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    Zen2, impossible update?

    This board definitely supports Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 CPUs. You just need to read carefully the instructions for updating. You need to install version 5.70 not 5.90, because you are currently using a Summit Ridge CPU. Also before updating to 5.70 you need version 5.30 minimum. If you have a version...
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    Ubuntu Help? Drivers for WiFi and Graphics, etc.

    You don't need USB drivers or graphics drivers. I am sure the Linux kernel has support for both. If that Panda adapter is supported there really are no problems. The hardware is not the latest. I have a Haswell system and am happy with Linux hardware support.
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    Plextor M8Pe NVMe SSD Windows 7 succesful install in GA-Z97X-Gaming 3

    Most Z97 boards only support 10 Gb/s М.2. You should try using an add-in card M.2 adapter that goes in the PCI-E 8x 3.0 slot. You loose 16x PCI-E GPU interface but in most cases 8x is enough for gaming. If you really want a 32 Gb/s M.2 you need to upgrade to Skylake or Kaby Lake.
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    What Power Supply brand are you running in your setup?

    Seasonic G-550. Excellent for the price
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    Favorite GPU you have owned

    Sapphire Radeon HD5670 512MB GDDR5. Incredible performance for its price. And I could never hear the fan. It even runs Crysis 3 on Low.
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    Cant Find a Best Graphic Card for ASUS P5G41T-MLX3 MotherBoard? PSU?

    GTX 750 TI is a nice GPU if you can buy it on a low price. I hope it will not get too bottlenecked by the CPU. Definitely that Corsair is a lot better than a no name PSU. That Mercury thing probably doesn't have any protections and it is uncertain if it really can deliver what is written on the...
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    Cant Find a Best Graphic Card for ASUS P5G41T-MLX3 MotherBoard? PSU?

    That DVI to VGA adapter won't fit on the card and it shouldn't because is a passive adapter and won't work. You need an active adapter as that GPU doesn't support an analog VGA signal. The graphics card is good but in most cases the performance won't be good enough because of that old CPU. If...
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    SSD vs. RAM for Gaming

    Most games run well on 8 GB of RAM. It must be a horribly unoptimized game to need over 32 GB to run well. Even in the next few years. Your CPU and/or GPU will become absolute before you need so much RAM to run games. If you use some memory hungry software like most of the Adobe Creative Suite...
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    Can a 300 Watt or 430 Watt Power Supply run a i3-4150 & GTX 750 Ti

    There are 300W PSUs that deliver very few amps on the 12V line. A good 300W PSU should deliver over 20A on the 12V. Some PSUs exists that are so cheap and crappy that they can't even deliver what is written on the label. At least not continuously.
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    Can a 300 Watt or 430 Watt Power Supply run a i3-4150 & GTX 750 Ti

    Probably your PSU isn't good enough. The connectors are not the problem. Most cheap power supplies especially older ones have only a 4-pin CPU connector. Many people including me have used such a connector with a 8-pin connector motherboard. Most desktop CPUs really don't need so much power...
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    Installing W7 on my ASUS X205

    You could try using Windows 7 64-bit. For Rufus you should choose MBR partition scheme for UEFI or GPT partition scheme for UEFI. 64-bit takes a lot of space. 32 GB should be enough but it won't remain much storage space. As I said it probably won't work.
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    Installing W7 on my ASUS X205

    The CPU should be 64-bit but you just don't have enough space on the storage for a 64-bit Windows. Windows 7 is just too old and doesn't support the hardware. There are some laptops that need an UEFI update to run Windows 7. I highly doubt that one will get such support.
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    Installing W7 on my ASUS X205

    That thing is practically a tablet. I don't think Windows 7 runs on tablets. Did you create a UEFI USB drive? You probably need to install 32-bit Windows 10. The storage is 32 GB. As far as I know 32-bit W7 doesn't support UEFI.
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    Anybody regret going red?

    My first ATI card XPert 2000 (not sure PRO or not) had pretty terrible performance at the time I got it. Later all my Radeon cards were pretty good. I used a 9550 for a long time and it lost its usefulness in the end and it died after 8-9 years use. Now I have working HD 5670, HD 7870 and a R7...
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    Overclocking Amd phenom ii x6 1090t problems.

    I had a Phenom II 955 on an ASUS M5A97 Pro. It was almost stable at 20 multiplier without any tweaking. Only some very heavy tests could cause a crash but after a slight voltage increase it was perfectly stable. I bought the motherboard before the first AM3+ CPUs came out,. Maybe that's the...
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    5850 vs 7790

    Radeon HD7790 is practically R7 260X and as GCN 1.1 card has full DirectX 12 support.
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    Monitor comparison Asus VX239H vs Dell P2414H VS Dell UltraSharp VS Samsung LS24E390HL

    I own both Samsung LS24E390HL and Dell P2414H. I definitely prefer the picture quality of the Samsung. There is no backlight bleed. The black is really black. The OSD is little bit difficult to control as it uses a single joystick button in the back. The Dell on the other hand has a really nice...
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    Z87-A build, crashes and BSOD

    I suppose the OS is installed on the SSD. You could try to install the OS on the hard drive. If the crashes stop the problem is the SSD.
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    Z87-A build, crashes and BSOD

    Maybe I am wrong but that seems like storage device problems. I don't see any mentioning of a hard drive or an SSD
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    SSD 4k-64thrd not normal

    The tests are different. You should test with AS SSD to see if there really is any improvement.
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    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    I also think you should check your BIOS version. You should also check your motherboard revision. Latest version for revision 3.0 is F5e. Latest revision for revision 4.0 is FB. You should install the latest appropriate for you revision as older BIOS versions do not support 7870K.
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    Replacement for ASUS R HD7770

    I have had a motherboard with nVidia MCP61. It is very old and only has a PCI Express 1.0 slot. I have used a PCI-E 2.0 Radeon HD5670 and it worked without problems. I am not sure if it will work with such a new card. PCI Express should be backwards compatible but the reality can be a different...
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    AsMedia XHCI/USB 3.0 Driver Questions

    There is no point in using USB 2.0 drives in USB 3.0 ports. Those are still USB 2.0 speeds. Have you tested the slow flash drives on another machine? I wouldn't suspect the ports even the Asmedia ones.
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    AsMedia XHCI/USB 3.0 Driver Questions

    Are you sure you connect the USB drives to Asmedia ports. Most of your ports are 2.0 that are controlled by the Intel chipset and don't need an additional driver. I have an old drive that has an 8 MB/s write speed but I also have a really old 512 MB drive that has 4 MB/s speed.
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    Quality Seasonic PSU kicks the bucket early

    I have been using my G series 550W for over 2 years and it is flawless.