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  1. WaXT

    Razer's XBOX 360 Controller or Logitech G27?

    I hope I'm not in the wrong section, but controllers are hardwares, right? Anyway.. I'm a college student in Asia, and from the last December, I saved only up to Php 3,500 (USD 81.70). And I have 12 US Dollars from my grandmother, which is Php 520 in my country. So I was on my way to a...
  2. WaXT

    A better Gameplay recorder

    HELP. I've always wanted to record my gameplay of BF3 and other games that had just released, to show off to my friends. I always use fraps, but this time I'm a little disappointed. I played BF3 and was recording the first mission on the train (high settings). IT LAGS LIKE HELL. (room has...
  3. WaXT

    New Imaginary build - need help

    I have come up with my own specs and own choice because I was really on the mood to do some research again about these stuff (cause it's almost been a year since I ever bought a hardware).. Im not very good at these anymore so I need advice :ohwell: Build: Gaming Specs: CoolerMaster Storm...
  4. WaXT

    New Gaming Motherboard

    I need a new Gaming motherboard for my upcoming new build w/c is: i5 2500k gtx570/580 6GB 1600 Mhz (any recommendations for this? budget for the RAM: $64) Seasonic 620w 1TB HDD 60GB SSD Budget on Motherboard: $630
  5. WaXT

    Building my second Gaming rig (WaXT)

    Hello TPU! I am still selling my Gaming PC for Php35,000 (or $802) so there is a 50-50 chance that it would be sold. :cool: For now, I am looking for parts and bits for my new PC that I would be building after I sell my older PC.. I have been very picky about hardwares and components for my...
  6. WaXT

    How to watercool?

    I have heard it for years but still i don't know how to do it. But I guess you have to use pumps, radiators, tubes, etc. the problem is, I don't know how. I have read a few blogs and watched a few vids about it but it was taken years ago and i guess technology have updated. What exactly...
  7. WaXT

    YouTube lags my PC

    hey TPU I don't get it why does youtube lag? is it because of the heat? my room is very near to the road where there are lots of motors and cars passing thru so i guess it's the vibration because the wall is only made of wood, but it's a really strong wood tho.
  8. WaXT

    GT540M - GTA 4 Problem?

    Hello again, sorry I've been posting allot of help topics but since when did my GT540M 1GB graphics card became only 128MB? (or something near 120) I installed the GTA 4 EFLC on my laptop. then run it, went to graphics config then it only says 128MB available? and it restricts my game from...
  9. WaXT

    Best Notebook for $800?

    Hello, TPU. Last week, I bought an Acer Aspire 4750G with: Core i3-2310M GT 540M Graphics (IDK for the Graphics memory, could you tell?) 2GB DDR3 Memory 500GB HDD 6 Cell Li-ion Battery DVD-SuperMulti DL Drive 14.0" HD LED LCD ...... so I'm thinking is this the best laptop for $800? If not...
  10. WaXT

    320GB Hard drive turned 298GB after formatting

    GUYS I need your help so I have the Seagate 320GB HDD, then it got a few virus, and I already quarantined the virus using eset, then I formatted it, then after that it only has 298GB. I mean, WHY? I lost 22GB, and I assume that hard drive "system volume information" won't be as big as 1GB. But I...
  11. WaXT

    Do you think it's worth it to buy a GTX550 Ti?

    Hello TPU, I'm back! AND I need help. I'm from The Philippines. :) I currently have the Powercolor HD5770. (almost 1 yr old) :laugh: I was thinking of buying a GTX 480 because the price dropped. :toast: but I can't find ANY GTX 480's in ANY stores here in The Philippines. :eek: So I...
  12. WaXT

    2 video cards (nvidia & ati)

    I need a little help and information. I currently have the 5770 for my motherboard and was thinking if It would work if I slap an nvidia 7200GS/7300SE (very old card) for monitor purpose. I only have 1 adapter for the dvi (included in the 5770) and I am currently using that one for my 22"...
  13. WaXT

    Side fans (120mm) suggestion...

    Sup, TPU. I have the NZXT Apollo case and it has 1 side fan, but I attached another fan to that fan. Does it make a difference? Plus, I have removed the screen (protector or something) from the side of the case from which the fans are placed. Does it make a difference? Because when I put the...
  14. WaXT

    How do you make a bootable XP disk?

    Hi TPU, Anyone know how to make a Windows XP (x64) bootable disk using Nero?
  15. WaXT

    Reformatting your PC a lot of times.

    Is it true that when you reformat your PC allot of times, it could be a reason for PC damage? Let's say I reformat my PC for 1x/2 months. Could it damage my PC?
  16. WaXT

    Best replacement card for 5770 ($0-$200)

    Hello, TPU. I would like to replace my 5770 with some more stable card. (This Powercolor HD5770 is not stable for most games. Causes irregular framerates) What card do you suggest for me? Also, I will be buying a new 20" monitor and the card at the same time. My budget is $200
  17. WaXT

    Upgrading a month old PC?

    Is it necessary? :laugh: I just bought this thing and it is a Li'l beast indeed. Everygame I slap on it can run smooth @high settings (some can run @maxed):rockout:. And I'm not quite contented with my mid-range card(well, maybe 97% contented). BUT....if you would suggest me to upgrade...
  18. WaXT

    i5 760 @ 95°C

    I never noticed this but I get up to 96°C(:eek:) when playing games and at least 62°C @idle. I OCed my i5 to 3.8GHz using OC Genie and results are pretty good. Screen: (Speccy took the stock speed of the cpu) Could anyone suggest me a good cooler that will neutralize the temperature @ like...
  19. WaXT

    i5 3.8GHz vs i7 1.6GHz ?

    So I overclocked my i5 to 3.8 GHz through OC Genie (any further than that my pc would crash) and thought what would be better for gaming? This i5 or the i7? or i7 3.2 GHz? (i won't buy don't worry i just wanna know :) )
  20. WaXT

    Is there such thing as Liquid cooling for gpu?

    I know there IS a liquid cooling for the processor. What about the graphics card? Is it worth it tho if there was?
  21. WaXT

    Knowing my PC's temperature.

    Okay guys, I think my pc is having too much heat. How do I know if it really does? How do I easily know my cpu, gpu, and other temperatures? If there is a software for windows 7, let me know:)
  22. WaXT

    5770 cf vs. GTX 465

    I don't know the difference. They are on my price range which is $445. What do you think is better? getting a GTX 465(which costs less than 5770 cf) or a 5770 cf? My specs BTW. Intel core i5 750 H55-GD65 mobo 6GB RAM Corsair 850w PSU NZXT Apollo case 500GB internal HDD Now all I...