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  1. ruff0r

    New build with Ryzen 5 3600 freezing.... Help!!

    @eidairaman1 Yeah been wondering that too might be the shop did screw up or Kinger (im sure you didnt!) but 3 part failing at once i´ve never had that happen to me in my career while working at several retailers.
  2. ruff0r

    280X running extremely hot even with no workload

    Take it apart again you didnt mount it properly maybe you forgot some spacers? maybe not enough pressure ? Take it apart again look what you did wrong your heat sink is not making contact properly.
  3. ruff0r

    Ryzen 3600X Tested Tight Ram Timings 2133/2400/2933/3200/3733/4000/4200

    Very nice! Could you be so kind and test more Games please?
  4. ruff0r

    2080TI 70% Power Utilization, Perf Cap Reason PWR Green??

    So if i see that right you have a 240mm and a 360 rad? and you are getting these temps.... Cpu seems fine. Gpu on the other hand ...outch... Lets got step by step. Did you make sure to have the right flow direction? Is your pump up to the task? Most of the time i see people mount the full cover...
  5. ruff0r

    Asrock vs Gigabyte

    SAUCE P.s: You kind of asked this before in another post
  6. ruff0r

    Asrock vs Gigabyte

    I second that just a week ago i build a System with Gigabyte s2h , its good the 2600 had no problem boosting and staying at 3,9ghz hole time. Note: I used a downdraft cooler making use the extra air and heatsink on the vrm.
  7. ruff0r

    High temperatures and fan speeds for Rtx 2060

    Never use Furmark for testing, Furmark is literally A BURN IN test the worst out of the worst you will ever do to your card. Its unrealistic loading your gpu. If you want a fair and really heavy test for your card use Heaven Benchmark
  8. ruff0r

    High temperatures and fan speeds for Rtx 2060

    No you can not take the extrem III IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH RTX CARDS. Well not out of the box, on the page it reads "" # Upgrade kit is available for boards with 48x48mm and 51x51mm mounting hole. Please contact ARCTIC Customer Support.""
  9. ruff0r

    High temperatures and fan speeds for Rtx 2060

    I checked the manufacture home page, this cooler comes in two pieces, THE MAIN cooler mounts directly to the GPU, only thing you need to worry about are the mounting holes which are comaptiable, the other thing is mounting the small heatsinks on your ram and VRM, WHICH IS EASY. IT WILL FIT.
  10. ruff0r

    High temperatures and fan speeds for Rtx 2060

    160Watt TPD with that small 2 heatpipe cooler...yeah fat chance its on its limit. My recommadation Accelero Xtreme IV comes close to water cooling...
  11. ruff0r

    AMD R3 3300 6c/12t outperforming R7 2700X in Geekbench

    @chaosmassive Sorry to burst your bubble and everyone else´s , why would AMD release a chip that cost a THIRD the price of the top tier chip right now and OUT PERFORM it? If we take this from a realistic side Approach , 3-5%+ IPC top tier chips with boost will hit around 4,8ish 4,4 all cores...
  12. ruff0r

    What's more comfortable. A mouse and a keyboard or a controller.

    For true relaxing and playing with friends on a Sofa nothing beats a wireless Controller , easy to pick up, easy to understand , easy to handle. But for precision and work related stuff always keyboard+Mouse. I sometimes just catch myself reaching for my old school SNES controller and lean back...
  13. ruff0r

    2700K What's a good load Temp?

    Stay under 80c° for stress test , stay under 72c°~ for daily usage. 1.3v for 4.7ghz....seems too good... check with aida64 or cpu-z what your real vcore is under load i am pretty sure you have Load line calibration enabled adding more volts, try to stay below 1.4v for daily ussage with the...
  14. ruff0r

    GPU Turning off?

    Try another Monitor if you can, Try another PSU if you can, Try another card if you can.
  15. ruff0r

    Cinebench "Extreme Edition" MOD by HwGeek

    Custom Water loop. Beating an 4770k not bad.
  16. ruff0r

    OC'ing with a 1070, what's your clock speeds

    Raise your power limit, Try to find a clock speed in which your card stays instead of boosting up and down all over the place , eliminates some micro stuttering. Raise Vcore only at the very far end, gave me only 25mhz at the end since vcore eats into your power target budget. You will be...
  17. ruff0r

    Worth getting the 2080?

    You can do that too with an 1080Ti if prices drop you might want to grab one, 2080 is only 5% faster then 1080Ti. Or spend 1,2k on an 2080Ti.
  18. ruff0r

    Post Your BaseMark GPU Scores!

    Update my score please :)
  19. ruff0r

    Post Your BaseMark GPU Scores!

    I had that too a few times try lunching the Test a few times.
  20. ruff0r

    Post Your BaseMark GPU Scores!

    Does that mean we have to Rebench new scores?
  21. ruff0r

    Post Your BaseMark GPU Scores!

  22. ruff0r

    Noctua Tease Their Impending Sterrox-Made, A-Series, NF-A12x25 Fan

    Ever felt like spending more money on fans then your hole pc ? By my calculations for the current NF-F12 which is around 22$ , 4x the martial cost that would be around 88$, lets slap the premium name on top of that 88+Noctua = 99.99$
  23. ruff0r

    SLI Advice, GPU Cooling Advice

    If you NEED 4k with Max Details, you will not get around 1080ti SLI , If you are looking for 2k and max Details a 1080ti will work good with some overclocking. Cooling wise if you have the money go for the Hybrid cards.
  24. ruff0r

    Advice: Optimal 4K Monitor for GTX 1080 Ti?

    http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews_index.htm is in English? Also since i can not recommend ANY 4k Displays. I give you an oddball 2,5k or 1440p which is Perfectly to push the high refresh rates with an 1080ti. Also what are you looking for, 60hz, Ultra Details 60 hz, ultra details 1xxhz? If...