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  1. dchrsf

    [FS] D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-601

    I looked up the selling price online and this unit sells for $30-50 normally depending on if you order online or in stores. This router is lightly used, and was pulled from a home install I did for a customer after they requested I do an upgrade for me, so this ones left for me to sell...
  2. dchrsf

    [FS] MSI amd 870-g45

    Will come ship the motherboard in anti static wrap. Overview - MSI MSI 870-G45, AM3 $45 SHIPPED AMD Phenom X4 925 SOLD!! Super Talent W1600UX4G9 2x2GB=4GB DDR3 1600 SOLD Used for approx 2 years in my friends PC, its all for sale now that hes on a brand-new custom Ivy Bridge + 16GB / ATI...
  3. dchrsf

    Beat this HDD Uptime ;)

    I got you guys a little screen shot here somehwere.. lets just say this baby was on 24/7 since new in a dell dimension full tower with a early P4 in it HERE:
  4. dchrsf

    [FS] Parting out the Socket A [NF7-S v2;XP 3200+;X800XL AGP]

    Parting out the Socket A [NF7-S v2;XP 3200+] I'm parting out my Socket A system, since I recently upgraded to an 785G platform I need some money for some upgrades. For what's left, Prices are below; if you want both $65 Shipped US48. Pair is been sold to tw3akm@ster @ $80 Shipped International...
  5. dchrsf

    What AM2 CPUs am I limited to?

    Hello, I have a AM2 socketed Asus A8N-BR (HP OEM) board that is Mini-ITX in size. I will be replacing a bad cap on it and re-using it in a custom build in the future. Originally it had a 32w Athlon X2 3800+ in it. I want to drop in a 65w model or even a 125w model and give it a proper...