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  1. The Haunted

    Lga1366 cooler roundup

    A very nice lga1366 coolers roundup. This should be a reference when shopping for a heatsink. The new prolimatech Megalems is now the king of air cooling. http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=285&Itemid=62
  2. The Haunted

    Psu for crossfire and core i7

    I just acquired a second radeon 4870 card for a crossfire setup. My psu is a Corsair Hx620 which should be plenty in most cases. But the things is i have a heavily overclocked core i7, x58 board, 3 hard drives, 8 120mm fans, a big 250mm SoB fan, cold cathodes, a sound card and a somewhat...
  3. The Haunted

    [FS/FT] The haunted sale

    The haunted sale (New Items!) Need to get rid of this stuff, i have no use for it. Price include shipping, US$ (paypal only) Don't hesitate to pm me with offers. Dtek Fuzion v1 with nozzle kit + Xigmatek lga775 crossbow backplate and am2 mounting plate 50$ Dtek Fuzion GPU v1 with plates for...
  4. The Haunted

    Lga1366 socket question

    I just received my Biostar x58, opened the socket and noticed that when the latch is open, the cpu mounting mechanism become loose( 4 torx bolts that are not fully screwed). I assume this is normal but im asking you fellow tpu members just to be sure.
  5. The Haunted

    [FS] The haunted q6600 and stuff

    Q6600 g0, it is stable at 3.6ghz 24/7, lapped and will ship the chip alone. asking 170$ shipped (no the cpu is not haunted ;)) His Radeon Hd3870, Clean and stock, mx-2 on the gpu, arctic epoxy on the ram chips (removed my volt-mod, so i dont think it can be done again.) PM me your offer.
  6. The Haunted

    Hd 4870 1gb worth the wait?

    I wonder if i should buy a 512mb hd4870 now or wait until the 1gb version comes out. Will it bring a performance increase or does absolutely nothing like the 8800gt 512 vs. 1gb I also plan on moving to vista 64bit to make good use of all this memory. I need some advice to set my mind :)
  7. The Haunted

    [Case Gallery] Old wire box

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Cpu: q6600 Cooling: D-Tek Fuzion v1, D-tek gpu, Thermochill 120.3 shrouded with 3 Noctua nf-p12, Swiftech mp655 pump Mobo: Dfi Blood iron p35 t2rs, Noctua northbridge cooler Ram: 4Gb Gskill ddr1000 Vga: His Radeon 3870 Psu: Corsair Hx620 Case...
  8. The Haunted

    Yorkfield in stock in canada

    The all new 45nm quad core Xeon x3350 2.66ghz 1333fsb lga775 is finally in stock! It on sale for 389$. http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=28849&vpn=BX80569X3350&manufacture=Intel&promoid=1065 Can't wait to see how it clocks!:D
  9. The Haunted

    Hd 3870 199$ At Ncix in Canada

    Hurry up before they're all gone! http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=27743&promoid=1058
  10. The Haunted

    4400+ IHS removal

    I decided to finally remove the IHS on my Toledo 4400+ x2, i was suprised by the results. Before :At 2856 mhz 1.63vcore the hottest core was at 62 celcius on full load After: At 2900mhz 1.65vcore the core is at 45°and cpu is at 39° on full load after 2h of prime95 I found out that a...
  11. The Haunted

    [Case Gallery] Water cooled p180b

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Amd Athlon 4400+ @2.8 Dtek Fusion Block Dfi Lanparty UT Ultra-d Powercolor x1900xt @729/1638 Dtek Fusion Gpu Thermochill 120.3 Radiator Swiftech MCP655, 1/2 Tubing, Dtek Reservoir 2Gb Ocz El Platinum pc3200 2-3-2-5 Modded P180b Creative X-Fi Extreme...