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  1. Josh154

    How's this drive look?

    Hey guys, so i got a client that was having issues with his laptop. I did a fresh install of windows on it and ran HD Tune on it. Here's the results. Would you recommend i suggest that the owner has me put a new hard drive in it? Im about to go run DFT and i'll see what that gives me.
  2. Josh154

    Useful software for starting a repair business

    Hey guys, so i've been looking at getting a little PC repair business going as im kinda smart with this stuff and it's some cash i could make on the side. You may have read my thread on the windows discs, but i want to keep that thread on topic. Anyways, i need to know whats some good...
  3. Josh154

    Which version of windows?

    Hey guys, so I'm starting to do a little pc repair stuff for some of my parents co workers and what not and here is what I'm faced with at the moment. So this guy has a HP laptop that the hard drive has went bad in. It has errors where it says cannot read disk upon start up and it will not...
  4. Josh154

    Would you consider this a golden chip?

    Hey guys, worked on getting my OC stable and at the lowest vcore i could today. Would you all say this is a golden chip?
  5. Josh154

    [FS/FT][US] Josh154's FS/FT thread! Come look!

    Hey guys, this is my current forsale fortrade thread. I well let you know if im willing to trade the item and what i will trade the item for. Rules~ -If you have less heat/feedback than me you must ship first. If you have more than me we can both ship at the same time -I will only ship within...
  6. Josh154

    [WTB][US] Josh154's wanted thread!

    Hey guys here is my wanted thread. This is a list of item's im currently looking for. Here is a link to my heatware. Here is a link to my eBay feedback. Here is a list of my wanted items at the moment. Nothing at the moment. I have a intel core i7 920 coming my way! Please PM me with what...
  7. Josh154

    Check out what i just scored!!!

    Okay so im in north dakota on a little trip with my dad and we stopped at this northern tool and equipment store. I was back in the electronics section and saw three boxes of pc fans. One box was 120mm fans another was 80 and the third was 92mm. I saw a 38mm fan and was like sweet! It was only a...
  8. Josh154

    Nvidia 265.90 Drivers

    Hey guys don't know if many of you have heard of the 265.90 drivers running them on the geforce cards. I was having all kinds of issues with my 8800gts in SLI in BC2. Was getting terrible micro stuttering, low gpu usage and poor fps using 260.99. Someone recommended me to try out the 265.90...
  9. Josh154

    so sick of microsoft right now..

    Okay so i was having troubles with my pc and i remembered that when i switched from my am2 setup to my skt 775 setup i did not do a reinstall of windows. So i just went ahead and reinstalled windows. I have a legit copy of windows 7 that my uncle get's for me. He works for microsoft and just...
  10. Josh154

    Can i have two passkey's on one username?

    Hey guys so i currently fold for ocn but have been wanting to switch over to TPU :D Well i fold in the team competion on a team at OCN on my q6600 therefore i don't fold any other smp clients, and just fold on my 8800gts. Now i have a core i3 330m that can score about 3k ppd and another core...