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    win 7 cant install update

    Boot into safe mode; Open %temp% on Explorer; Delete everything inside it; Reboot; Try to apply updates again; ... PROFIT?
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    RDS Printer Question

    If VPN + Regular Printer Share is not an option I don't think there is a solution, unless someone made a custom (read fake) printer driver with internal custom network pass-through (like HTTP).
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    Everspin Debuts First Spin-Torque MRAM for High Performance Storage Systems

    So SSDs with DDR3 equivalent throughputs (and slightly less power hungry)? \o/
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    EW-7416APn v2 Problems

    First off use a different channel on the repeater and also disable DHCP on the repeater (DHCP should have nothing to do with external connections). As for the "refuse to connect" issues on some websites after login, there seems to be some issue with either the router (not forwarding HTTPS/SSL...
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    HDD works externally, but not internally

    Are there any jumpers on the drive? Most drives have one for SATA 1.5G compatibility, try setting it and try again.
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    GPU-Z readings mismatch

    That or this juicy first post. And yes, the second screen-shot (most recent version of GPU-Z) is the correct one.
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    PeerGuardian alternatives?

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    Ubuntu 11.04 Window issues

    Do you have "Window Decorations" on (also on Compiz config)?
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    8-puzzle code executes infinitely.

    You can debug the code or stick some log/printlns and see in what state/place does it get stuck. Also you have the complete source code of that applet available on that very same page, you can compare how are the algorithms implemented between the two solutions/projects. I mean, you weren't...
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    What would be the best ways to communicate this type of data?

    The same basic logic/math still applies, you just ditch one of the coordinates. Also you seem to be joining both game output (display) and user input. Both should be separated "components". Parsing user input should be just a layer on top of the already coded game actions for lets say a bot...
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    What would be the best ways to communicate this type of data?

    Picture this: Any character/object in the game has a set of polygons (or equation for ray-marching) that makes it up (visually/physically), a position in space (X, Y, Z) and a orientation (looking at). When the player presses the WASD keys it changes the players character X,Y,Z position, when...
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    IDE controller Out of Date{HELP}

    SPTD install a new random named IDE controller on every reboot, you should uninstall/disable the SPTD driver itself, try using the installer to remove it. Other option is using manually delete the SPTD.sys from the drivers folder on %windir"/drivers/ Or disabling it via registry on...
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    IDE controller Out of Date{HELP}

    You can uninstall the device/driver using device manager itself or using the SPTD installer like written on the FAQ. Other than that there should be no leftovers from either Daemon Tools or SPTD.
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    IDE controller Out of Date{HELP}

    Let me guess, you have Daemon Tools installed (or other CD/DVD emulation software. that uses SPTD), I'm I right?
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    NVIDIA Unveils Industry's First Cloud-Based GPU

    How exactly will I access Onlive on my/a settop box? It's required that the ISP/content-provider arranges some way of doing so (like adding an extra channel or functionality) and since most (if not all) of these devices are working on a "walled garden" thats not going to happen. Whats needed is...
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    NVIDIA Unveils Industry's First Cloud-Based GPU

    I have a simple setup-box (from a 3-play provider) running attached to my room TV, it's not something very powerful (because it was build to play videos and just that), there is some games you can play on it, simple ones (like checkers and the like), but the process of playing games on these...
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    Bricked 5750

    Ok since you seem to be so interested in the cards BIOS chip, I believe it is this one: It's close to a clock generator and all and it's the only one of this kind of IC's on the PCB. As for the data-sheet you have to lock for it yourself since I can't get the lettering on the IC anywhere on...
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    Bricked 5750

    Why did you put it in this "other pc"? Was the "other pc" broken in anyway (did it kill a video card before)? Is the "other pc" working now with another video card (dedicated one)? Did you took some precautions about static discharges before and during the removal of the card from your pc?
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    Bricked 5750

    Did the card died during the over-clock stability test? Because if it did it's dead for sure, no way to recover. BTW over-clocks done within Windows (by software) don't touch the BIOS settings, so I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish by flashing the BIOS (and the thread you linked from...
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    Recovering corrupt word documents

    Can you attach a sample corrupted file so we can take a look at it? (if you know that there is no confidential/private information inside it)
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    Recovering corrupt word documents

    If it's a .doc open them with notepad and copy all the clear text you can find. If it's a .docx or .odf try to open with WinZip or WinRAR and see if the archive can be recovered.
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    Catalyst 10.2 does not recognise ati radeon x700

    Well it's not really necessary, unless you want to change/force rendering settings, and even if you do you can install ATi Tray Tools (like I did on my X700 Pro some years ago), it allows you to change all the settings available on CCC and even more (BTW ATT does not require .NET or anything...
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    Catalyst 10.2 does not recognise ati radeon x700

    Ok now do this: Download this installer (it's the latest drivers available for your card); Run the setup and let it "extract" all its contents; When the setup asks you to continue installing the drivers (after the extraction, a window shows up saying "Welcome"), cancel the installation; Open...
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    Catalyst 10.2 does not recognise ati radeon x700

    Can you show us the graphics card device ID? (you can see it by pressing Windows + Pause/Break -> click on "Device Manager" on the left -> open the "Graphic Card" or "Visual Adapter" branch -> right click on your graphic card -> select "Properties" -> select the "Details" tab -> and on the combo...