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  1. freebie

    Home server woes

    Hi all, my home server died on me tonight, looking for some help and advice if anyone can. The motherboard is dead it seems I've checked all the normal stuff but nothing, light comes on but no response to pressing power button, tried a spare PSu I had lying around and still nothing. Annoyingly I...
  2. freebie

    Express cache with big and small ssd

    Hi all, been trawling for a few days now can't find anything on this. I just brought a samsung ultrabook which had a 500gb hdd and a 24gb ssd which it was set up for express caching. I got it for a bargain price (and free windows 8 :] ) so i upgraded the hdd to a 256gb Samung 830 ssd...
  3. freebie

    Kaspersky Small Office Security and WHS 2011

    Hi all, Just trying to find a decent priced av and firewall for my home server. I can pick up kaspersky small office for the server with 5 client licenses for £40. I was wondering if anyone had tried and successfully got this working on whs 2011, as I've tried several things that say...
  4. freebie

    Damn it - 3770k uk price increase

    Can anyone explain why the Intel Ivy Bridge 3770k has gone up in price?
  5. freebie

    Intel 3770k - VMWare

    Hi all, I'm buying a 3770k, want to use it for all its glory in many different ways, but one of the things I use my pc for is virtualising various servers for testing purposes, normally using VMWare Workstation. I had a look on Intel's website and it says its missing a few of the...
  6. freebie

    2 x 64gb Crucial C300 in RAID 0

    Hi all, come to the experts, i'm planning building new Ivy Bridge system. I've been running my two crucial c300 64gb ssd in raid 0 for an OS drive, and have 2 320gb 7200rpm drives in raid 0 as a storage drive. i'm upgrading to i7-3770k, 16gb ram and a z77 motherboard. Shall i keep my...
  7. freebie

    ASUS Sabertooth Z77 vs Asus P8Z77-v Deluxe

    Hi all, am turning to the experts for this, as I am facing a dilemma. Have two questions for you all. Which motherboard would you recommend? - ASUS Sabertooth Z77 - ASUS P8Z77-v Deluxe I'm pairing it with an i7-3770k and 16gb Vengeance 1800mhz ram. I also wanted to ask to see if...
  8. freebie

    Windows Server 2003 - GPO Help!

    Hi all, I'm looking to create a GPO on windows server 2003, to simply overwrite a file each time a user logons in their profile. Anyone got any tips for this?
  9. freebie

    find and replace application

    Hi all, i've been struggling with a task at work for a while now, i'm looking for a piece of software i can set to find a file across lots of locations and then replace it with a specified file, anyone got any suggestions to help a guy in need? Any help very very very greatly...
  10. freebie

    DVD Duplicator

    I'm looking at building a dvd duplicator for work, any ideas how i could do this, we have been doing some research and it doesn't look possible any ideas? We were looking at a 4 drive based system running any o.s? We're trying to save money hence trying to build rather than buy.
  11. freebie

    [Case Gallery] Freebie's First Gaming Build

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel Q6600 3.2 ghz (356 * 9) ASUS P5B Deluxe WIFI/AP Corsair H60 6gb DDR2-800mhz (Kingston Blue Hyper X 2x2GB) (Kingston Ram 2x1gb) @ 5-6-6-18 Nvidia Gtx 280 2x Crucial C300 64gb (Raid 0) - 2x WD 320gb (Raid 0) 2x 23" AOC e2343f LED Monitors...
  12. freebie

    Looking for Network Monitoring software

    I'm looking for some free network monitoring software that will record and generate a report showing what sites people have been on and who has been on it. At work I use forensic software - Policy Central, i'm looking for this to help a friend.
  13. freebie

    Help! - NIC Lights

    I've been having problems with my internet, which me (and the lovely people at Virgin Media) thought was my router, so they've sent me a new one, which is much better I do have to say however my lights on the nics of two of my machines are not normal. One machine is showing normal lights and...
  14. freebie

    Looking for a cheap 775 passive heatsink

    I'm after a cheap socket 775 passive heatsink for a home server, i'm in UK. Anyone know a good place to get one from was hoping for £15 ish, but I can't seem to find any.
  15. freebie

    Multiple NIC's any point

    Hi all, Seeking advice from the guys who know, again! I'm about to build myself a new home server using WHS 2011 because my old box's NIC is dying and because its a headless, exspansionless box, I can't just dump in a new NIC. So i'm building a brand new box for it, and i was going to...
  16. freebie

    VMware Player Problem

    I'm trying to run VMware player on my machine to have a play with the new WHS 2011 software, but when i try and install it says ... So I thought i'd try windows 7 x64 same version as on my machine, same problem. had a look in bios like a friend suggested for a virtualisation setting but...
  17. freebie

    Windows 7 Updates Random Issue

    Just installed the latest Windows Updates for my pc, all 19 of them since monday. And well, it did something really bizarre. It changed my "Windows Colour" from black to pink was really really bizarre. Restarted when it asked me too and came back on fine. No graphics driver updates...
  18. freebie

    RAID 5 vs RAID 1+S

    I've got a Startech raid card which doesn't do RAID 5 but can do RAID 1+S. Whats the difference?
  19. freebie

    Chipset Cooling

    Recently brought a Corsair H60, and am now getting really good stable overclocks on my Q6600, but now have another issue, i'm being held back by my chipset temps. I'm currently at 3.2ghz i've had it as high as 3.6 but i get temp alarms from my chipset. i've got a temp sensor from my NZXT Sentry...
  20. freebie

    Dual Monitor Gaming.

    Not sure if this is in right place.. so if you feel its wrong move it. I've got two 23" led monitors on my setup and am want to try playing some games dual screen. i'm liking the idea of an fps understand the issues of aim being in middle but wanna try it. Any ideas on how to do this, can't...
  21. freebie

    HELP!!!! With my decision on 280!!

    I've just found out that my card (GTX 280) which i got for a steal of a price of £50, could give me perfect chance for upgrade. I'd like an upgrade but couldn't justify an upgrade just yet because of price. However... The local trade in store is offering £43 for my card, so i'd break even...
  22. freebie

    ASUS P5B Deluxe Issues

    I've got an issue with my system, not sure if this should be in here or overclocking thread because its a bit of both. I've been using my board to overclock my Q6600 to 2.8ghz, and i've been having temp issues, i've got the temp stable now, but I posted another thread and people said my...
  23. freebie

    Thermal Paste - Q6600 Overclocking

    Hi everyone, I've read round hundreds of different posts now, and i'm at a loss. I have a q6600 which im overclocking. I have a Zalman CNPS 9900 NT cooler. I've overclocked so far too 2.8ghz, but im gettings temps of 90/95c degrees under load. I think this is too hot! (not sure if...
  24. freebie

    Opinions on Google Chrome

    Trying to get peoples opinions, my colleagues in IT support and me are constantly arguing about Chrome. What is everyones opinion on it?
  25. freebie

    Looking for the best hard drive speed benchmark tool

    Hi, i've finally got my hard drives installed the way I want: 2 x Crucial C300 64gb SSD - In RAID 0 2 x WD 7200rpm Caviar Blue 320gb - In RAID 0 I want to test my read and write speeds, what are the best tests?