17w/m K thermal pad on the core and it hits about...
  3. chris189

    Quad-SLI Enabled - Scaling only 2-way?

    I enabled Quad-SLI on the 2Win with 2 cards. However it won't scale on the 3rd and 4th gpu core... Can I force this with Hyper SLI or something? Forcing 3/4 way just hits on gpu core #1. Forcing 2-way works fine on gpu core #1, and #2.
  4. chris189

    RBE start/end offset for BIOS Voltage Table & Enable Superior Powerplay?

    I'm looking for someone who knows the start/end hex offset for RBE BIOS Voltage table for HD4000 series. That, and how to enable Superior Powerplay? I want (1) power state just (1) state the bios has to deal with that's locked into the fastest possible 3d clocks. Thanks
  5. chris189

    Can you help me find where to pencil mod NVIDIA gpu?

    Anyone know which chip to mod for increased 3d voltage above 1.2v?
  6. chris189

    Nvidia 7150m vga bios mod (REQUEST) =)

    I had someone on the forums edit my bios for my 7150m and the slic bios tool gave an error... I just want to know what the max 3d voltage is according to nibitor voltage table and if someone can help me re-compile so i get 600-650Mhz out of this little puppy! I can run Insane 2 @ 320x240 at...
  7. chris189

    Asus Rampage II Gene - Can't boot qpi @ 8821?

    I've got an asus rampage ii gene. Intel core i7 930. 200mhz fsb x 20 = 4000Mhz. Set memory to the ddr3-1600 setting. I have the QPI rate linked with the memory controller rate. 7218 QPI and 3609 On the memory controller rate. There's an option for 8821, which i'de link it with the memory...
  8. chris189

    3dmark Vantage Scores Go Here!

    Delete This Thread... No Need Delete Delete Delte